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Can I Use My 401k To Buy A Business Franchise House Investment Property Etc

How to Start a Real Estate Operating Company with a ROBS 401K

There are many retirement asset-funded investment and business schemes that run from taking loans to rollover as business startup plans. They have been around for many years and typically they are generally a bad idea. I discourage most would-be investors due to the legal and financial liability involved. I have had people come to my law firm from Fort Worth and Dallas looking for information about these types of 401k plans and as an employment attorneyI rarely find these plans a good idea.

Rules You Need To Know

If you want to become a real estate investor through your IRA, there are a few rules you’ll need to follow. Recall in the previous section that I mentioned that you and your IRA are considered to be two separate entities. As a result, the following rules apply:

  • Any real estate you buy with a self-directed IRA needs to be purely for investment purposes. There are some definitions of the term “investment property” that allow for a small amount of personal use, but this is not the case with the property you own through an IRA.
  • Property expenses must be paid by the IRA, not by you directly. For example, if the property needs a new roof, the check needs to come from the IRA. For this reason, it’s very important to leave some funds available in the IRA to cover any unforeseen expenses.
  • You can’t use any personal possessions in the property.
  • Any rental income needs to be paid to the IRA, not to you.
  • You can’t buy a property that is currently owned by you or a relative in a self-directed IRA.

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How We Chose The Best Robs Providers

We looked at a dozen of the top ROBS providers for our initial review with consideration for track records and industry experience. We then narrowed the list further by comparing total costs as well as the value provided for those costs. The level of setup assistance and ongoing support were also important considerations, along with the availability of additional financing options. Each of our finalists excelled in one or more of those areas.

Benefits Of Using Robs To Invest In Real Estate

7 Real Estate Investing Strategies *Anyone* Can Use to Get ...

There are several advantages of using ROBS to invest in real estate, such as access to pre-tax capital you wouldnt otherwise have access to using that money to acquire a fix and flip project and, participating in the appreciated value from the corporation paying you a salary, so you can turn it into a business and a job.

The concept of using a 401k to invest in real estate is not part of the traditional investment options, but its becoming wider and wider in its implementation. To use your 401k to invest in real estate, youll have to adopt the same structuring. Its no different from real estate its the same as if you were buying any other business assets.

If youre interested in rolling your retirement dollars to invest in real estate, dont put your hat on as a speculative investor. Instead, feel free to call me to see if a SELF-DIRECTED 401k is right for you.

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Real Estate Investing & The Savvy Entrepreneur

In an Entrepreneur Magazinearticle, Brandon Turner, an active real estate investor wrote about how he had several conversations recently with entrepreneurs who had concluded they needed to start diversifying their business profits into more than a savings account.

Being a real estate investor isnt always glamorous but it is one of the best ways to build wealth over the long-haul, especially for the entrepreneurial-minded, Turner wrote. And, I have to agree with Turner, who listed the following benefits to real estate investing:

  • Appreciation
  • A hedge against inflation as described above
  • Cash flow, also known as passive income
  • Tax benefits, including lower tax rates for long-term profits, etc.
  • Control over your asset instead of it being controlled by Wall Street
  • I dont like my destiny tied to a board room on Wall Street or a nervous CEO in Silicon Valley. This is why I choose to invest most of my income in real estate, knowing that I am the one who is responsible for my success or failure. ~Brandon Turner

    Best Customer Support: Guidant Financial

    Guidant Financial

    • Contractual guarantee of free audit support

    • Extensive network of lending partners for additional financing needs

    • Pricing is a bit on the high end

    Operating since 2003, Guidant Financial is one of the more established ROBS providers. Additionally, they now do more transactions each year than any other provider. That experience shows with the superior support it provides before and throughout the process, including its free access to outside counsel at any time. For that, Guidant makes our list as the provider with the best customer support.

    Guidant’s application process begins with a free consultation during which applicants can get answers to all their questions. Applicants and clients also have access to attorneys throughout the process at no extra charge. Funds are typically available in as little as three weeks.

    Once the ROBS transaction is complete, Guidant can act as your administrator or you can hire a third-party administrator for ongoing compliance support and Form 5500 filing. When the business is ready to be sold, Guidant is there to ensure the retirement plan is closed down properly and rolled into an IRA. That includes the preparation and filing of the final Form 5500.

    Guidant boasts the lowest audit rate in the industry. Clients are guaranteed free outside counsel if they become subject to an audit.

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    How To Evaluate A Real Estate Deal

    There are just a few main elements when youre evaluating a deal.

    • Cost of repairs needed to get it back up to good condition
    • The after repair market value of the property
    • If youre going to buy and hold for a rental you need to know what you can rent it out for and what your debt service will be. Knowing this makes sure youre buying so the property cash-flows each month

    There are other things you can look at too but those 3 are the main important things to look at first.

    Episode 1: Golden Nuggets With Ross Nedaee And Special Guest Host Quentin D’souza

    Ep 230 | Quitting the Bank to Start Lendcity Mortgages With Real Estate Investor Scott Dillingham

    Heres What Youll Learn in our Interview with Ross Nedaee: making the mindset shift from climbing the corporate ladder to investing in real estate building a network from scratch you don’t have to reinvent the wheel home run projects and not so… and more!Ross is a real estate agent and investor in the Niagara region focusing on pre-construction and multi-family investments. After closing his first property ever in Toronto in 2020 Ross scaled his portfolio very rapidly with investing experience across multiple cities in Southern Ontario. Ross is primarily a long term buy and hold investor and has used his buy, renovate, refinance and rent strategy to acquire 8 properties . He has a podcast, Real Estate Golden Nuggets, as well as a YouTube channel dedicated to helping investors break mindset barriers and educate them on how to invest or scale up their portfolio to achieve financial freedom.Get In Touch With Ross:LinkedIn

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    Best For Sole Operators: Business Funding Trust

    Business Funding Trust

    • Setup fee is a little on the high end

    • No additional financing options

    Since its founding in 2003, Business Funding Trust has offered individuals a simplified base plan for setting up their ROBS. If you have employees, they provide you with support materials to do it yourself. While Business Funding Trust does not provide ongoing maintenance support, it does provide clients with a complete plan administration binder.

    The self-guided binder is tailored to the client’s needs based on an initial consultation that occurs in the application process. With the binder and the help of an accountant, sole operator clients have all they need to maintain the plan. Business Funding Trust charges $4,950 for setting up the plan and completing the rollover transaction. That’s a little on the high end, but clients save money in the long-term due to no ongoing monthly fees.

    Business Funding Trust has a unique payment structure, allowing clients to pay the ROBS setup fee after the transaction is complete. That way, clients can have the new business pay for it, allowing the business to claim a $1,500 tax credit over three years.

    After Repair Market Value

    This is simple, but many investors get stuck on this part. This is essentially what you could sell the property for today after you repaired it and brought it up to a great condition. This is found by finding out what other similar houses in the same area are actually selling for. NOTE: Dont look at the Listing price look at what houses similar to yours have actually sold for in the past 3 months. This helps you determine how much you could actually sell that house for if you had to right now. You never want to over pay to a point where you cant sell it for a profit in the next 3 months.

    How do you find this? There are services out there that can help you with this but often times the best way to find out the true value of a house is to talk to a Realtor that you know or an appraiser. Heck, if you dont know one call up a few today tell them you have a property that youre potentially going to sell in the near future and ask them what they think it should sell for.

    Buy And Hold For Rental

    So, youre going to buy and hold for rental? Great! You dont need to worry about what itll sell for right away. What you need to know is if itll pencil out on a month to month basis. You know cash flow.

    So, talk to a mortgage broker and find out what the monthly mortgage payment will be for that specific property.

    Then find out what you can rent the place out for on a monthly basis.

    So, your offer price here should be:

    Simple enough right?

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    Best Overall Robs Provider: Benetrends


    With the highly complex nature of ROBS transactions, experience counts. Benetrends has been completing ROBS transactions since 1983 with top-tier services, making it our choice for the best overall ROBS provider.

    • Longest track record of ROBS transactions

    • Extensive exposure in franchise space

    • Audit Shield protection

    • Wide range of loan options for additional financing needs

    • Setup fee is at the high end of the peer pricing spectrum

    Established in 1983, Benetrends is considered a pioneer in the ROBS space. Having facilitated over 17,000 transactions, Benetrends has probably seen it all, making it our choice for the best overall ROBS provider. When dealing with a complex transaction under myriad, strictly enforced IRS and DOL guidelines, that experience can be crucial. Also, with the majority of its business coming from franchisees, Benetrends is also a good choice for franchise funding.

    As with many of its top competitors, Benetrends starts its application process with a free consultation, allowing applicants to get all the information they need before starting the process. Once the application process is complete, the rollover takes place under Benetrends’ Rainmaker Plan and you can get your funds in as little as 10 business days.

    Benetrends also offers a comprehensive suite of funding options that can be accessed separately or in conjunction with the Rainmaker Plan, including SBA loans, credit lines, equipment leasing, and conventional business loans.

    Top 3 Businesses Using Robs Conclusion

    Property investment: residential or commercial?

    When utilizing the ROBS structure, its important that all rules and regulations are followed. You must work with a provider, such as IRA Financial, that knows the ins and outs of the plan. Choosing the right business is just as important. You must do your due diligence to make sure your business succeeds. Your retirement is counting on it!

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to one of our ROBS experts @ .

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    Direct Compensation To Owner

    Having a ROBS requires an owner to be an active employee in their business. However, you cannot pay yourself a salary that is not considered appropriate for the role you serve nor appropriate for the companys revenue. Also, your salary must come from operating expenses and not directly from the ROBS.

    Set Up A Retirement Plan For Your New Business

    The new retirement plan can be established as a 401, a profit-sharing plan, a defined benefits plan, or a defined contribution plan. Roth accounts do not qualify for ROBS. A custodian, such as Charles Schwab or Fidelity, would manage the active parts of the retirement plan. Your ROBS provider would be able to recommend several custodians from which to choose.

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    Robsdoes Anyone Have Any Experience/advice Interesting Stuff

    • Bethalto, IL

    So I have been reading about ROBS, and it seems like something my wife and I might pursue in the next year or two. I know that it has to be a C corp, and is not for real estate investing. Other than that, does anyone have any experience doing/using this method? I feel like it could be one additional income stream with endless possibilities.

    Thanks all!

    Hello DJ,

    What specifically would you like to know? I work extensively with them. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you want to pick my brain on some of the topics. Since its the off season I have plenty of time to answer some questions.

    Enrolled Agent

    I specialize in the rules and regulations surrounding the ROBS arrangement. It is not for everybody, and I don’t recommend using all of your retirement funds to finance the business. If the business fails, you loose your nest egg. Clients find it attractive if they don’t have any other means of financing their business, or if they don’t want to go into personal debt.

    Also, see the following.

    • Bettendorf, IA

    I have been looking into ROBS as well. I only have a Roth 401k. Can I use a Roth 401k for ROBS?

    • Menifee, CA

    What the hell is ROBS and if it has to do with real estate i was pretty sure a C corp is horrible on the tax side.

    • Bettendorf, IA

    It’s a way to take money out of a retirement account and not pay taxes or early withdrawal penalties.

    • Self Directed IRA & 401k Advisor
    • Boulder, CO
    • Self Directed IRA & 401k Advisor
    • Boulder, CO

    Great Fixer Upper Property Deals In Northern For Local Investors

    Buying a House For One Dollar ($1) in 2019! Real Estate Investing.

    We also come across many distressed single-family Northern, New Jersey properties because of our relationships in the market and secure those properties at substantial discounts. Many people call these properties fixer uppers or handyman specials. Because of our very effective marketing programs, were able to get investment property deals in Northern that most other investors never even hear about. We pass those savings along to our investor buyers on our VIP Property Deals list.

    If youre interested in buying Northern and New Jersey investment properties at steep discounts whether you plan to buy and hold as a rental property or fix the property up and resell it join our VIP Property Deals list today to get an email when we secure new properties that fit what youre looking for.

    Get Access To Our Property Alerts And Current Discount Handyman Property Deals.

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    Best Value For The Price: Pango Financial

    Pango Financial

    • No mention of audit support

    Founded in 2005, Pango Financial combines its full-service ROBS implementation with digital technology and its highly competitive pricing to offer entrepreneurs the best value for their money.

    Using Pango’s Compatibility Checker tool, clients can determine if the DreamSpark 401k rollover plan is right for them. Pango then engages directly with its clients each step of the way through plan implementation. Pango will even help with the incorporation process, which can accelerate the overall funding process. Funding typically takes place within two to three weeks, depending on the state of incorporation.

    Once the transaction is complete, Pango provides its clients with in-house expertise and 24/7 online access to their plan maintenance so they can follow Form 5500 preparation, compliance testing, eligibility tracking, and plan reconciliation. However, there is no mention of audit support.

    Pango also helps its clients design a retirement plan based on their employee participation and the business owners’ financial goals. Clients can then use their online access to monitor retirement plan participants.

    Another strength of Pango is its well-established network of lenders to help clients gain access to additional financing should it be necessary. That includes traditional lending options along with SBA loans, equipment leasing, and non-bank lending options.


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