Rocket Mortgage For Investment Property


They Dont Have A Steady Income

We’re looking at $2 trillion of mortgages this year, says Rocket CEO

You should be able to rely on your partner when it comes to paying their part of a mortgage and helping with unexpected expenses. If your partner doesnt have a steady income or tends to overspend on unnecessary purchases, they may not be the best person to invest with.

If you still want to invest with your potential business partner, have a conversation about financial obligations and changes that may need to be made to make the investment work for both parties.

The Bottom Line: Helocs Are A Big Risk That Might Yield A Big Reward If Used Properly

When you take out a HELOC on an investment property, you can utilize the equity in your rental home. This allows you to put that money to work for you, and tax advantages may come with it.

However, the application requirements are pretty strict, and a HELOC tends to be more expensive than other types of loans. And many lenders, including Rocket Mortgage, dont offer this type of loan. So its best to take the time to learn about refinancing investment properties first.

Refinancing may be your best option.

See if you can shorten your term and lower your interest rate.

Investment Property Loan Requirements

If you have a mortgage for your primary residence, you probably know that most mortgage lenders no longer require a 20% down payment to get a loan. Lenders are stingier with loans for investment properties, however, because the risks of foreclosure and default are higher.

Most fixed-rate mortgages require at least a 15% down payment with a 680 qualifying credit score for a one-unit investment property. Your should be at or above 620 if youre applying through Rocket Mortgage®. Lenders want you to put down 25% with a 620 or higher interest rate on two- to four-unit investment properties.

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Best For Bad Credit: New American Funding

  • More Detailssecurely through New American Funding Purchase’s websiteMore Details

New American Funding is a privately held mortgage lender that was founded in California.

The direct mortgage lender is unique because it offers a wide selection of loans from reverse mortgages to ARM loans. An ARM loan stands for an adjustable-rate mortgage, and it offers a mortgage with a variable rate.

New American Funding focuses on making homeownership attainable by offering a wide range of loan options. The company offers loan terms that go to 30 years depending on the selected loan type. Investment property loans can potentially be provided to lower credit scores, but New American Funding recommends having investment and personal expense information available if your score is below 740. Putting a down payment of around 25% instead of the minimum 15% helps you to obtain lower interest rates. Another point to make note of is that the more money that you put down for a downpayment, the more likely you are to pay lower rates. Loan terms and rates vary depending on your credit score and financial information.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a primary residence and have bad credit, then a United States Department of Agriculture Loan or a Federal Housing Administration Loan might be right for you. However, both loans are government-backed programs intended to help people own a primary residence, so both loans cannot apply to investment properties.

Fund Almost Anything Else

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Unlike some other types of loans, there are no limitations on what you can do with the money you take away from a refinance. You can:

  • Grow a childs college tuition fund
  • Boost retirement savings
  • Buy a new car or boat

Refinancing can give you access to an easy source of cash and you can use it for almost anything you need. If you can dream it, you can use the money from your home equity to make it a reality.

Think a refinance might be for you? Use our refinance calculator to see if refinancing your rental or investment property can help you achieve your goals.

Get approved to refinance.

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Buy With Location In Mind

Youve probably heard the saying, Location, Location, Location. If youre purchasing a rental property or a flip, the location should be a major factor in where you purchase. Buyers want to live in desirable locations that have a lot of upsides. They want to see amenities like grocery stores, restaurants and shopping malls nearby. They like being able to walk to parks or public transportation. When youre buying a property, make sure youre considering what your ideal buyer or tenant would want.

What Are The Most Common Investment Property Loans

Investors try to use a conventional mortgage to buy a property with one to four units if they can meet the banks criteria because this is where theyll find the lowest rates and fees.

To buy a home to renovate and resell or lease, investors often turn to private lenders that specialize in this process. Many banks either wont provide these loans or take too long to close for an investors preference, so private money lenders are successful here.

Private and hard money lenders are also helpful when investors want to buy commercial properties like apartment complexes, medical office buildings, or office towers for example. Their terms are more flexible than conventional mortgages and they will work with borrowers who have lower credit scores where banks and credit unions may not.

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Why Buy Property Overseas

The most common reason cited for investors to choose real estate investments is that they can diversify their portfolios. Overseas properties are no different but thats not all. Here are some other reasons you might find foreign real estate a valuable purchase.

Expat Adventures

Who doesnt think about a life of adventure every now and again? Americans are well-known for setting their sights on the horizon. A foreign property can open up doors to a wide range of knowledge and excitements you wouldnt otherwise know.

You might also have a fascination with a certain country. By owning property there and exploring, you can expand your cultural understanding. From holiday festivals to quiet, everyday life, youll have access to the local experience by living abroad.

Stretching Your Retirement Dollars

According to Numbeo, the worlds biggest cost of living database, the average single person in the U.S. pays around $934.98 per month without rent. A family of four faces estimated monthly costs of $3,313.14. The country also ranks within the top 30 for highest cost of living index.

As a result, you may be facing a financially strained retirement. But thats only if you live in the States. You can settle in other countries with a lower cost of living. Thus, you can make your retirement fund last longer. Its even possible to raise the quality of your lifestyle as well.

Investment Opportunities

Best For Comparing Lenders: Lendio

Rocket Companies CEO on how technology drove record loan volume in Q3

Lendio helps small businesses obtain funding through an online loan marketplace. The company has helped to fund over 300,000 loans by working with partners such as Bank of America and Chase.

One thing that makes Lendio unique is that the company offers information on a wide range of commercial mortgages, which are also known as business mortgages or loans. The company offers loans specifically designed to help purchase or refinance a commercial property. Lendio potentially helps provide funds in less than 45 days, which can prove beneficial if you are constrained to a tight timeline.

The loans range between 20 and 25 years. Lendio offers lower interest rates between 4.25% to 6% under the proper conditions. Loan amounts are between $250,000 and $5 million. Loan terms and loan amounts are closely tied to the strength of your credit score, so its advised to enter into a commercial property loan with a strong to excellent credit score.

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Tips For Handling A New Mortgage

  • The SmartAsset financial advisor matching tool is a great resource if you want to make sure a prospective mortgage will fit in neatly with the rest of your financial life. Simply fill out the questionnaire as accurately as you can, and youll be paired up with as many as three financial advisors who serve your area.
  • It might be best to lower your costs for a few months when you initially get a mortgage. This will help you to truly gauge how these new loan payments will affect your overall financial life.

Second Home Vs Investment Property: Key Takeaways

Considering taking out a loan to purchase a second home or investment property? Before you meet with a mortgage lender, make sure you understand the key differences and have a plan for how youâll be using the property. Keep in mind that youâll see higher interest rates, down payments, and cash reserve requirements on a mortgage for investment properties compared to second homes, but the return on investment can make it all worthwhile.

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Youre Responsible For Everything

When you purchase a rental property, youre in charge of buying a house , finding tenants and maintaining the property while collecting monthly rent and paying property taxes. When planned and well-executed, buying rental properties can be an investment that eventually becomes a source of real estate income and profit.

Its important to consider what type of property you want to rent out. Different types of homes come with different responsibilities. For example, renting out a house with a lawn could involve more landscaping and lawn care than an apartment building in the city. However, buying a multifamily home or apartment building means youll have to find more tenants and maintain more rental units at once.

What Options Are Available To Finance Investment Property

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Many investors are not sure how to decide what type of loan is best once a decision to invest in real estate has been made. Investors usually have options when it comes to borrowing money, and the right type of financing depends on your unique situation.

Will you be working with a partner or group of investors, or will you do it alone? If you are working with other investors, you may be able to get a private money loan. Other common financing options include conventional bank loans and hard money loans.

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Build Your Wealth Carefully

Rental properties can be excellent sources of income for the right buyer, and in the long run can be valuable assets in a diversified portfolio. They are also a good choice for first time investors who are looking for creative ways to build their personal wealth.

However, purchasing any investment property can be a complicated matter. First-time investors should take their time and carefully consider all of their financing options, as well as their responsibilities as a borrower and a landlord, before agreeing to any long-term financial and social commitments.

Seasoned investors tend to be well aware of the benefits found in owning rental properties. Wealth and cash flows are often managed best by an asset such as some rental real estate, which is why it has consistently remained a solid investment idea for more than 145 years.

When it is time to build your wealth, a careful review of rental property ownership will no doubt be a foundational part of the best laid plans.

Best For Rehab Loans: Lendingone


Why We Chose It: LendingOne earns our nod for best rehab lender because they are one of the very few commercial lenders that make it easy to get a pre-approval letter, they finance up to 90% loan-to-cost and provide lower rates and fees than their competition.

  • Pre-approval/proof of funds available online within minutes

  • Founded by investors to improve upon traditional lenders limitations

  • $175 charge for each draw

  • Only available for one- to four-unit properties, no commercial

In 2014, Bill Green and Matthew Neisser founded LendingOne in response to their frustrations felt toward the difficult lending environment from rigid bank criteria and the easier, though more expensive, hard money alternatives.

As a direct private real estate lender, LendingOne has become the best rehab lender in the industry because they help investors get what had been missing in the market, such as pre-approval letters and proof of funds, higher leverage, and lower rates and fees.

LendingOne offers fix-and-flip and rehab-to-rent loan products. Down payments range from 10% to 20%. For rehab to rent, they have a 30-year fixed-rate loan as well as 5/1 and 7/1 ARM loans. Their fix-and-flip loans can finance up to 90% of your repair costs. Two years of interest only payments are an option on the fix-and-flip loans too. LendingOne loans on two- to four-unit properties only, including condos and townhouses.

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Is It Hard To Get Financing For Investment Properties

As the real estate market continues to boom, investors have lots of options for financing investment properties. But lenders are still taking on a big risk with these loans. There are steps you can take to make sure you get the best possible financing options:

  • Be the kind of borrower that banks want. These borrowers have a great debt-to-income ratio, a high credit score, and a strong business plan to make sure the investment property earns a profit.

  • Be ready to make a bigger down payment. Bank loans often require at least 20% down before giving you a loan for investment property. If you have 25%, or even 30% as a down payment, it can give you more skin in the game and often leads to better loan terms.

  • Set up a network of lenders. Networking in the real estate industry is one of the best ways to find private investors who may offer the best loan terms.

  • In short, it can be harder to get a loan for an investment property than for a traditional mortgage. It often requires more than meeting the usual credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and down payment requirements. You may need to show lenders a good employment history as well as any experience you have had as a landlord or real estate investor.

    What Is A Good Roi

    Rocket Community Fund and Gilbert Family Foundation Announce $500M Investment in Detroit

    Figuring out if youre making a good ROI can be subjective, but of course you want to know whether your investment is helping your financial situation.

    There are some rules of thumb that can help you determine if the ROI is good. One common ROI amount mentioned in the stock market is whether your investment is making 6% per year. Thats because the average return in the stock market is 10%, but many years are far from average. Youll have good and bad years, but if you maintain a steady 6%, you are liable to be up overall. When considering which stocks to buy for the best ROI, consider industries that historically have strong sales, such as health care and technology, or stick with companies you understand or that are leaders in their market.

    For real estate a good ROI is usually above 8%, heading toward 10% to 12%. Again, youll need to take into account the money you invest in addition to the purchase price, such as mortgage fees, costs for repairs or updating and ongoing maintenance while you get it ready to sell.

    Of course, any discussion of investments and ROI has to take into account your risk tolerance, time horizon , and your goals. We recommend having these discussions with a financial professional.

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    What Is An Investment Property Loan

    An investment property loan is money you borrow to buy or build a property that has the potential to produce income for you by leasing the space out to a tenant, or by re-selling it after you increase its value.

    Investment property loans include construction, purchase, and rehab. Investment property loans are not just for single-family homes. If you want to buy an apartment building or an office tower, you would use an investment property loan.

    What Is A Hard Money Loan

    If you need another option besides private and conventional loans, some companies provide loans designed for real estate investment. These are called hard money loans, and they are often easier and faster than a conventional bank loan. Hard money loans typically base approval on the value of the investment property instead of on the investor’s credit score and income. These loans are usually better for investors who are planning to flip a property quickly rather than collect rental income.

    Hard money loans are designed to be short-term, usually around three years. Investors sometimes use a hard money loan when they have to move quickly to buy and resell a property. Often, hard money borrowers try to find other financing before the loan term ends.

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    Should You Flip Or Rent

    Should you flip houses or purchase rental properties?

    It all depends on your goals, and to what degree you can leverage your skills, expertise and your current financial situation.

    In general, house flipping is usually the bigger gamble because these deals hinge on whether property values will rise in the near future. Although price depreciation is never a good thing for property owners, stable and/or falling prices have less impact on someone whose main source of income comes from rents versus a fast resale of a property.

    In mid-2017, the highest flipping returns were in Pittsburgh, at 146.6% Baton Rouge, LA, at 120.3% Philadelphia, at 114% Harrisburg, PA, at 103.3% and Cleveland, at 101.8%, according to ATTOM Data Solutions. These cities topped the list because they had lots of affordable, older homes that could be quickly renovated. At the same time, housing prices there were also rising.

    For rental properties, the best markets in early 2017 were Cleveland, with an 11.5% annual return Cincinnati, at 9.8% Columbia, SC, at 8.6% Memphis, TN, at 8.5% and Richmond, VA, at 8.2%. The worst markets were generally located in the biggest cities on either coast, where real estate prices have long been sky high.

    But local markets are always changing. Like any other type of investment, real estate carries both risks and rewards. You can reduce the risks by thoroughly researching markets and your financing options, but you can never entirely eliminate them.


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