Is Replacing Windows A Good Investment


Modern Windows Reduce Outside Noise

Vinyl Replacement Windows ROI – Watch before you buy

If you live in an area with a lot of outside noise, did you know that your homes windows can help reduce how much of that noise you actually hear? Yep!

Double or triple-pane windows with vinyl frames can greatly reduce the amount of noise that makes it into your home. In a noisy area, this can be a major selling point and can add extra value to your home. Knowing that not all of the outside noise will make its way inside is sure to entice prospective buyers!

Invest In The Best & You Will Get Your Investment Back

If you are dealing with an uncomfortable house and high energy bills, you need to once and for all do something about it! You have old and leaky windows and no matter how low you crank your AC, your expensive and cooled air is leaking out the window. This is crazy! Here at Tennessee Thermal, serving the surrounding Nashville area, we are extremely proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the window industry. Weve earned our good name by only putting our name on the highest quality window replacement products and offering extremely fair and honest pricing.

No matter what window type you choose, if it has the Tennessee Thermal name on it, it will be a high-quality window. All of our windows are vinyl, durable, maintenance-free and the best product you will find! When we say maintenance free, we mean it! Our windows are easy to open allowing you to clean them from inside your home. This means you can ditch your dangerous ladder for good! All of our windows are specially designed to keep your home cool in the hot summer months and cool in the winter. This makes your home comfortable all year long and lowers your energy bills! Many of our satisfied homeowners tell us they could not believe how much of a difference our windows have made on their energy bills! We can help you take control of your bills too!

Enhance Your Homes Security

The safety of your family should be your top priority. You want to have peace of mind that your loved ones are safe and guarded against harm. New windows greatly help to ensure that you are stress-free.

Potential home invaders usually know what to look for. As they sneak around, they search for signs of easy entry into your home, for example, old windows with cracked paint and worn-out structures.

Also, there is always the risk of an emergency in your home. In the event that there is a fire outbreak in your home, youd want to make sure that all the paths of escape are open and clear. The windows of your home should be able to open and close properly.

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The Average Cost Of Windows

The cost of new windows will vary dramatically depending on the quality of the window you purchase. In some cases, youll need to determine whether you can retrofit an existing window or need to opt for a full replacement.

With all the options available, its important to consider the price and performance of the window. Vinyl windows, wood windows, and fiberglass or composite windows are the most common windows on the market today.

Vinyl Windows are cost-effective and efficient but have aesthetic drawbacks. They cant be painted and are usually white.

Wood windows, on the other hand, are on the higher-end of the cost scale. They have higher maintenance costs because they have to be stained almost yearly. However, wood windows can be customized by look and build to match your homes styles.

Fiberglass windows fall in the middle. They are mid-range on cost and they can be customized to match the exterior.

However, most property owners stick with vinyl. Vinyl windows are cost-effective and keep maintenance, heating and cooling costs low.

According to, per-unit costs for a replacement window range from $75 to $1,500, plus another $100 to $300 in labor, depending on the material. Even with deep pockets, the price of windows can add up quickly.

Is It Better To Buy Windows In Bulk

Replacement Windows Greensboro NC

As a property owner, you may consider changing your windows in bulk. Although in previous posts we discussed the pros of trying a company for just a few windows first, landlords who buy in bulk get one major advantage. The more windows you buy, the more likely you are to get a discount on the order. This can be especially beneficial if you own multiple rental properties and are considering doing the replacement in more than one location at once.

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Which Windows Are The Best Value For The Money

Depending on the condition of the windows in your rental property you may have to . The two types of window installations are very different and dont cost the same. Old wooden windows, for example, can often be retrofitted if the frame isnt rotting. With worn out aluminum windows, it is almost always better to replace the whole unit.

Most landlords want to spend as little as possible on replacing or upgrading the windows. The general thinking is that tenants dont care about how good the windows are and wont go out of their way to treat them properly anyway. Some landlords also dont care about efficiency as much because the tenant is paying their own utility bills. But there are ways you can maximize the performance and efficiency of the windows you get without sacrificing your own money on an improvement that probably wont result in a rent increase.

When it comes to picking the actual type of windows you also have a choice. Slider or hung windows are generally worse performing than casements or awnings. Another question a lot of landlords may have is whether triple-pane windows are really worth it? Regardless of the number of the panes, the windows you end up getting should meet the minimum Energy Star requirements for your area.

You can see the Canadian Energy Star zones here.

Are Replacement Windows Tax

It can be hard to take out the checkbook to buy new windows. However, as a property owner, you need to look at the overall picture, which includes taxes and cash flow.

Replacing rental property windows is tax-deductible, but how the replacement will affect your overall profits and losses depends on the type of replacement or repair. When it comes to taxes, your window investment falls into one of two categories:

Repair: When you fix or replace a window due to breakage or misuse. As a landlord, you can expense window repairs like any other maintenance item. This means the cost will be deducted against income that the property earns.

Capital improvement: When you replace a window to improve the overall value of the property, either in curb appeal, tenant comfort, or functionality of the window. Capital improvements are any repairs or replacements that increase the value of the property or extend the useful life of the property.

The depreciation for a capital improvement is 27.5 years. This means youll get paid back over time as the usefulness of the window is depreciated. Windows are considered capital improvements because they are part of the overall building structure.

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The Added Value Of New Windows: Is It Worth It

Renovations are often expensive, but they dont all add the same amount of value to your home. For that reason, many homeowners tend to focus on the most valuable home improvementssuch as exterior upgrades, kitchen remodels, and bathroom remodels. But what about new windows? Adding new windows to your home can make a major impact in terms of both aesthetics and energy efficiency, and can also make your home more appealing to buyers if youre looking to sell. But how does the added value of new windows compare to the value add you get from other big renovations, and is it worth it? Lets dig in to the details.

When To Replace Windows

Busting the Myth that Replacing Windows is the Best Investment to Lower Energy Costs

Older windows might deter buyers looking for a move-in ready or energy-efficient home. In addition to updating windows for marketability, here are a few cases where you really should consider replacing some or all of your windows.

Inoperable windows: Replace windows with broken glass or broken latches, locks or springs.

Drafty windows: Older windows are less energy efficient because of how they were designed, but all windows can start letting drafts through as your home settles.

Inefficient windows: Older windows dont block UV rays as well as newer windows, which means they let heat through more easily.

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The Value Of New Windows

Remodeling Magazine’s 2021 Cost vs. Value Report evaluated both wood and vinyl window replacement. To replace 10 3 x 5 foot double-hung windows with more energy efficient, low-E versions would cost $23,219 for wood windows, with a return on investment of 67.4%. To do the same with vinyl replacement windows, it would cost $19,385 with an ROI of 68.6%. While this does mark an increase in window prices and a decrease in ROI from the previous year because of product and labor shortages during the pandemic, investors can still recoup a good portion of the costs.

Keep in mind, too, that while top-of-the-line windows certainly have their place in the luxury real estate market, it’s not necessary to bust your budget on high-end specialty windows for more modest properties. Of course, it goes without saying that broken windows should be addressed. Not only are they an eyesore, but they will lead to higher energy bills and even security issues.

At the very least, if you’re looking to sell a property, make sure all of your windows are in working order for a smoother sale. Case in point: When my husband and I were negotiating the contingencies of our own home purchase, we asked for a cracked basement window to be replaced. The house had been sitting on the market for a while, and so the owner was eager to comply with our wishes.

Increase In Home Value

Although some argue that this is meaningless unless theyre selling a home, its not. You may want to refinance and new windows will lead to a higher appraisal. And, if you do find that youre selling your home, being able to advertise new window will help it sell for more and potentially faster than a similar home with old windows.

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The Speed And Timing Of A Sale

Finally, advocates for replacing windows rarely discuss the fact that putting new windows in a home can be an enormous project. It requires sellers to work with contractors, which involves:

  • Research
  • Taking time off from work to be present during the project
  • Potentially arranging for loans or other financing

With both contractors and raw materials in short supply, it can take weeks or even months for sellers to get their windows replaced. This can leave them responsible for the costs and upkeep of a home they want to sell for extended periods of time. That, in turn, can negatively affect their:

  • Stress levels
  • Finances
  • Ability to sell the home during peak homebuying seasons
  • Ability to close out other legal processes dependent on the sale such as a divorce or probate
  • Ability to move on and take advantage of new opportunities

The slight increase in a sale price that a seller might see from replacing their windows rarely balances out all of these other costs.

Faqs About Replacement Windows

We all know that investing in new, high

Is it true that replacement windows are smaller than the original window?

Just a little bit, but yes. Given the fact that insert replacement windows are placed inside an existing frame while having a smaller frame of their own, there will be some downsizing from the original window, although not that noticeable. Full-frame replacement windows dont have this problem because a brand new frame is installed into the studs.

Can the glazing or laminate lower visibility?

Its possible, but recent technology has allowed for windows to reject heat without darkening the window. The NFRC has measurements of Visible Transmittance you can check if daylight is one of your priorities.

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Replacement Windows With Clera

Clera Windows and Doors offers a wide selection of replacement windows for you to choose from. We serve home and business owners from Toronto and the GTA, with over 40 years of excellent customer service under our belt. Browse our wide selection of industry-leading windows to find the perfect fit for you.

Contact us today to speak to one of our expert team members about getting a free replacement window estimate.

Reason #: Curb Appeal

With the diversity of styles, features, and designs available with modern replacement windows, it is easy to see why so many homeowners are opting to replacement their old windows with beautiful new replacement windows. Wood windows in particular can elevate the beauty of your home. For homeowners looking down the road to eventually selling their home, energy efficient windows can be a strong selling point for your realtor and also increase the homes overall value.

Clearly new replacement windows are a great investment. Financially, they reduce energy costs and improve the re-sale value of your home. They also improve the quality of life while in the home in many less tangible ways comfort, beauty, and ease of care, just to name a few.

To learn more about our new replacement window offerings, check out our online brochures and request a no-obligation, no-pressure free consultation.

And remember, here at American Windows & Siding of VA, Inc., we enjoy helping people. If you have any questions about window replacement, wood windows, vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, or replacement windows questions of any kind feel free to contact us anytime and well do our best to answer all your questions!

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Reasons Why Replacing Windows Is A Good Investment

If you are considering buying replacement windows for your home, you may be wondering if it is a good investment. Your need for new windows may stem from the fact that your home is drafty, or you have a window that is stuck in the closed position, or perhaps they are over 20 years old and just look dated. Consider these four items as you decide whether or not replacing your windows is worth the cost and effort.

How Much Do Windows Cost

How to Replace Your Stock Window with a Zarcor Window in a Casita!

Windows come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Their prices can also range greatly depending on the glass and materials used to create the frames, which include vinyl, wood, aluminum, fiberglass, or composite. For the sake of this discussion, we’ll be focusing on replacement windows for an existing home, not windows for new construction.

According to Home Advisor, replacement windows can cost anywhere from $300 to $2,100 each. The average cost is $850 per window, and installation makes up $100-300 of that total per window. The materials used to create the window will drive up or down the cost, with aluminum on the lower end of the scale and fiberglass on the higher end. Vinyl replacement windows are by far the most popular choice given their durability and energy efficiency that comes at a more modest cost.

Keep in mind that window replacement does not have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. To save money, a homeowner can replace only those windows that need it the most, or perhaps add an attractive bay window in the front of the home for added curb appeal. For the sake of energy efficiency, new caulking or weatherstripping on older windows might do the trick.

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The Verdict: Are New Windows Worth It

Yes! Replacing the windows in your home is a good investment, and offers a strong return for what you spend. In fact, its one of the most valuable home improvements you can make. Do plenty of research on both the materials of the windows and the company you hire to install them so that you can stretch your dollar as far as it will go.

Do Landlords Have To Replace Windows

Every tenant has a right to live in safe conditions. Every landlord must make sure that none of the house windows posses any threat to the tenants health caused by damaged windows, broken window glass , rotting elements or mold. Yes, the landlord must fix or replace windows to provide livable and safe conditions.

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New Windows As Money Saving Opportunities

Replacing the windows in your home can add thousands of dollars to its market value, and with an average window ROI of up to 85 percent, its easy to see how the investment is worthwhile. But, an increased home value isnt the only benefit from such an investment. Energy-efficient windows can save money on your energy bills and help you recover additional funds from the installation.

40 percent of homeownersHomeowner Savings Guide.

Depending on the climate of your homes location, different energy-efficient options might be better suited for you. Those in colder climates can benefit from ENERGY-STAR windows, which save homeowners on average 12% on their energy costs. However, homes in warmer climates might find more benefit from windows with a low-emissivity coating that reflect air conditioning back into a homes interior and reduce solar heat gain.

Opting for energy-efficient windows might add more to the initial cost of your replacement project, but it stands to provide you with annual savings through lower energy costs. If you live in an area with high utility rates, it might be worthwhile to explore these options and factor them into your budget.


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