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Best Stock Trading Apps (Investing)

Robinhood changed the investing app game by allowing everyday investors to open an account with no account minimum and start buying shares without paying a fee for every single trade.

Robinhood started with just an iOS app but then quickly announced an Android version, as well. The app allows users to invest in U.S. stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies which most investing apps don’t offer.

Robinhood also offers the Robinhood Gold account which is a premium account that allows you to trade on margin. But beginning investors don’t need to worry about that or pay for that.

Lowest Fees Stock Investing App: Questrade

If your sole criteria for determining the best stock buying app in Canada with low fees, then Questrade is your best bet. Questrades stock trading platform allows free ETF trades for purchases but not for sales.

Questrade mobile app reviews on Google and social media generally point to a simple design and high security features. However, there are many complaints that the features of this app are lacking meaning, and it is quite basic in comparison to Qtrades stock analysis apps.

In fact, in the app description on Google Play, there is even a disclosure that information accessible is more limited than the information available through the website or through your statement.

I will say in terms of functionality, its not a top contender. However, if you are looking for the best online trading app in Canada with low fees then this is my top recommendation. Read my Questrade Review to learn more.

Its also worth mentioning Interactive Brokers and Wealthsimple Trade do in fact offer slightly lower trading fees than Questrade but I dont consider Wealthsimple Trade to be a full service online broker. As a mobile app for very basic stock trades, it works ok but its full stock trading platform lacks

Canadas Stock Trading Apps Comparison: Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, figuring out the best stock trading app in Canada for you depends on your unique priority list.

Are you looking for the best app to research stocks?

Perhaps you place a high importance on finding the best app to track stocks that you are on your watch list.

Or, are you just looking for an easy to use tool to keep track of your current investments while you are on the go?

Maybe low trading fees, free ETF trades, or keeping all of your investments and chequing accounts under one umbrella is your top priority?

There is a lot to consider, and truly you probably cant really go wrong with any app on this list , but all things considered, we feel confident in recommending Qtrade as our best Canadian stock trading app for 2022.

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Simplicity Investment Funds: Best App Or Platform For Low

  • Simplicity Investment Funds in a nutshell: Simplicity Investment Funds offer five funds, with annual fees set at 0.10% and 0.31% , plus a $20 membership fee.
  • Why we like Simplicity Investment Funds? Simplicity’s investment funds offer a ‘set and forget’ approach with its passive funds. As index funds, the investing rationale is that market-index investments always beat a fund manager in the long term, and as investing has a long-term focus, the risks are low, and the return is seen to be reliable. With fees from as low as 0.10% p.a., Simplicity is New Zealand’s cheapest investment platform.
  • Interface: Website
  • Sign up to Simplicity Investment Funds: Visit the website to learn more

    Paisa Mobile Trading App

    Easy Trade App Download How Do You Invest In The Stock ...

    5Paisa Mobile Trading App is the best online trading app in India when it comes to getting an easy-to-use trading application. This app is available for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. The fully-loaded functional and smart mobile trading app offers almost all features an investor or trader need.

    Android Rating: 4.3/5 stars

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    Why Robinhood Made Our List:

    Robinhood is a pioneer in the no-commission brokerage model. It remains a solid choice for beginners, as they can invest in stocks, ETFs, and options with zero commissions. Typical stock and ETF investors will be able to use Robinhood with no costs at all, though premium accounts are available with more features for a monthly fee starting at $5.

    Robinhood has been at the center of controversies over downtime and how some users have been able to enter extremely risky trades that they didn’t understand. As with any investment app, it’s important for Robinhood traders to understand the risks of what they’re doing so they can invest in line with their goals and avoid unexpected losses.

    Firstrade: Best Free Stock & Etf Trading App

    The Most Powerful iPhone App for Commission Free Stock, Options and ETF Trades + Excellent News & Research

    • Apple App Store Rating:

    Firstrade is the best broker you have never heard of. They came first place in our Best Stock Broker Review.

    But lets talk mobile trading apps because thats why you are here.

    The Firstrade stock trading app allows you to manage your portfolio seamlessly you can trade stocks, options, and ETFs commission-free directly from your phone.

    Firstrade is a large brokerage, and you need to open a brokerage account to be able to take advantage of the app. But the benefits are enormous:

    • Seamless integration

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    How Do I Use An Investment App

    Another common question for newbie investors is, How do I use an investment app? The truth is, most apps today are intuitive. They have step-by-step processes to guide you through setting up an account, depositing money and making trades. Every app is different, and its a good idea to poke around the one you choose for a little while to get a feel for the interface before you make any trades.

    Best Stock Market App For Beginners Revealed


    With so many stock trading apps now serving the Australian market it took us time to get our list down to just a handful. For example, we looked at everything from how much the best share trading app Australia charges in fees, what AUD payment methods it supports, and whether or not your money is safe.

    Taking all of these metrics into account below you will find the best share trading platforms and stock investment apps in Australia.

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    M1 Finance: Best Automated Stock Investing App

    • Android Play Store Rating:
    • Our Service Rating:

    Uniquely, M1 Finance lets you copy expert portfolios or build your own. Furthermore, M1 offers both automatic and manual investing. Thus, M1 is an excellent resource for serious investors busy with careers or families.

    The great advantage of M1 is that it allows automatic investing based on your preferences. Hence, M1 is perfect for serious investors with little spare time. Also, M1 Finance offers no-fee e.g., Zero Commissions investing. You can also utilize their additional borrowing and current account services

    M1 Finance is available for Android on

    Our Guide To How Investing Apps Work

    Before subscribing to an app and using your hard-earned money to make investments, you should have a firm grasp of how the system works. One of the great things about investment apps is that they help to simplify these financial maneuvers, particularly for those that have no prior experience with using such programs or investing. For instance, stocks can often look confusing when examined by an untrained eye, but a smooth, user-friendly interface allows users to gain an understanding of how stocks work quite quickly.

    Youll need to devise a strategy for how you want to invest. Do you want to sit on your investments for years and use them as a safety net for retirement, or do you want to try to make some money back quickly with a high-risk investment? Both strategies have merits, so wed recommend trying to find a middle ground if you cant commit to either.

    Its also recommended that you consider building up an IRA retirement fund, but it can also be worth the effort to make some strategic investments that can offer you high returns in a short space of time. Do some careful research on investment strategies before you start to use your own money. After all, its no longer fun and games once your own hard-earned cash is at stake. You want to build up something for the future, not lose it all.

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    What Are Brokerage Accounts

    A brokerage account is a financial account that gives you access to buy, sell, and hold stocks and other supported investment assets. Like a bank account, you can deposit and withdraw cash. But unlike a bank account, you can use your cash balance to buy stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, options, futures, forex, bonds, and other assets.

    Best For Learning About Trading: Sofi

    10 Best Virtual Stock Trading Apps for Learning Purpose ...


    • Deposits: No minimum required, but $5 to start investing
    • Fees: No fees for online stock or ETF trades 1.25% markup on crypto transactions expense ratios vary on SoFi-branded ETFs additional fees may apply
    • Account Types: Supports self-directed and managed portfolios, plus retirement and cryptocurrency accounts

    SoFi offers robust tools to help you learn more about stocks and put them into practice on the same app.

    • Easily trade full or fractional shares

    • Member events

    • Few types of accounts

    SoFi, short for Social Finance, offers loans, banking, and investments through a convenient mobile app. Its ideal for investors looking to learn about stock trading. This brokerage offers commission-free trades and fractional shares in an account with no minimum balance and $5 needed to start investing.

    Learning section articles are a part of the SoFi Invest tab in the app, making it easier for beginners to manage their accounts without getting overwhelmed.

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    What Is The Safest Stock App

    The safest stock apps come from the overall best and most trustworthy brokers. The following brokers offer the safest stock apps in 2021:

    • Fidelity: Best stock app for investors
    • E*TRADE: Best app for options
    • TD Ameritrade: Best stock app for traders
    • Interactive Brokers: Best stock app for professionals
    • Merrill Edge: Great for stock research

    If the broker youâre using were compromised, a secure app would do little to protect your account whereas a broker that has proper security measures across its websites, platforms and applications will have you covered.

    The best apps allow login with biometrics and other features such as two-factor authentication to reduce the chance of accounts being hacked.

    What Are The Disadvantages Of Using An Investing App To Trade Stocks

    Brian Fry, CFP:

    When you have free trades, you have to realize that these investment companies are making their money one way or another. So just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s better.

    Cost is definitely something, but when you’re looking at free trades versus $5 trades or $10 trades, to me it’s all irrelevant. It’s really about what’s going to be the best user experience? What’s going to empower an investor to feel confident?

    Charlotte Geletka, CFP, CRPC:

    The disadvantage is that encourages impulse investing. Numerous studies show that when the retail investor engages in impulse investing and frequent trading he or she ends up with lower than average returns.

    Kaysian Gordon, MBA, CFP, CDFA, CPA:

    You want to make sure you all of your eggs in one basket. I can’t stress that enough no matter how good you think a company is.

    Rickie Houston, Personal Finance Insider:

    Most stock trading apps are mainly tailored toward hands-on investors. However, if you’re more of a hands-off investor, many of these apps also offer an automated account option.

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    Why Public Made Our List:

    When you’re a beginner in the stock market, it can feel intimidating to research and choose stocks and other investments on your own. Public combines features from social networks like Facebook and Twitter with traditional brokerage features. That makes for an investment app ideal for beginners learning their way around the markets.

    With fractional shares starting at $5, you can also buy into a huge number of supported companies without putting up enough cash for a full share. While it doesn’t offer every popular type of investment, it covers stocks and ETFs in a way that’s great for newer investors or even experienced investors looking to improve their investment strategy.

    Capitalcom Popular Stock Cfd Apps With Great Trading Tools

    The Best Investing App For Beginners!?

    Overall Rating:

    If youre looking for a modern and intuitive app that allows you to trade stock CFDs with the help of some fantastic tools, is certainly a stock trading app that you want to check out.

    Assets: For starters, offers one of the widest range of stock CFDs weve come across more than 4,000. This means you can trade a whole range of top stocks from different exchanges around the world, from the US to Australia, Hong Kong and many more. Not only does offer a great range of stocks, but you can also trade ETFs, indices, and forex on this top rated app.

    Fees: As offers stock CFD trading rather than traditional stock investing, you pay a spread on each trade, which is the difference between the buy and sell price, rather than a commission. While it doesnt quite match up to eToros zero commission stock trading, the stock spreads are some of the lowest weve seen, so this is certainly a really competitive app in terms of fees.

    Features: The trading tools and features are where really comes into its own. For starters, it offers AI generated trading suggestions, but that only scratches the surface. Theres a fantastic range of market analysis resources and learning resources like webinars, as well as a great range of technical indicators and advanced charting tools.

    75.26% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.

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    Excellent But Improvement Idea

    First off, using the app now for years and loving it. Excellent idea also to add option trading and crypto. I very much enjoy the margin account under Gold and I see how Robinhood is constantly improving it. However, definitely problematic are the following aspects: 1. Power usage, the app is draining my battery. Idk if it is because I have a lot of stocks on the watch list and every time I open the app its loading in all data for each of them or something, no idea. But my phone gets very warm after a few minutes of using the app . 2. Technical issues at order placing. Low volume products such as certain options or even for high volume blue chip stocks sometimes the order confirmation page is loading for 5min before its placed. Same thing for cancelling an existing order sometimes. Usually though this isnt much of an issue. 3. Robinhood has the replace order button for placed but pending orders for options. Why not also make it a button for placed but pending stock orders? Would be so convenient. 4. I just wish youd see some more data next to the list where you see PE and yields. Beta coefficient and payout ratio would be absolutely lovely to have there. Important metrics and convenient to see at one glance. Hopefully youll take this feedback into consideration when improving the app. Other than that, keep up the good work! Thanks.

    Firstrade: Best App To Buy Stocks For Free

    • Android Play Store Rating:
    • Our Service Rating:

    Firstrade is the best broker you have never heard of. They came in second in our broker review in 2017, but they moved to commission-free stock trades in August 2018, which catapulted them to the top of our Best Stock Broker Review.

    But lets talk mobile trading apps because thats why you are here.

    The Firstrade stock trading app allows you to manage your portfolio seamlessly you can trade stocks, options, and ETFs commission-free directly from your phone.

    Firstrade is a large brokerage, and you need to open a brokerage account to be able to take advantage of the app. But the benefits are enormous:

    • Seamless integration

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    What Are The Best Stock Trading Apps For Beginners

    In truth, no one app serves every individual persons needs the same. Some investors choose to follow a more active approach while others would rather a set-it-and-forget style.

    While I espouse the latter more so on this site, I dont necessarily think investing in individual stocks is a bad approach when using research and analysis to guide your decision-making.

    In fact, stock advisor services like the Motley Fools Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers have shown tremendous outperformance over the last two decades and really represent a significant value for investors looking to rely on others for making stock picks.

    Some stock newsletters may even want to practice a more active form of trading and get vetted stock alerts sent directly to their phones to take advantage of market movements.

    As long as you account for your risk preferences and level of commitment to following the market, your investment choices will depend on you.

    No matter your investing style, when you want to get started investing, you want to look for apps that provide the functionality you want without feeling overwhelmed.

    Therefore, the best stock trading app for you depends on your experience, trading goals, and desired level of educational support.

    Beginners benefit from apps that have the least amount of fees and a lot of charts, quotes and educational investment research software. But they also dont want to get lost in all this distraction if they cant make sense of the information provided.



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