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You Can Use Rental Income To Pay Down Your Mortgage

Should I Invest In Real Estate Now or Wait? | Housing Market Bubble

Rental income is an excellent way to pay down your mortgage. Renting out a room in your house to a roommate or even your entire house on Airbnb on weekends can provide you some extra cash that you can then put toward your mortgage. Profits from investment rental properties can help you pay down your mortgage sooner, or save for a down payment if you dont own a home of your own yet. Rental income is also a great source of passive income to add to your retirement plan. Youll have money coming in even after you retire from your job .

If youre going to use Airbnb to rent out your investment property, a room in an apartment or house that you rent, or even a portion of your own home, check the laws in your city for those kinds of rentals. In many major cities where rent prices are high, some Airbnbs can be illegal. Cities in the U.S. with strict Airbnb policies include New York City, San Francisco, and Santa Monica.

How Can I Invest In Real Estate For Less

Thankfully, there is a way to add real estate to your portfolio for less: by crowdfunding a property through Bricksave. Rather than purchasing an entire property and putting your entire lifes savings into one single asset, you can invest from as little as $1,000. Its also ideal for investors who dont have enough to buy a property outright, but would still like to get into real estate investing.

Real Estate Investment Is A Perfect Shot

Since ages, real estate investment has proved its mettle. It has been considered a safe bet for many reasons. As compared to other investments, real estate investment is non-volatile and fetches good ROI in due course of time. Real estate investment keeps one rooted and connected to home place. Real estate investment, in present scenario, is a necessity rather than a luxury. People have faced drastic experiences in rented houses during the pandemic. Moreover, the small space in the house was not sufficient to carry out a number of activities throughout the day. With WFH the new normal, a family needs more space. It is advisable to own a house considering the future prospects. Real estate investment is a long term investment that generates passive income, if rented. Otherwise price appreciation will surely fetch good ROI. It is a tangible asset and not like other volatile investments. The prices rarely depreciate for real estate. It may see a down trend for a while due to some unfavourable conditions but being resilient, knocks back again. So, you can invest in real estate without any fear of loss.

1.1 Favourable Conditions to Invest in Real Estate.

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Is Now A Good Time To Invest In Property 2021

While past statistics have shown that property prices tend to drop following rocky periods, this period of low growth is often short-lived . Some people will recognise the best time to invest in property will be now, because post-pandemic the property market will recover, and investments will skyrocket.

Must Be An Accredited Investor

5 reasons why you should invest in Calicuts real estate ...

DSTs are for accredited investors only, which means that an investor must have a net worth of at least $1 million apart from their primary residence or have an income of $200,000 for a single person or $300,000 for a married couple. And DSTs are offered as SEC-registered securities and therefore are obtained from broker-dealers or registered investment advisers. The advisers perform extensive due diligence on the real estate syndications and each specific DST-sponsored property.

Jessica concludes that DSTs could be a perfect solution for many of her clients and investors, especially those getting closer to retirement and maybe not wanting to actively manage real estate assets any longer. Between the tax savings, the passive nature of the investments, and the high-quality assets that are generally part of DSTs, many of her clients problems could be effectively solved using this important passive investment strategy.

Although DSTs are attracting billions of dollars of investment funds, most CPAs and real estate investors are still unaware of this important and viable solution that could potentially solve so many problems for so many real estate investors.

After explaining all this so many times in calls from clients the past several months, Jessica decided to come up with the following Letterman style Top 5 Benefits of DSTs for her clients:

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The Opportunity To Maximize Value Is In Your Hands

One of the best things about real estate is that you can improve a property if you want add amenities like a pool, or improve it with an or bath. You can then either rent it out or sell it for more than you paid for it.

Since real estate is a tangible asset, any improvements you make to it will increase its value. Some things that bring the biggest return for your money are garage door replacements, kitchen remodels, and deck additions.

And You Can Leverage That Equity

One great option with real estate investments is that you can take out a home equity loan. This can be set up either as a line of credit or as a traditional loan.

People use home equity loans to pay for college for their kids, home renovations, to buy rental property, or, even, sometimes, to pay off other high-interest debt.

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Why Pay Off Your Own Home First

We get itwaiting until youve paid off your house probably sounds like a really long time, especially if you feel like the opportunity is knocking at your door right now. But trust us on this. Its worth it to wait until youre really ready.

Lets take Greg as an example. He owes $150,000 on his own house and makes $5,000 per month. Gregs kept his mortgage payment to 25% of his monthly take-home pay, paying $1,250 a month .

He thinks having rental income will help him make progress on his financial goals, so he decides to finance a rental property and take out a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage for $100,000 . That adds a second mortgage payment of $927 to his monthly budget, but he plans to rent out the house for $1,350 per month. Greg thinks its a great plan.

What Greg didnt know is that it would take three months to find renters, which means he paid $2,781 in mortgage payments on his new rental while it sat empty. For those three months, paying the mortgage on his own place and his rental took up 44% of his income! He felt like he could barely breathebut what would he do if the air-conditioning unit went out or the dishwasher started leaking? What if he lost his job?

Dont be Greg. Dont rush it. Real estate can be a fantastic investmentbut not if you do it the wrong way. So be smart and wait for the right time.

What Are The Current Market Conditions

Should I Invest in Real Estate Now or Wait? (2021 Edition)

In most, if not all, of the U.S, housing is experiencing a sellers market that started in late 2019, heated up around the time Covid-19 hit the nation, and is continuing into 2021. In this sellers market, there are more buyers who are looking to make a move and take advantage of low mortgage interest rates than sellers putting their homes on the market.

In my role as a realtor in Maryland, Im seeing an even more intense gap between available homes and willing buyers since the new year began. New listings are going under contract within a few days and at the above asking price its common for sellers to get 14-17 qualified purchase offers within three days. Sellers are faced with a frenzy of showings. They are resorting to listing with a tight offer deadline. Then, they must simply review all offers and choose one.

These market conditions favor cash buyers, as well as those who have a large down payment and are approved for conventional financing because they have the option of paying the above listing price. Unfortunately, buyers who can only bring the typical 5% down payment are left on the sidelines.

There doesnt seem to be an end to price appreciation in the near future. This momentum is likely to continue into 2021, with more buyers expected to enter the market, Lawrence Yun, NARs chief economist, said in a press release.

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Flight #8 Should You Invest In Real Estate Now

Podcast Transcription:

Im excited. Real estate rentals. This, this is a topic that comes up all the time. Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah, it is. Its awesome. Right? Can be you see my sign on the back? Ive got here. Can you all read that? I love real estate. I line through it. Yeah. It has an extra, for some reason. Anyway, I Ive been a real estate investor, all my adult life.

I cant remember where the first time, not really intentionally, you know how it is Rob, you move around in the military, you end up keeping a house that you lived in, you end up renting. So that just happened to me a lot. It seemed like, and most of the time it worked out okay. Sometimes I made a little money and sometimes I lost some money.

So well talk about those today. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. But well, were going to talk, you know, maybe if I could do my three point thing here, like were taught to do Rob and the air force three, three talking points, you know, the investment, you know, what is the in real investment? Most people dont. Properly analyze this investment.

So then its like poker or blackjack. You walk away from the poker table, the blackjack table. And youre like, man, I really, I think I actually made money or there, I really believe that I made money. You know, I came in with a thousand. I only left with 200, but you know, I made money somehow. And you know, we, we kind of lie to ourselves a little bit.

Rob: quick. All right. Yeah.

Yeah. Give me some inputs. Yeah. And


But, uh,

Bryson City North Carolina

Bryson City is a small and unassuming town that also provides easy access to the Great Smoky Mountains. Although Bryson City is small with a population of under 2,000, the town itself has a lot to offer. It features a quaint downtown with plenty of restaurants, cafes and breweries.

The whole area is great for those who love nature and the outdoors, too. There are pristine streams and wildflowers, and Bryson City is part of the Appalachian Trail. There are also many outdoor activities in Bryson City, such as whitewater rafting and stand-up paddleboarding. Because there are many outdoor activities there, it makes for an inexpensive getaway.

The one-year change in home values in Bryson City is 17.5%, so there is plenty of room for appreciation.

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My Own Failed Attempt At Becoming A Real Estate Entrepreneur

Speaking of going horribly wrong, I chronicled my own failed real estate investing venture in 7 Lessons I Learned From Failing at Real Estate Investing.

This is a cautionary tale from yours truly. Remember how I wrote above on TV it always works? That was my mistake thinking it would work just like it does on TV.

Real Estate Investing Rule #1 nothing works the way it does on TV ever!

I fell for the myth that learning how to invest in real estate was going to be easy. Thats the way they make it look. But I was stepping way outside of my area of expertise. Financial planning is what Im good at. Turns out that real estate isnt.

I dont want to sour you on investing in real estate. A lot of people are making a lot of money by investing in it. I know a few, and Im sure you do too.

But real estate investing is more challenging than investing in paper assets, like stocks and mutual funds.

If youre actually investing in properties directly, its a very hands-on affair. Even if youre not getting your hands dirty flipping houses, you still have to get involved in the not-always-pleasant business of buying and selling.

Not everyones cut out for that.

If, on serious self-assessment, you recognize youre not ready to learn how to invest in property, youre better off to leave real estate investing for those who are well suited for it. Read my article to learn how NOT to invest in real estate.

How To Start Investing In Real Estate In Six Steps

Should I Buy an Investment Property?

All right: Its game on! When youre ready to start buying investment property, here are the guidelines to follow.

Step 1: Pay in cash. This flies in the face of most real estate investing advice. But the truth is, theres no such thing as good debt. No ifs, ands or buts! Taking on debt always equals taking on risk, so avoid it no matter what.

Step 2: Diversify. Have you ever heard the phrase dont keep all your eggs in one basket? The same wisdom applies to your investments. Mutual funds through your 401, Roth IRA and other retirement savings accounts should be the foundation of your wealth-building strategy. After those are locked and loaded, youll be well set up to start investing in real estate.

Step 3: Stay local. Keep it simpledont buy a house in Arizona if you live in Illinois! When youre far away from your properties, youll have to trust a management company to assess damage and make repairs. Now, it might still be a good idea to hire a management group, even if youre local, to help keep things running smoothly. But youand only youare the owner. So stay close and keep tabs on your investments.

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Reason #: Covid Has Created New Real Estate Investing Opportunities

COVID has changed one real estate fundamental forever. In the past, many long-term investors focused on investing in areas with strong employment. Recent thinking went like this: Strong employment attracts people more people equals higher rents and higher rents result in higher property values.

Even before the pandemic, we saw a steady shift in the workplace toward remote or virtual work. The pandemic accelerated this transition for both employers and employees. The rapid growth of remote work has expanded the options for savvy real estate investors, as employees move away from urban centers and opt for less crowded, more affordable rental markets.

Where To Invest In Real Estate: Top 10 Best Places To Buy Investment Property

To make it easier for you, we’ve rounded up the best place to buy investment property in 10 states, so you know exactly where to invest in real estate in 2022.

Aside from the propertys location, its also important to look at a few other key factors when evaluating rental returns and choosing where to invest. For example, you should be aware of the locations rent as a percent of income, jobs, vacancy rate, home prices, industry, population and growth rate.

When conducting the research for gathering the best cities for real estate investment, we analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau, RedFins Data Center, and Zillow Research. Key indicators from these sites helped us compile our top 10 list.

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What Type Of Real Estate Investment Is Best For You

There are a lot of different types of real estate investment, but the best one for you will come down to how you react to their pros and cons. Here is a quick summary for each type to help you better see which one strikes you as more secure and worth the risk.

Commercial Real Estate

  • You will receive a high rate of return.
  • Commercial Real Estate is vast as you can invest in multiple different types of businesses.


  • As businesses are involved, there is a lot of complex law involved, meaning you should have a person experienced in real estate investments and the business category to help you.
  • There will be a lot of costs involved to keep inside the legal parameters.

Flipping A House


  • You will receive a high rate of return.
  • As you plan on selling the home after refurbing it, this isnt a long-term investment.


  • Only suitable for specific locations or times of the year.

Real Estate Mutual Funds

Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Right NOW!

Real estate funds invest in REITs and real estate operating companies . REOCs are like REITs, but they dont have to pay dividends, so they grow much faster.

Real estate mutual funds or exchange-traded funds are the simplest ways to invest in real estate. You allow a manager or even an index to choose the best real estate investment while you collect dividends.

Even if youre a stocks-only investor, consider using real estate funds to get diversification while keeping the liquidity profile youre used to.

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London And Los Angeles Amongst Best Cities For Real Estate Investment

In 2018, London was voted the number one city in the world for real estate investment, with German cities such as Berlin increasingly becoming attractive options.

However, things took a turn in 2021, with London now being number 4 in the ranking, still impressive given the historic uncertainties with Brexit.

In 2020, Los Angeles has been voted as the best city for real estate investment, moving swiftly up from 7th place in 2019. Los Angeles is often considered to be a wise choice for long term real estate investment as it consistently remains an attractive place to live and investors almost always get their money back at the very least, with most making a healthy profit.

The population of Los Angeles in 2020 is 12,447,000, whilst September 2020 showed that the median list price of Los Angeles property was USD 950K, up 5.7% compared to last year, while the median sale price was USD 850K.

Whilst LA looks to remain a wise choice for long term investments, property prices in the area are forecast to only rise by 0.7% this year as a result of COVID-19.

Other important places for real estate investment in 2021

London dropped three positions from the 2018 survey, with New York dropping to position 9 in the Global Cities category. Paris is number 2 and the best previous European city for real estate investment Berlin dropped to position 8.

Edward M. Casal, AFIREs newly elected chairman, and chief executive, global real estate, of London-based Aviva Investors, says:


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