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How To Invest In German Property The Easy Way

How To Invest in Germany as an Expat

The volume of investment raised by crowd-investing platforms for property developments and redevelopments has been doubling every year and there are no signs of saturation yet.

iFunded is the leading property crowdfunding website in Germany. They have a very nice interface and all the information is well presented in German and also in English. They are open to investors all over Europe and signing up is super easy.

To get verified, you will need to download the Deutsche Post app and then arrange for a video chat through the app. A Deutsche Post employee will call you and take a photo of yourself and your passport in order to complete verification. Its one of the swiftest and most straightforward ways of verification that Ive encountered so far. In this sense, the platform lives up to the German standards of professionalism and organized way of working.

iFunded offers two types of investments: bonds and loans.

Bonds belong to the investment class of securities under the German Securities Trading Act , in which creditor rights, in particular interest and repayment of the borrowed money, are securitized.

A subordinated loan is a debt to the receiver which ranks below senior loans and is regulated under the provisions of the German Investment Provisions Act .

The minimum investment is EUR500 and the maximum is EUR10,000 as a private investor. Returns can be as much as 7% per year, which is excellent when you keep in mind the low risk profile of the German market.

Where To Invest In Germany

The different types of financial instruments in which can be invested in. This lists only the basic types of financial instruments which is commonly used as investments. The list does not include derivatives or other instruments.

  • Aktien: Stocks representing the shares of a company. This could be an aktien of BMW or Seimens or other companies.
  • Fonds: Funds or also called Mutual funds, as explained earlier, is a instrument where a manager invests the money which is pooled in by many investors.
  • ETF / Indexfonds : The Exchange traded funds or index funds which track a particular index.

Types of Fonds

So, more German terms you might come across when selecting your investment funds:

  • Equity Funds : Funds that invest at least 51% of its money in stocks/shares), ETFs also count as Aktienfonds
  • Balanced Funds : Fund that invests at least 25% of its money in stocks/shares)
  • Real Estate Investment Funds : Funds that invest at least 51% of its money in real estate, or in companies that only own real estate
  • Bond Funds : Fund that invests in bonds. Since bonds guarantee a fixed income, and cannot lose value as rapidly as an equity fund, this is desirable for pensioners.
  • Money Market Funds: Fund that invests in fixed-term deposits and bonds, all of which will come due in less than 12 months.

Summary: How And Where To Invest Money In Germany

In this article, weve covered investing in funds, shares, cryptocurrencies, and more. Regardless of which investment you choose, only do so after considerable research. Youll want to feel confident and informed about all the advantages and disadvantages of each type before choosing where to invest money in Germany.

If you would like more information, please dont hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team will be happy to answer your questions and help you to set up your individual investment strategy.


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Foreign Investment Policies In Germany

The government encourages foreign investment in Germany through attractive tax deductions, financial loans for enterprisers investing in research and development, and other incentives depending on the sector the investor wants to put money into, but generally, the government allows foreign investors are allowed to access all sectors, such as telecommunication and can wholly own German companies.

Businessmen who want to invest in Germany should know that this country has signed bilateral investment treaties with numerous countries and double taxation agreements with about 90 countries.

Linde Is The Worlds Largest Natural Gas Supplier

Toxic Shock: German Invasion of Grand Central: Invest in ...

Linde plc , formed by the merger of Linde AG of Germany and Praxair of the United States, is a world leading supplier of industrial, process and specialty gases.

It is the worlds largest industrial gas company by market share as well as revenue. Linde operates in two business segments:

  • Gas and Engineering, and
  • Materials Handling

The company produces industrial and medical gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, rare gases, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, among others. It also designs and constructs turnkey plants for gas production, and is one of the biggest manufacturers of industrial trucks in the world. Linde has a market capitalization of $80.98 billion.

Linde plc clocked sales of $28 billion in 2019, and generated strong operating cash flow of $6.12 billion, which included more than $800 million of merger-related cash outflows. The company invested $3.7 billion in capital expenditures and paid dividends of $1.9 billion.

In addition, Linde repurchased $2.6 billion of stock, reported its fourth-quarter income from continuing operations of $507 million and diluted earnings per share of $0.94. Its fourth-quarter operating cash flow of $2.17 billion increased $302 million versus the third quarter, primarily driven by improved working capital.

Apart from the solid results, Linde warrants your attention because of its solid dividend history and hefty yield.

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Federal And State Taxes

The taxes collected by the state allow it to fulfill its responsibility of promoting the public good in fields such as social welfare, education, infrastructure and healthcare. Accordingly, the measures taken under tax policy contribute to the promotion of investment and to improving Germany’s competitiveness in the global economy.

Finding The Optimum Legal Form For Entering The Market

Depending on your company’s goal, its activities in Germany and the legal form of the foreign investor, there are various legal forms and types available in Germany for your entry to the market. Some possibilities are corporations , partnerships or branch offices . The best legal form or company type will depend on the individual case. WW+KN is available to advise foreign companies as to which legal form they should choose in Germany.

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Is Germany’s Stock Market Bigger Than Britain’s

In terms of market capitalization to national GDP, the British stock market is bigger than Germany’s.

The Balance does not provide tax or investment advice or financial services. The information is being presented without consideration of the investment objectives, risk tolerance, or financial circumstances of any specific investor and might not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.

How Can I Start Investing With Inyova

How to Start Investing in Germany for Beginners: Depots, Taxes, Stocks and ETFs! ð©ðª

We make it easy for you to invest your money. To do this, well work with you to create your personal investment strategy. This way, you can always be sure that you only invest in companies that fully match your values.

Once youre happy with how your investment strategy looks, youll open an account and transfer your investment amount. We take care of the rest. This includes the stock market transactions, as well as monitoring your investment and making adjustments to ensure that the level of risk in your portfolio is managed.

Get your personalised impact investing strategy here its free and non-binding. Using our easy online tool, you pick investment themes based on your personal values and interests.

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Volkswagen Is The Largest Automaker By Sales

Volkswagen AG , known internationally as the Volkswagen Group, is a German multinational automotive manufacturing company.

The Wolfsburg, Germany-based company is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of automobiles and commercial vehicles. The company operates in four segments:

  • Passenger Cars,
  • Power Engineering, and
  • Financial Services.

The worlds largest automaker by sales, Volkswagen owns brands like Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, SKODA, Bentley, Bugatti and Scania, among others.

Investors currently are not exactly lining up for the auto industry and Volkswagen AG is no exception to it.

Most auto stocks suffered a major thrashing in the late-2018 market sell-off, and a few of them are yet to fully recover from the clobbering. This means that stocks of many companies are still selling at surprisingly low prices.

What caused Volkswagen AG greater harm was its unfortunate involvement in a massive diesel-emissions cheating scandal in 2015.

The automaker continues to suffer from the consequences of that incident, still paying fines, recalling its vehicles and fighting court cases. It has cost the company billions of dollars, thereby severely denting its bottom line.

The good news is that the German automaker is now seeing light at the end of what was a long tunnel, and both the company and investors can look forward with optimism.

Operating income before one-time items in 2019 rose to 19.3 billion euros , an upswing of 12.8% from a year ago. Revenue rose 7.1%.

How Do I Cash Out Of Bitcoin In Germany

Any exchange with a Euro trading pair will allow you to sell your Bitcoin for fiat currency. Bitpanda and has EUR trading pairs for many popular coins.

You can also use CoinATM to find Bitcoin ATMs in your city if you wish to exchange your Bitcoin for cash in the quickest amount of time.

LocalBitcoins is another option. Here, you can buy and sell Bitcoin for a wide range of payment methods, from gift cards to bank transfers. LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer exchange, where you buy and sell with another individual. This does introduce a degree of risk, though by ensuring that you conduct all business on the platform, make use of its escrow services, and only trade with users who have a good reputation, you’ll minimize any potential problems.

You could also use a service like eGifter to sell your Bitcoin for gift cards.

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Open An Account With An International Broker

This option is probably the easiest and most straightforward way to invest for a foreigner living in Germany. You can invest in German stocks, Bunds, ETFs and mutual funds and other tradable assets.

Interactive Brokers is a top choice for investors and traders from all over the world, and its rated as the best international broker and one of the best international forex brokers with numerous industry awards. Interactive Brokers also provides traders with access to more than 120 world markets, including stock markets in Germany.

In addition to German stocks, indices and Bunds, you can also trade ETFs, mutual funds and forex through your Interactive Brokers account. Interactives Trader Workstation is one of the best-rated stock trading software products in the business. It also features special order types as well as algorithms that provide additional functionality to the platform.

Interactive Brokers proprietary SmartRouting software constantly scans the market for the best prices available on the stocks you plan to trade. It then routes orders directly to that exchange or electronic communications network to execute your transactions at the best possible price.

How To Figure Out My Taxable Amount

How To Invest in Germany as an Expat: Saving 148,666 ...

This is quite simple. For instance, let us say you buy a Stock XYZ at 120 Euros. You then sell the stock XYZ at 200 Euros. In this transaction, the amount you have gained is 80 Euros.

Furthermore, let us also assume that the Stock XYZ has also been paying you dividends of 1 Euro. In this case, the total taxable amount for you would be 80 Euros + 1 Euro, bringing the total to 81 Euros. And as long as your total taxable income is under the Saver lumpsum limit, you do not have to pay taxes on this gain.

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Ww+kn As Your Strategic Partner For Market Entry

As well as choosing a legal form, WW+KN takes care of the entire founding process for foreign investors, with the notary, employment agency , tax office etc. WW+KN also informs about tax conditions, employment of staff, and important legal regulations for business dealings. In addition, WW+KN will support you in the selection of business premises, advice on what insurance is sensible, and coordinating with a lawyer about preparing employment contracts.

How To Invest In German Engineering

Weve all heard of German engineering. Its known all over the world as a hallmark of quality and innovation. But lets dive deeper into some of these German engineering companies and find out how they got their reputation. Many of them were rocked by the coronavirus crisis and have been forced to adapt. Some will even use the opportunity to make new inroads and spark even more innovation.

You can now invest in all the stocks below on BUX Zero! Here we go.


Electrical engineering, compound semiconductors and nanotechnology. Sounds like the future? It is. Aixtron is going up against rivals from China, Italy and Japan but we have a feeling they can hold their own. The company has been represented on German stock exchanges since 1997, appearing in both the tech-heavy TecDAX and the medium-sized MDAX. Aixtron is based out of Herzogenrath in North Rhine-Westphalia and employs almost 700 people.

SLM Solutions

When you think of 3D printing, you probably think of plastics but SLM Solutions specialises in metal 3D printing. They sell a laser melting machine which is popular all over the world. The company went public in 2014 and made a whopping $75 million on the launch. Their laser technology is used by companies like NASA, Siemens, and BMW. Medicine, automobiles, space travel or the energy industry, the Lübeck-based lasers play a role everywhere.

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen


LPKF Laser & Electronics

Pfeiffer Vacuum

Privacy Settings


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You Can Get Exposure To Europe’s Biggest Economy In Several Ways Find Out Which One Makes The Most Sense For You

Germany is the powerhouse of the European economic community, playing a leadership role in the way that the European Union has evolved over the past 25 years. As one of the world’s leading exporters, Germany has strong alliances with the U.S. and other trading partners, and investors are familiar with the country’s leading companies, many of which are giants in their industries. Investing in Germany is relatively simple, even for U.S. investors, and there are several ways you can get exposure to German stocks in your portfolio. The most popular ways to invest in Germany are:

  • Investing directly on German stock exchanges.
  • Investing in German stocks that list on U.S. stock exchanges.
  • Investing in exchange-traded funds that own German stocks.

We’ll look at each of these methods of investing below.

Advantages Of Doing Business In Germany

INVESTING FOR BEGINNERS IN GERMANY – How to start investing in Stocks, ETFs, Crypto and German Taxes

Germany is becoming increasingly attractive as a location for business in international comparison. The restructuring of the East German economy according to market principles has created a new dynamic nature and innovative spirit. Germany has become the center of Europe. As an economically important member state of the European Union, Germany stands for innovation, advanced technologies and high levels of productivity.

At the center of Europe Germany’s central location within Europe gives investors access to the entire market of the European Union as well as the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

The most important market in Europe With the highest GNP and the largest population in the European Union, Germany is Europe’s most important market.

Leader in growth industries Germany is a leader in modern information and communications technologies and boasts an infrastructure that is virtually without parallel in the European Union.

Services for investors Germany offers investors efficient and unbureaucratic support for their plans to establish new locations here. The organizations charged with administering economic development assistance offer robust support and help companies search for locations, recruit personnel and secure funding.

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Investing In German Stocks That List On Us Stock Exchanges

Many major German companies have their shares listed on U.S. stock exchanges. To do so, a company need only pay the appropriate listing fees to the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq Stock Exchange and comply with U.S. securities laws in disclosing financial information to shareholders. Many German companies use American depositary receipts or shares to facilitate fitting a foreign listing within their capital structures.

The primary benefit of U.S.-listed German stocks for investors is that you’ll typically find the cream of the crop represented on U.S. stock exchanges. Just the effort of getting a U.S. listing reflects a commitment from a German company to maximize its access to capital, and that suggests a greater desire for growth than the typical business. On the other hand, if you rely solely on U.S.-listed German stocks, you’ll miss out on some of the businesses that have the most promise, especially among smaller-sized German companies. For conservative investors who want blue chip quality stocks, U.S. listings can be a great place to start looking.

My Current Experience Investing In Germany

I have 2 long-term goals in sight:

  • Putting money aside to buy a big house in Berlin someday. That means enough to pay for estate agent fees & all other fees related to property transfer. It also means enough to get enough conditions for a loan with the bank. With current prices going through the roof right now, we are probably looking at a 600-800K investment time. We are therefore looking at an initial target of 140-220K . That is a lot of money.
  • Putting money aside for retirement. That is self explanatory. I dont have yet a precise plan on this one because a lot of parameters are changing in my life at the moment. Not sure if Im going to stay a freelancer for that long, not sure if I will stay in Germany, etc I know I just need to put money away thats all.

Nothing too exotic here and both are arguably connected. I have therefore looked into conservative options for the long game. I opted for a strategy that minimized risks for part of my portfolio, with low maintenance & low costs when stock trading in Germany. I want a big chunk of my savings to be in set & forget mode with a safe but relatively high returns for the work I put in.

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