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Why Should You Invest In The #1 Tech Ipo

Best Investment Strategy for BEAR MARKETS: How to Find Quality Stocks

Instead of listening to Alex, Alex recommends listening to Warren Buffett.

Warren famously dislikes both IPOs and tech companies, but he made his first IPO investment in 1956 in the company that Alex recommends. Its the first time Warren Buffett has made an IPO investment in 65 years. Warren Buffett didnt just dip his toe into the IPO: he bought 6 million shares.

Venture capital giant Sequoia Capital, meanwhile, invested $271 million into the new company.

Alex cites an investment banks report showing that the company is the fastest-growing software company in history.

Other reasons to invest in Alexs recommended company include:

  • According to a MarketWatch report, Wall Street analysts expect it to be the fastest company ever to hit $5 billion in revenue.
  • Forbes describes it as one of the worlds fastest-growing businesses.
  • Matt Turk claims its one of the fastest-growing enterprise companies ever.
  • The company grew revenue 173% from 2019 to 2020, more than doubling its entire business in a single year.

For all of these reasons and more, Alex believes his stock can make investors large profits in a short period of time. Heres how he describes the potential:

In my 25 years as a stock analyst, portfolio manager, and the Chief Investment Strategist here at The Oxford Club, Ive never seen a stock with revenue growing as fast as my #1 Tech IPO.

The #1 Tech Ipo Stock Is A Cloud Computing Company

Alexs recommended tech stock is a cloud computing company.

Cloud computing is bigger today than it has ever been before. Enterprises no longer host their data on private server farms, nor do they maintain their own costly data centers. Instead, they rely on platforms like Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud computing systems.

The cloud allows people to work from home. It makes data more secure and accessible. It reduces outages and downtime.

Alex claims his #1 recommended tech IPO stock will disrupt the cloud computing industry. Theres more data today than at any previous point in history, and Alex believes his recommended company manages this data more efficiently.

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Quick Recap & Conclusion

  • Alexander Green from The Oxford Club has been teasing this $3 stock for years now
  • He claims it “could generate a multimillion-dollar dream retirement in the coming years” and he calls it his “single-stock retirement plan”
  • Normally you’d have to buy into his The Oxford Communiqué subscription service to get his “free” report in order to learn more about the stock
  • I just exposed it – The company being teased is Hon Hai, aka Foxconn
  • Don’t expect this to be the next Amazon or Apple… it’s a very different situation

And there you have it. You’re welcome!

Hopefully this short review has provided some value to you. Please leave any comments or questions down below. We like to hear back from our readers!

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The Oxford Club’s 3 dollar stock has been teased by Alexander Green for quite a while now, and in this short review I’ll be exposing the name and ticker symbol.

I assume this is what you came for.

The teasers:

This $3 stock has been promoted since at least 2018, that I know of, and is still being promoted by the team at The Oxford Club. There are likely multiple different presentations for this, but one I recently came across was called The Single-Stock Retirement Plan…

Alexander Green is the man behind the promos for it. He’s a chief investment strategist at the publishing company and runs several newsletter advisory services there, including The Oxford Communiqué that is being promoted through these teasers.

As you can imagine, since this 3 dollar stock has been teased for so long, there are some things that have changed over the years, but some of what’s been said about it includes:

  • this “single $3 stock could generate a multimillion-dollar dream retirement in the coming years”
  • “this $3 stock could hand you the kind of carefree retirement most people only dream about”
  • it’s referred to as the Single-Stock Retirement Plan
  • it trades under a secret name
  • its revenue is more than Google, Facebook, and IBM

Sounds pretty amazing, but don’t get too excited just yet. This certainly is NOT like investing in Amazon or Apple early on… as he leads one to believe.

But what can you expect?… it’s all a sales pitch anyhow.

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Should You Invest In The Oxford Club

So, youre wondering if the Oxford Club is right for you? Well, on the plus side, the Oxford Club also offers advice for creating tax-smart portfolios, allowing you to pay less tax on your gains and protect your wealth. They research hundreds of investment opportunities to sort out the ones that will provide the best gains and the lowest risk. These are the opportunities they share with their members.

Essentially, they make investing less confusing by doing most of the homework for you and showing you the most profitable places to invest. Not only does the Oxford Club send out regular newsletters, but they also offer online access to their most current recommendations as well as buy/sell alerts. They also offer in-person and virtual networking with other members.

With over 157,000 members, many great reviews, and very few bad reviews, they must be doing something right. At the very least, its worth a few minutes of your time to review their offer to see if its something youll find worthwhile.

Alexander Green Chief Investment Strategist

While I am the Chief Investment Strategist for The Oxford Club and Liberty Through Wealth today, I retired from Wall Street at the ripe old age of 43.

After 16 years as an investment advisor, research analyst and portfolio manager, I had gone from a net worth of approximately zero to financial independence.

That meant I was free to do whatever I wanted, wherever I wanted, with whomever I wanted.

Its called total financial freedom. And I can tell you from experience, its a great feeling.

Since retiring from the securities industry, Ive been busy living what I call the second half of my life.

I write about the financial markets for The Oxford Club, the worlds largest financial fellowship with more than 110,000 Members, and Liberty Through Wealth, a free daily e-letter with close to 300,000 subscribers.

Im also in charge of three fast-paced trading services: The Momentum Alert, The Insider Alert and The True Value Alert.

And Ive authored four national best-sellers: The Gone Fishin Portfolio, The Secret of Shelter Island, Beyond Wealth, and An Embarrassment of Riches.

Working as a writer instead of as a licensed investment advisor suits me well. I can give advice freely, and no one who heeds it has to wonder whether my real motive is to earn fees or commissions or capture their assets.

I can write what I want about the market and the world without a compliance officer scrutinizing my words. And readers dont have to worry about the objectivity of my analysis.

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  • The Insider Alert Review: Alexander Green #1 Tech Ipo 2021

    The Best Investment Strategy in the Stock Market – Investing 201 Episode 3

    The Insider Alert is an investment analysis newsletter from The Oxford Club.

    The newsletter aims to teach subscribers how to get rich quickly by making smart investments. As part of a new promotion, The Insider Alert discusses IPO investing, including the #1 tech IPO for 2021.

    What is the #1 tech IPO of 2021? Should you follow The Insider Alerts investment recommendations? Find out everything you need to know about The Insider Alert today in our review.

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    About The Oxford Club

    The Oxford Club is a financial publishing company based in Baltimore, Maryland.

    The company publishes a range of free and paid financial analysis newsletters online, including The Insider Alert. Newsletters are led by editors Alexander Green and other investment experts.

    You can contact The Oxford Club via the following:

    • Mailing Address: 105 W. Monument St. Baltimore, MD 21201

    Is The Oxford Club Worth The Investment

    Like anything, opinions about the Oxford Club vary.

    On one hand, some feel that the recommended stocks are microcap stocks which can be easily manipulated by a large company purchasing a large number of shares for a reasonable price. Then, once the price has risen, the company can sell off its shares which will cause the stock price to drop.

    To be a smart consumer, you will definitely want to do your own research on the stocks suggested before investing as the ultimate responsibility for losses or gains will be yours.

    With that said, there are many great reviews of The Oxford Club, stating that they focus on larger returns with less risk. In fact, one reviewer states The Clubs proven strategy focuses on a single idea stock market success is about analyzing businesses, not investing . . . with little more than educated guesses.

    For over 20 years The Oxford Club has offered easy-to-implement investment strategies with timely ideas for investment opportunities. They offer both domestic and international stock advice through their monthly newsletters, allowing you a good diversification of your funds.

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    How Good Is The Advice

    First of all, let me say that nothing I am about to write here should be considered investment advice. Those of you who are looking for that should always do your own research even if you do subscribe to the advice of particular experts though online magazines or newsletters. Many investment services run pretty shady services looking to simply take your money and offer ineffective advice in the long-run. That should come as no surprise for those of you who have paid attention to the many articles we have published here over the years.

    The first red flag is the fact that the Oxford Club itself, while run by Alexander Green, is actually owned by Agora Financial. Agora Financial, for those who are unaware, owns more than 40 investment publications and in fact accounts for the vast majority of the digital investment newsletters that are advertised all over the internet. The Oxford Club and its communique fall into this group.

    So whats the big deal? Well there is one massive unifying theme that underlies the strategies behind many of these publications and it doesnt have much to do with the nature or efficacy of the advice offered. The thing they all have in common is the much maligned and often misleading advertising style that they employ – exemplified by some of the techniques seen in our review of some of Alexander Greens specific offerings.

    The Better Business Bureau has this to say about the Oxford Club in general:

    What Is The Insider Alert

    Why Penny Stocks Are a Great Investment

    The Insider Alert is a financial newsletter priced at around $2,000 per year.

    Like other financial newsletters, The Insider Alert shares stock tips with investors, helping diligent readers earn big returns on investment.

    The Insider Alert is one of several financial newsletters from The Oxford Club.

    The Insider Alert subscribers receive email alerts when investment analyst Alexander Green spots an opportunity. Alexander claims he only recommends stocks that match his strict criteria. If an investment opportunity matches his criteria, he sends an email to investors telling them to buy the stock.

    Similarly, once that stock has risen in value and hit its peak, Alex sends a CLOSE trade alert to his subscribers.

    Each email from The Insider Alert is concise. It breaks down every step in the trading process. Youll learn when to buy a stock and when to sell that stock for possible maximum profits.

    You get one new issue of The Insider Alert every month.

    When you subscribe to The Insider Alert today, you get a package of products and a two-year subscription for the price of one, such as a bundle of bonus reports and eBooks.

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    Whats Included With The Insider Alert

    As part of the new promotion, The Insider Alert comes bundled with an extra years worth of a subscription, bonus reports like the #1 tech IPO stock report, and other perks.

    Heres what you get as a new subscriber to The Insider Alert:

    Annual Subscription to The Insider Alert: The Insider Alert is an investment analysis publishing service delivered to your email inbox every month. Each month, Alexander Green and his team of analysts research new stocks, then recommend those stocks to subscribers. Alex claims his investment recommendations have outperformed the S& P 500 over the last 18 years. Subscribers get the buy and sell alerts for each stock, and Alex tells you exactly when to buy and sell each stock for maximum returns.

    • You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you dont cancel, then your credit card will be charged $1,975 two years from today.

    The Insider Alert Appears To Recommend Investing In Snowflake

    Based on information presented upfront, The Insider Alerts recommended stock appears to be Snowflake.

    Snowflake is a software-as-a-service company that completed its IPO in 2020.

    In September 2020, Warren Buffetts investment firm, Berkshire Hathaway, announced plans to purchase 3,125,000 shares of Snowflake, a stake estimated to be worth around $250 million. Berkshire Hathaway bought those shares before the IPO.

    A few weeks later, Berkshire Hathaway filed an S-1 acknowledging its purchase of 4,042,043 shares of Class A stock during a second round after the IPO.

    Snowflake offers cloud data solutions. It allows enterprise users to share cloud data solutions within a company or with other Snowflake users. Instead of keeping all data within Microsofts Azure or Amazons S3, enterprises can share data between platforms.

    Snowflake is one of the hottest stocks in recent months. However, its far from a secret: the companys shares more than doubled on their first day of trading.

    Snowflakes stock was initially priced at $120 a share, above the expected range of $100 to $110, which was already a correction from the $75 to $85 a share earlier this month.

    At one point during its IPO day, Snowflake was priced over $300 per share. The company ended its IPO day with a 112% gain.

    Since its IPO in September, Snowflake has had a tumultuous ride. The company hit a high of around $400 in December 2020 before retreating to a low of around $227, which is where it sits today .

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    How Much Money Can You Make With The Insider Alert

    The Insider Alerts sales page is filled with claims of enormous gains from Alexs recommended stocks.

    Alex claims his recommended stocks have led to gains of 274% to 644% in short periods of time.

    In fact, Alex claims his insider picks have outperformed the S& P 500 over the last 18 years. He claims his insider picks are up 329% over that time, while the S& P 500 is up 236% over the same window. Even the best hedge funds struggle to outperform the markets consistently for 18 years, yet Alex claims to have done it.

    If you subscribe to The Insider Alert today, you are guaranteed to make triple-digit returns on 20 stocks in the next two years or get a refund. Heres how Alex describes it:

    Im giving out a guarantee, unlike anything Ive ever given out in the past. Today, I am promising right here and now to deliver 20 TRIPLE-DIGIT opportunities over the next two years.

    If you subscribe to The Insider Alert today and dont at least double your money on 20 of Alexs recommended stocks, then you are entitled to a complete refund.

    The Insider Alerts sales page is filled with stories of investors earning 3x to 12x returns on investment by following Alexs investment recommendations.

    One investor claims he earned $55,000 in two months, banking 233% returns. Another claims he earned $100,000 by investing in two of Alexs recommended stocks, including Continental Resources and Intercept Pharmaceuticals. The sales page is filled with similar stories.


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