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Canadian Securities Exchange Reports October 2021 Performance Figures

Our investments made us the most profitable cannabis company: Trulieve CEO

Toronto, Ontario– – The Canadian Securities Exchange today announced its market statistics for the month of October 2021, highlighted by a large financing and continued strength in trading.October 2021 Operating StatisticsTrading volume of CSE-listed securities totaled 2.1 billion shares Trading value of CSE-listed securities was $1.3 billion CSE issuers completed 75 financings that raised an aggregate $606 million There were 12 new

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    Trulieve Cannabis Corp. , a leading and top-performing cannabis company in the United States, today announced its results for the quarter ended September 30, 2021.

  • How To Start Investing In Marijuana Stocks

    Investing in marijuana stocks is no different than any other kind of investing. You make your best guess as to which stocks will be successful, then sit back and see what happens. There are some complicating factors in the cannabis field that other stocks may not be subject to, but the process of buying these stocks is the same. Here are the steps:

    Trulieve Stock And The Cannabis Risk Problem

    With a population of just over 21 million people, Florida is the third most populous state in the union . Its no surprise to see Florida lead the nation in golf courses, considering it has the highest percentage of senior citizens in the nation with over one-fifth the population 65 and older. What do you get when you mix a bunch of old people with great weather and lots of golf? Apparently, a whole lot of medical problems that call for one of our favorite prescriptions cannabis.

    In our previous article on The Biggest Cannabis Multi-State Operator Stocks, we looked at how cannabis companies in the United States are taking shape. Since cannabis is illegal at a federal level, each state presents its own unique regulatory environment. Since cannabis businesses cant operate across state lines in any way shape or form, what weve ended up with are companies that have a vertically integrated operation in each state they operate. Today, were going to take a look at Trulieve , an $860 million vertically integrated cannabis company thats also the first and largest medical marijuana corporation in the State of Florida with a dominant market share of around 65%.

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    Curaleaf Expands In Florida With Four New Stores

    Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. revealed plans on Tuesday to open four new dispensaries in Florida by the end of this year.

    The move will grow the company’s retail footprint to 42 dispensaries statewide and 117 across the country.

    Curaleaf Stuart, located at 1910 Federal Highway, will start selling cannabis first to be followed by openings in Lady Lake at 919 North Highway 441, Wesley Chapel at 19416 Bruce B Downs Boulevard and Miami at 12125 SW 152nd Street, over the next few weeks.

    “We have been very thoughtful in how we have chosen to expand access to our products and retail experience across the state, and as a result, we have doubled our Florida market share to fifteen percent this year,”Matt Darin, regional president at Curaleaf said. “We are proud of the confidence and trust Curaleaf’s patients put in our products and team, and next year we will continue to lead innovation in the industry and launch new products in the Florida market.”

    Grand opening ceremonies for each location will be held on Jan. 8.

    The Wakefield, Massachusetts-based company has expanded its retail and cultivation footprint and introduced more innovative products, including Select Squeeze, Select Bites and Select Nano Bites. Also, Curaleaf recently launched its breakthrough vape hardware, Cliq by Select, in Florida.

    Trulieve Expands Patient Access To Medical Cannabis With Grand Opening Of Inverness Dispensary

    Investing in Marijuana Stocks: Should I or Should I Not?

    Trulieve Cannabis Corp. , the largest cannabis multi-state operator in the United States, today announced the opening of a dispensary in Inverness, Florida. This dispensary joins the Company’s 107 additional medical marijuana dispensaries across Florida, including those in nearby Ocala, Crystal River and Gainesville.

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    Decide How Much You Want To Invest In Cannabis

    The first step in investing in cannabis is deciding how much of your portfolio you want to dedicate to this new and potentially risky option. There is so much movement and so many unknowns in the industry that it is ill-advised to invest your entire fortune in marijuana.

    Mixing asset types allows you to control the level of risk in your portfolio, which is a decision that should be based on personal comfort level. There is no objective right or wrong way to allocate assets each allocation mix simply exposes you to relatively greater or lesser potential for loss or gain. At this early stage in its development, the cannabis industry is likely to carry more risk, so consider that when deciding how much of your investment dollars to dedicate.

    Trulieve Expands Patient Access To Medical Cannabis With Eighth Tampa

    Numerous grand opening specials available at new Tampa

    , a leading and top-performing cannabis company in the United States , today opens its eighth medical cannabis dispensary in the Tampa area. The Tampa-Fairgrounds Trulieve, located at 7702 E. Hillsborough Avenue Tuesday, December 21 .

    There will be deals and specials throughout opening day, including a 25% discount for all registered patients at the Tampa -Fairgrounds location. Grand opening festivities will include St. Petersburg -based Craft Tee custom t-shirt printing, music, and numerous partner giveaways. As always, all first-time guests are eligible for a 50% new customer discount at any Florida also offers statewide home delivery, convenient online ordering, and in-store pickup.

    Statewide on , Trulieve will continue its 12 Days of Cannabis promotion with the launch of the TruChocolate Dark Chocolate Cranberry and special one-day deals on brand partner, Bhang’s dark and milk chocolate edibles.

    As the state’s leading medical cannabis provider, Trulieve ‘s retail employees are trained to provide personalized patient care and support individuals at every stage of their cannabis journey. Trulieve dispensaries throughout Florida offer on-site consultations to help patients obtain appropriate medical products and dosages to ensure optimal cannabis experiences.

    ” is excited to expand access to medical cannabis in Tampa

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    The Five Largest Msos

    We previously wrote about multi-state operators , a list thats slowly been consolidating over time. The five biggest MSOs today based on their current market caps in USD are Curaleaf , Trulieve Cannabis , Green Thumb Industries , Cresco Labs , and Columbia Care .

    As we discussed recently, were capping our entire tech stock + cannabis portfolio at 40 stocks . Were currently holding 34 stocks in our tech stock portfolio so we certainly dont want to add all five cannabis stocks. We dont want to hold just one stock because well be taking on too much company-specific risk. So ideally, we can find a few compelling names from the above list. Today, were going to start by looking at Trulieve Cannabis Corp.

    You Better Trulieve It

    Growth Stock Analysis – Trulieve Q3 Earnings Review

    The emergence of cannabis stocks has brought about a surge in first-time investors whose sole source of information might be a glossy investor deck with some slides about the billion dollar opportunity at hand. In our recent piece on How to Tell if a Cannabis Stock is Good or Bad, we told you where to find all the juicy tidbits for any publicly traded cannabis stock buried in the mandatory regulatory filings where a company is required to disclose all pertinent information. Thats where were going to start today. Its a 59-page document titled Management Discussion and Analysis for the Quarter Ended June 30th, 2019 which we will hereafter refer to as the MD& A.

    It immediately becomes apparent that with over 2,000 employees, Trulieve is running a very large operation. By the end of this quarter, Trulieve will have the ability to grow 63,189,000 grams of cannabis, with most of that capability already available now. Back of the napkin math tells us that at $10 a gram, thats about a $632 million dollar a year business, but what matters the most is whats being sold today. Turns out its quite a lot.

    It would be nicer if the above numbers were broken down by quarter, but thats okay. In Q2-2019, Trulieve brought in revenues of ~$58 million which means they appear to be on track to hit or exceed their 2019 revenue estimate of $214.3 million. Strong revenue growth, check.

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    Trulieve Stock: The Good The Bad And The Ugly

    We dont just cover cannabis because we consume loads of the stuff in all forms. Our first piece on the topic No to Marijuana Stocks, Yes to Weed Investing was published in 2016 to warn investors about all the over-the-counter junk stocks attaching themselves to the cannabis thesis like leeches. Our attempt at warning investors was met with some well-articulated critical commentary:

    • CGC +50% up and on TSX now. This was shitty article
    • Totally missed the mark on this one bud. Back to class for you.
    • Absurd article. Internet trash.

    In the years that followed, the cannabis thesis absolutely exploded, so we continued to cover it. At the peak of inflated expectations, stocks like Canopy Growth had a greater valuation than names like Western Union and Harley Davidson.

    Canopy Growth was valued the same as Molson Coors when we wrote the following:

    Molson Coors brought in about $11 billion in revenues during 2017, while wed be surprised to see Canopy Growth hit $80 million in revenues for 2018. In order for Canopy Growth to reach more than $10 billion in revenues, they would need 25% growth in revenues, every year, for 20 years.

    Credit: Nanalyze

    Since then, Canopy Growth has lost -78% of its value and currently commands a market cap of around $4.20 billion dollars. Now that valuations have come back down to earth, and we sufficiently understand the opportunity on offer, it may finally be time to invest in cannabis stocks. But which ones?

    Summary: Curleaf Culrf Stock V Trulieve Tcnnf Stock

    I found this to be an interesting exercise. With the same dollar amount invested, you are getting the same revenues from each stock. But, you are losing out on the higher margins which, ultimately will be the deciding factor as to which company will outperform the other.

    There is a phrase that I like to drop from time to time: All else equal. If revenues increased at the same pace with both companies, all else equal, Trulieve would be the more optimal investment simply because of the margin differential.

    For me, I would be more inclined to invest in Trulieve TCNNF over Curaleaf CURLF Stock.

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    C3 Industries’ High Profile Grand Rapids Opens Doors To Customers

    Vertically integrated cannabis company C3 Industries recently opened its eleventh dispensary nationally and the sixth in Michigan.

    Located at 1148 Leonard Street NW in Grand Rapids, the new shop will serve adult-use and medical cannabis consumers.

    Customers can shop for a wide range of premium cannabis flower and other products in-store, including an assortment of products from C3’s in-house brand, Cloud Cover Cannabis.

    In addition to the Grand Rapids store, High Profile currently operates ten other locations across Michigan and Missouri.

    The company revealed that it has plans to open several other locations nationally, including expanding into the Massachusetts market in early 2022.

    How Trulieve Is Evolving Beyond The Florida Medical Cannabis Market

    Best Broker To Buy Trulieve Stock How To Invest In Stock ...

    Exclusive Interview with Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers

    MSO Trulieve completed the acquisition of Harvest Health & Recreation this fall. The company continues to execute its hub-based strategy in the United States, leveraging both M& A and organic growth. CEO Kim Rivers last spoke with New Cannabis Ventures in 2020. At the end of 2021, she reconnected to talk about how Trulieves platform has grown and continues to scale. The audio of the entire conversation is available at the end of this written summary.

    The Harvest Health & Recreation Acquisition

    The completion of the Harvest acquisition brought new talent to the Trulieve team. Steve White, CEO of Harvest, is stepping into the role of president of the combined companies, and Nicole Stanton from Harvest joined the team as general counsel.

    The Harvest deal added substantially to Trulieves footprint. The company now has a southwestern hub thanks to Harvests leading operations in Arizona. Trulieve also added assets to its Pennsylvania and Florida operations. The company was also able to bring on the Maryland market, add retail locations in California and access wholesale opportunities in Nevada and Colorado, according to Rivers.

    The Trulieve Platform

    Trulieves footprint currently spans 11 markets. The company has more than three million square feet of cultivation and production assets and 157 retail locations, with more stores opening.

    Expansion Plans

    Competitive Position


    Managing Growth

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  • What Does This Mean For Investors

    As Trulieve enters more markets and deploys its retail strategy, which has worked wonderfully in Florida, investors will continue to see sales hit new record highs. However, the company has been slower to expand than other multistate operators, and that could put it at a disadvantage as it enters states that its rivals may already have strong footings in. Curaleaf, for instance, has been aggressively expanding its Select brand that is now offered in 16 states, including Pennsylvania and New York.

    Although Trulieve isn’t active in as many states as Curaleaf, its focus on the Florida market has allowed it to slowly build up its presence and generate strong financials without overextending itself into other parts of the country. That’s particularly important as expansion is costly and often requires acquisitions since a company can’t simply send its products across states lines, because marijuana is still an illegal Schedule I drug. By taking a slower, more measured approach to its growth strategy, Trulieve can better position itself for success by conserving cash and deploying strategies that make the most sense for its business rather than expanding too quickly and in too many places.

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    Comparing Two Companies: Curlf Stock V Tnccf Stock

    I first got this idea from a tweet by someone I follow on Twitter, MJ Stock Trader. He threw out a quick question to his followers: which of these would be a better buy? Or, did it matter at all which to pick up? It didnt take me long to think there were only a few variables to look at if you wanted to consider this.

    Although there are a lot of similarities between the two behemoths there are some metrics that can be discounted. Size is irrelevant. Also, the stock price is irrelevant. What I want to know is performance. Then, once you see these numbers side-by-side, you get a strong sense of who is a better performer. But, theres another kicker metric that may be far more important that Ill get to in a minute.

    Here are some metrics to chew on:

    25% 19.2%

    I am using recent metrics from margins. But, the revenue is from guidance. There have been some recent updates and I am using slightly older data for Trulieve. Trulieve printed outlying data metrics in recent financials. I mellowed this out to reflect normal business capabilities. Still, even after mellowing, or adjusting, Trulieve is a far better performer.


    The little table shows a side-by-side comparison of the two companies. Revenues are easy enough to compare and they are fairly close to each other in gross amounts. Gross margins are a different story. Trulieve is edging out Curaleaf and that is important.



    Tinley’s Products Receive Notice To Purchase From Ontario Cannabis Store For Expected April 2022 Release

    Cannabis business will see a job creation boom, Trulieve CEO explains

    The Tinley Beverage Company Inc. is pleased to announce that the Company and its two Canadian licensed co-packers have now completed their submissions of the additional technical, marketing and training documentation requested by the Ontario Cannabis Store following the issuance by the OCS on December 16, 2022 of a formal notice to purchase . The Notice included the Canadian versions of the Company’s Cannabis Cup award-winning Tinley’s ’27 TM Coconut Cask, branded in Canada as Tinleys ’27 TM Smooth Coconut, and its Tinley’s Tonics TM La Paloma ready-to-drink sparkling mocktail’, to be produced in Canada as Tinleys Classics TM Mystic Dove TM .

    Following responses to any requests for clarification that may arise from OCS review of the documentation submitted this week, purchase orders for the two products, to be included in the OCS spring release, are expected to be received in February 2022. Spring release products are anticipated to be shipped to the OCS warehouse in March, with launch of online purchase on the OCS website expected in early April, and retail launch in licensed cannabis retail outlets on or about April 12, 2022. The Company will work with its sales agents to support the brand and work to increase distribution throughout Winter and Spring 2022.

    Next 2022 OCS Product Call

    Potential Additional Provincial Listings

    About The Tinley Beverage Company and Beckett’s Tonics

    Forward-Looking Statements

    For further information, please contact:

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