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The Blockchain Unicorn Universe and the Best Way to Invest in Blockchain Businesses

While there are thousands of cryptocurrencies being traded around the world, you’ll find that the most popular options are widely available for purchase in fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar. If you’re a first-time buyer, you’ll very likely have to use regular money to buy cryptocurrency.

If you’re a more experienced investor, you may want to trade some of your existing crypto holdings for another type of cryptocurrency for instance Bitcoin for Ethereum.

Here We Look At 7 Of The Top Performing Cryptocurrencies On The Market According To Coinbase


The worlds first cryptocurrency is the most established and the most valuable with a market capitalization of £617.1b, leading the way for others to follow.

It reached new highs in April 2021 when the price of one Bitcoin was marketed at £47,240.05 but has felt the full weight of the crypto crash that followed in early May.

Bitcoins current price is listed as £31,262.17 – a -32.50% decrease over 12 months.

That said, its been on an upwards trend of 4.60% over the past month, and 1.95% in the last 24 hours.

It may be the oldest cryptocurrency but its market dominance is as vibrant as ever.


Ethereum reclaimed its title as the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization in 2018 and hasnt let go of its placing behind Bitcoin since.

Founded much later than its rival, in 2015, Ethereum has a smaller market cap of £276.3B.

It stands at £2,360.50 on April 13, an increase of +40.80% over the past year.


Unlike some other cryptos, Tether is known as a stablecoin which aims to maintain stable cryptocurrency valuations across the market.

It has consistently kept a price of around $1 US dollar, equivalent to 71p GB pound sterling today, and has an appeal from investors who want to avoid the extreme volatility of the market.

The crypto has a controversial past, with the New York Attorney General accusing Tethers parent company of hiding substantial losses to the tune of $850m in 2019.

Binance Coin



How To Buy Defi Coins

Buying a DeFi coin is as straightforward as you can think.

  • The first step is opening a wallet.
  • After this, you will need to buy a stablecoin that is tradable with the DeFi token you want to buy. For instance, you cant buy an Ethereum DeFi token with a Binance coin. Youll need an ERC-20 coin.
  • Then you can swap to the coin you want using DeFi platforms like Uniswap or MakerDao

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Pure Blockchain Technology Play

Pure blockchain technology plays are available.

A number of established companies including Intel Corp. and IBM Corp. are making significant investments in blockchain technologies for broad use by various industries. These can give investors a foothold in the space without betting the farm on it.

Others, like Galaxy Digital Holdings and Silvergate Capital Corp. are all-in on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

If you want to keep your level of risk relatively low, the best option is to invest in one of the stocks issued by a major financial services company experimenting with the potential of blockchain technology for improving services, or a technology company investing in broader applications for blockchain services.

For investors who are able to tolerate a higher degree of risk, investing in one of the pure blockchain technology investment opportunities could deliver the right combination of risk versus potential return.

Amplify Transformational Data Sharing Etf

How to Invest in Blockchain Technology

BLOK is the most prominent blockchain ETF on the market. This actively managed fund selects global companies to develop and apply blockchain technologies.

Top holdings: NVIDIA , Coinbase Global , SBI Holdings, CME Group and Silvergate Capital

Expense ratio: 0.71 percent

Assets under management: $1.4 billion

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Is Crypto The Key To The Metaverse

NFTs and crypto are ultimately the keys to accessing the virtual reality of the metaverse. With NFTs, you can access digital assets ranging from virtual homes and businesses to digital clothing for your avatar, digital art or other virtual items. Your NFTs are secured by the metaverse blockchain, protecting your digital property from duplication or hacking.

Although metaverse is well-established, the metaverse itself is still evolving, which means that it hasnt yet taken its eventual form. While theres a lot of hype surrounding what that will look like, much uncertainty continues to swirl around the value of non-fungible tokens. However, many NFTs, including those listed here, have proven their potential for growth and possibility, which is why people are increasingly coming to see them as an investment opportunity.

If You Want Exposure To Digital Assets Your Options Are Growing Here’s A List Of Cryptocurrency Stocks To Dip Your Toes Into This Expanding Technology

Bitcoin recently suffered one of its biggest monthly drops on record in May. The price of the digital asset crashed all the way from a mid-April high over $64,000, to $30,000 by late May dragging many cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency stocks down with it. That was followed by a quick rebound to $40,000, and since then, prices have been stuck in the $30,000-$40,000 range.

The volatility in Bitcoin and by proxy, cryptocurrency stocks this year has rekindled excitement in retail investors in a way it hasn’t since the digital coin last peaked in 2017.

Professional investors, billionaires and even publicly traded companies have maintained a keen interest in cryptos, too. This involvement in both Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain the secure authentication technology behind digital currencies are already showing up as a new source of revenue for many companies in mid-2021.


It’s partly thanks to the pandemic. COVID-19 helped accelerate a number of digital reforms in companies large and small. “We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated last April when the pandemic was running rampant.

  • Quarterly earnings growth rate : 1,206%
  • Profit margin: 22.8%
  • Return on equity trailing 12 months : 29.4%

“Crypto functionality is now part of Top 5 finance apps,” say Piper Sandler analysts Christopher Donat and Crispin Love, who rate PYPL at Buy.

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Defi For Individual Investors Vs Institutions

The DeFi world has the infrastructure to host individual investors, but major institutions have to find a way into it to get the worldwide attention it needs. Since institutions want more returns but in a regulated environment, the current structure of DeFi may discourage them from it. So what do we do? Leave the tenets of DeFi to get institutions or create special features for them?

The latter has been unanimously chosen, with on-chain asset management and KYC-only pools being the features to lead the way. Major financial institutions in the United States have hinted at a percentage of crypto exposure, and we can only wonder how many more will follow suit.

Is It Safe To Invest In Cryptocurrency

How To Invest In Blockchain Without Buying Cryptocurrency | Money Mind | Investing In Blockchain

Cryptocurrency prices are changing all the time, with big swings either way to contend with, making them appealing when the arrow is green but less so when red and pointing down.

Only recently the market was sent spiralling when Musk announced Tesla would no longer be accepting Bitcoin as payment for its products due to environmental concerns.

A further blow was felt recently when China announced plans to tighten its laws around cryptocurrency trades and exchanges, which saw the market plunge downwards further.

It is this volatile movement which makes cryptocurrencies high risk investments and leads to words of caution expressed by regulatory bodies like the UKs Financial Conduct Authority.

Yet crypto users dont seem phased and many see the potential rewards outweighing the risk.

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Best Blockchain Stocks To Buy

In this article, we will take a look at the 11 best blockchain stocks to buy. You can skip our detailed analysis of these companies, and go directly to the 5 Best Blockchain Stocks to Buy.

It is no surprise that the blockchain sector has garnered strong optimistic future projections from research firms. For instance, PricewaterhouseCoopers, which is one of the biggest accounting firms in the world, believes that blockchain technology can contribute $1.76 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Some of the areas that the firm’s research division believes will benefit from adopting blockchain technologies include contracts and dispute resolution, financial services, supply chain management across a diverse array of industries such as fashion and mining and other areas such as credential and identity verification.

Research firm Fortune Business Insights estimates a compound annual growth rate of 56.1% for the blockchain sector by 2027, anticipating that the market will be worth $69.04 by the year.

Similarly, believes that the blockchain sector will have a CAGR of 67.3% from 2020 to 2025, a figure that is even more optimistic than that reported by Fortune Business Insights. The research firm goes on to state that by the end of 2025, the market with the help of the CAGR reported above will have grown to $39.7 billion from an estimated size of $3 billion from the end of 2020.

Our Methodology

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the 11 best blockchain stocks to buy.

Marathon Digital Holdings Inc

Number of Hedge Fund Holders: 19

Hedge fund interest in Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. is evident by the fact that out of the 866 hedge funds polled by Insider Monkey during the first quarter of this year, 10 had holdings in the company. However, by the end of the second quarter, the number of hedge funds who had invested in Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. had grown to 19 out of the 873 polled by Insider Monkey.

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The Blockchain Market Is Set To Grow To $394 Billion By 2028

Analysts are extremely bullish on the growth prospects of blockchain technology. Some are forecasting the market size to reach $394 billion by 2028. As more companies use blockchain technology and accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, the market size will grow exponentially.

Therefore, the blockchain stocks of today are likely to benefit from growth in the entire sector. As most of the best blockchain stocks listed above already have revenues outside of the blockchain, then this extra growth could be a boon for investors.

What Are Cryptocurrencies And How Do They Work

These Are The Top VCs Investing In Blockchain

Cryptocurrency is based on blockchain technology. That’s a chain of information registration and distribution that is not controlled by any single institution. Instead, it works as a record of digital transactions that are independent of central banks.

There are all kinds of technical details related to blockchain technology that may be worth investigating if it doesn’t drive you into a technological coma. But essentially, it eliminates the middleman such as a bank and allows buyers and sellers to transact business directly between each other. That should also serve to lower or even eliminate transaction fees, which is a major part of the attraction of cryptocurrency.

The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, whose price is regularly tracked in the major financial media questioning- should you invest in bitcoin?. But there are actually hundreds of cryptocurrencies, including many that have already come and gone.

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What Are Blockchain Stocks

Blockchain stocks are simply companies that are involved, either directly or indirectly, in blockchain technology. The blockchain is considered to be a decentralised technology whereby transactions are recorded and stored in a computer network. A list of transactions is stored on blocks which are then chained together using cryptography.

New blocks are created on the chain through the process of mining. Specialised software is used to solve complex mathematical problems to mine new blocks. This makes it very difficult to manipulate the blockchain data and is why it is being adopted in all different types of sectors.

In the list of best blockchain stocks above, each company has a different use of blockchain technology. For example, IBM helps businesses create their own blockchain software to facilitate their business needs. Block and Coinbase profit from crypto traders speculating on coins that use a blockchain.

Companies like Walmart use blockchain technology to maintain high food standards, whereas banks like Societe General use the blockchain to save on auditing costs. The versatility of blockchain technology is why its use is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years.

Top 5 Blockchain Stocks To Buy In 2022

If youre interested in learning how to capitalise on the revolutionary technology behind the Bitcoin network called blockchain, then you are in the right place!

In this article, we go through what the technology is, some of the best blockchain companies you need to know about and five top blockchain stocks to invest in this year.

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Understand The Risks Of Investing In Blockchain Assets

Blockchain assets like crypto are inherently risky and not suitable for all investors. Bitcoin prices, for example, are extremely volatile. In May of 2021, Bitcoin lost half of its value compared to the highs of the prior month, which isnt the first time the cryptocurrency has experienced such a drop.

A new regulation or law could impact the value and create volatility in crypto assets.

While extremely unlikely, its possible that the U.S. government could make Bitcoin and similar blockchain assets illegal or could impose new, restrictive regulations. Investors could turn their backs on the industry. Because of these risks, its important to avoid investing more than you can afford to lose. That means not investing your life savings, retirement, or other essential funds into such a risky asset class.

These Cryptocurrencies Could Supercharge Your Portfolio

Top 5 Blockchain Stocks To Invest in 2021 – [BEST BUY]

The crypto market has crashed several times in the last few years. A prolonged sell-off between January 2018 and December 2018 cut the market down by nearly 90%. Then, after surging to a new high of $2.5 trillion in May 2021, the market fell more than 50% by July. It then recovered and peaked around $3 trillion in November 2021, before again getting cut in half.

Today, the crypto market is worth $2 trillion, meaning it’s still down 33% from its high. But if you can handle the type of volatility I just described, now looks like a good time to buy. Every past downturn has eventually ended with the market soaring to new highs, and there is no reason to believe this time is any different.

With that in mind, here are two cryptocurrencies that could make you richer over the next decade.

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Why Are There So Many Cryptocurrencies

The majority of cryptocurrencies today are derived in some form or another from Bitcoin, which uses open-source code and a censorship-resistant architecture. This means that anybody can copy and tweak the code and create their own new coin. This also means that anybody is free to join its network or transact in it.

Best Layer 1 Blockchain Cryptocurrency To Invest In Now April 2022 Week 1

The cryptocurrency market has suffered a dip. Having had a good couple of weeks, its total cap has fallen by 3.5% in the past 24 hours, to $2.19 trillion. Most major coins have also fallen by similar percentages, although the market remains around 10% up in the past fortnight. This is a good posting, and for the most part, its layer-1 cryptocurrencies doing much of the legwork here. Weve therefore highlighted some of the most promising in this list of the 5 best layer-1 blockchain cryptocurrency to invest in now.

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Bitwise Crypto Industry Innovators

BITQ holds an index of 30 crypto companies from around the globe. Some of these names derive more than 75 percent of their revenues from crypto assets.

Top holdings: Coinbase Global , Silvergate Capital , MicroStrategy , Northern Data, Voyager Digital

Expense ratio: 0.85 percent

Assets under management: $110 million

What Are Cryptocurrencies

Top 10 Blockchain Stocks to Invest in 2019

Before we take a closer look at some of these alternatives to Bitcoin, lets step back and briefly examine what we mean by terms like cryptocurrency and altcoin. A cryptocurrency, broadly defined, is virtual or digital money that takes the form of tokens or coins. While some cryptocurrencies have ventured into the physical world with credit cards or other projects, the large majority remain entirely intangible.

The crypto in cryptocurrencies refers to complicated cryptography that allows for the creation and processing of digital currencies and their transactions across decentralized systems. Alongside this important crypto feature of these currencies is a common commitment to decentralization cryptocurrencies are typically developed as code by teams who build in mechanisms for issuance and other controls.

Cryptocurrencies are almost always designed to be free from government manipulation and controlalthough, as they have grown more popular, this foundational aspect of the industry has come under fire. The cryptocurrencies modeled after Bitcoin are collectively called altcoins, and in some cases shitcoins, and have often tried to present themselves as modified or improved versions of Bitcoin. While some of these currencies may have some impressive features that Bitcoin does not, matching the level of security that Bitcoins networks achieve largely has yet to be seen by an altcoin.

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The Risks And Rewards

Virtual currencies, including bitcoin, experience significant price volatility. Fluctuations in the underlying virtual currency’s value between the time you place a trade for a virtual currency futures contract and the time you attempt to liquidate it will affect the value of your futures contract and the potential profit and losses related to it. Investors must be very cautious and monitor any investment that they make.


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