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/23 Morgan Stanley Australia Virtual Campus Presentation

How I Spent My ENTIRE J.P. Morgan Investment Banking Salary & Bonus ($155,000)

Morgan Stanley Australia is launching the second round of informative employer presentation session on Wednesday, June 29 2022 at 5:30pm – 7:00pm AEST for penultimate year Australia students to learn more about a potential career in investment banking, Morgan Stanley at Work, and their Summer Analyst Internship Programs. The virtual event will also feature a group of business representatives who will share what it’s like working at Morgan Stanley, their career development, and more career insights.

Highlights of the event:

  • Introduction to Morgan Stanley and their Investment Banking, Global Capital Markets and Morgan Stanley at Work businesses
  • Gain insights into the day-to-day life of business representatives and their roles at the Firm
  • Learn more about the Summer Analyst Programs
  • A live Q& A with their business representatives

Students are encouraged to register for the event before the deadline onthrough the registration website.


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Trying To Land Your Dream Job On Your Laptop Can Be Tricky Heres How To Make A Good Impression When You Take Part In A Remote Interview

If you havent yet interviewed for a job via video, whether live or in a recorded session, chances are you will soon. More roles, including those in Morgan Stanleys North America and Asia offices, now require you to use this tool as part of the application and screening process.

But video interviews don’t just benefit recruiters. They can also benefit you, the candidate. Not only do they let you answer questions in a familiar setting, which should put you at ease, but more importantly, Video lets you demonstrate your motivation and passion for the job, along with any soft skills that a resume cant convey, says Emilie Garvey, a Morgan Stanley campus recruiter in Hong Kong. Indeed, a successful video interview can help you rise to the top of a stack of similarly well-qualified candidates. The caliber of resumes we see is outstanding, says Garvey. But a good video interview can make an assessor say, Yeah, I want to meet that person.

Still, the process can feel a little unnatural and require a somewhat different approach from a face-to-face meeting or even a phone call. With that in mind, we asked Morgan Stanley recruiters and recruits for their top tips for acing a video interview.

Top 4 Tips For Bossing Your Internship From An Investment Banker

Once youve landed an internship position, youll be looking to secure a return offer to become a full-time analyst. We asked an M& A banker at a global US investment bank to share their top tips on excelling in an investment banking internship. Heres their advice:

1) Be Able to Learn Quickly & Ask Questions

It is likely that you will make a few mistakes along the way, were only human. However, investment bankers will be looking to see whether you are able to avoid making the same error twice. As soon as you suspect something is wrong, ask for help.

2) Be Diligent and Demonstrate Attention to Detail

It is essential that you take precautions to avoid making mistakes in the first place. Ask for a peer review from another intern or print out your work and check it before submission. This will show the full-timers that you care about delivering the best result.

3) Be Curious

The whole point of taking an internship is to learn as much as you can about the job role and all it entails. You must ensure you listen where necessary, and always possess a good attitude.

4) Demonstrate a Willingness to Work

You need to pull out all the stops if you want to differentiate yourself from other interns. Investment banks value self-starters so always seek out new work and exceed expectations.

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Learning To Lean On The Experience And Knowledge Of Others

Over the course of my internship, as I was given greater amounts of responsibility, it was up to me to reach out to colleagues, even to those outside of my division, to obtain the information necessary to arrive at a solution. With all of the experienced professionals here at Morgan Stanley, theres more than enough institutional knowledge available it was just a question of finding the right people and getting their insight. Now, I view self-discipline and resourcefulness as two important muscles to build and maintain, so theyll always be there when necessary.


Be The Stand Out Candidate With Wall Street Recognized Certification

Peter Scialabba

Demonstrate to recruiters that you have what it takes to succeed as a summer analyst with The Investment Banker micro-degree. Designed by 5 expert instructors with over 100 years of combined experience, this course reflects the same training given to new hires at the top 4 investment banks. Learn the core financial accounting, modeling, valuation and dealmaking skills needed to excel in any technical interview. On completion, you will also be able to join our prestigious alumni network alongside the worlds top analysts.

Discover more career resources and tips below:

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Drive The Future Of Global Finance

Investment banking teams partner with corporate clients to achieve their strategic goals. Whether it is raising capital for an expansion or buying another company, investment bankers provide innovative and creative financial solutions for all clients needs. Were looking for analytical thinkers who thrive on building long-term relationships. Youll be part of a global, fast-paced team that does business with more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies.

Learn more about our Investment Banking Associate Internship program

What you’ll do

Who we’re looking for

What we offer

In this nine-week program, youll join our industry or product groups, developing and executing deals and transactions that are transforming the global markets. Our program will prepare you to become a strategic advisor to our clients and teams.

Valued qualities

We value diversity of thought, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives and were looking for those who have innovative ideas, entrepreneurial qualities, and enjoy tackling new challenges and solving intellectual problems.Were looking for motivated, resourceful, analytical people who are ready to make a contribution from the beginning. If you have exceptional interpersonal and communication skills and thrive in a dynamic, collaborative environment, then this is the role for you.

Key skills

On-the-job experience


Career Progression

Eligibility Criteria For Morgan Stanley Careers:

Students have to meet the following criteria to apply for Morgan Stanley Intern:

  • Students or Professional having any nationality are eligible to apply.
  • Graduates and Bachelors degree students can apply for Internships.
  • Experienced Professionals can apply for Full Time Permanent Jobs.
  • Excellent leadership, analytical and communication skills
  • Team player who can work in a collaborative environment
  • Pay attention to detail, make the right decision and handle sensitive information arbitrarily.
  • Strong time management and multi-tasking skills and can handle multiple responsibilities and projects with competitive priorities and deadlines.
  • Problem solving skills in a fast and dynamic environment
  • Positive can attitude and desire to work
  • Demonstrates active, motivated and calm and self-confident
  • All major are encouraged to apply.

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How To Answer The Question Why Ms

In any interview or informational phone call – you will likely be asked an equivalent of this question – so it is critical that you have a thought out and practiced answer. To help your answer stand out, you should do extensive research on the firm’s website to determine what they consider to be their core values and competitive advantages. In addition to this background research – you should try and speak with members of the firm in the division you’re interested in so that you can get a better understanding of the culture of the firm. All of these things should be considered into your answer.

Sample Why Morgan Stanley Answer

I first became interested in Morgan Stanley when attending an informational session at XYZ school. There I spoke with several alumni from the MS Investment Banking Division. After connecting with members of the firm at that event, I was connected to speak to more alumni from the firm who spoke extensively about the lean deal teams and academic culture of the firm. Recently, I had the chance to come visit a banking floor and speak with bankers throughout the day. After that experience, I knew that I wanted to work at MS due to the great analyst experience driven by the small deal teams and strong culture of the firm.

Check out how MS describes their internship below. This can help you figure out what the company values so that you can work those factors into your answer.

Read More About Morgan Stanley on WSO

How Much Does A Investment Banking Associate At Morgan Stanley Make

Investment Banking vs. Management Consulting (Thoughts From A Former Banker & Consultant!)

The typical Morgan Stanley Investment Banking Associate salary is $200,000 per year. Investment Banking Associate salaries at Morgan Stanley can range from $56,040 – $281,930 per year. This estimate is based upon 78 Morgan Stanley Investment Banking Associate salary report provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. When factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, a Investment Banking Associate at Morgan Stanley can expect to make an average total pay of $275,000 per year.

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Can You Describe What Is A Typical Deal Is Like For You

No two deals are exactly the same, and the process depends what type of deal were working on. When we’re working with a sponsor, well put together a competitive analysis. At the same time, were working internally, not only to educate the financing teams, but also on our own internal credit processes. Were doing our own diligence to determine if Morgan Stanley wants to underwrite the deal. If the sponsor moves forward, we would help create the materials that convey that message to the equity or debt markets.

How Would You Explain What You Do To Someone Outside The Firm

I sit within the Financial Sponsors group. My team and I help private-equity firms evaluate opportunities and investments in various portfolio companies. As the sponsor focuses on a corporate opportunity, we analyze how that industry and comparable companies operate.

We collaborate with the various industry and product teams within Morgan Stanley. For example, if we are evaluating a consumer company, we’ll work closely with the consumer Investment Banking team. We would then work with the Global Capital Markets divisioneither with the Leveraged Finance Group, if the company is looking to borrow money, or with the Equity group, if the company wants to raise capital in the equity markets. Which group we partner with depends on the entry and exit strategy of the private equity investor for that particular company.

If the opportunity involves a leveraged buyout, which essentially means taking a company private by purchasing all outstanding stock from stockholders, we would pull together the necessary financing for the deal. We also help clients on the other side, as the sponsor considers how it will ultimately exit the investmentwhich might be through an initial public offering or an outright sale.

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Can You Name An Example Of A Deal Youve Worked On

I worked on a deal in which we helped a private equity company acquire a large airline in its national market. It involved collaboration between the Financial Sponsor group and the Transportation group. It was the first time that the government of this particular country had allowed an airline to be taken private. There were many moving pieces to nail down to get this over the finish line. But my job is always interesting, even when deals arent of that scale.

Discover Members Of The 2018 Summer Analyst And Associate Classes As They Share What They Learned About Career And Life That Will Stay With Them


What’s it like to work in Financial Services? Every year, hundreds of Summer Analysts and Associates from around the world join Morgan Stanley for an intensive 10 weeks of training, networking, and lots of hard work. The first thing they learn? Most of them will never set foot anywhere near the actual Wall Street.

The rest is all about what it takes to thrive at Morgan Stanley, where competitive spirit reigns alongside a culture of collaboration and teamwork, and raw talent is enhanced by perseverance, self-discovery, and the knowledge that long-term relationships with colleagues and clients are at the core of a successful career trajectory.

Here are some of the lessons they learned:

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How Much Does A Summer Analyst At Morgan Stanley Make

The typical Morgan Stanley Summer Analyst salary is $87,288 per year. Summer Analyst salaries at Morgan Stanley can range from $25,583 – $113,937 per year. This estimate is based upon 123 Morgan Stanley Summer Analyst salary report provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. When factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, a Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley can expect to make an average total pay of $88,257 per year.

What Is The Most Prestigious Finance Internship

According to a Firsthand survey of 11,400 interns, Goldman Sachs offers the most prestigious finance internship. In 2022, the firm received a record 236,000 applications14% higher than the previous year.

Following Goldman Sachs is J.P. Morgan, which received 50,000 intern applications in 2021, and Morgan Stanley.

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Morgan Stanley Salary Faqs

The average salary for a Summer Associate is $88,140 per year in United States, which is 35% lower than the average Morgan Stanley salary of $137,513 per year for this job.

The salary trajectory of a Summer Associate ranges between locations and employers. The salary starts at $88,140 per year and goes up to $216,907 per year for the highest level of seniority.

Morgan Stanley Investment Banking Summer Internship Experience

Former JP Morgan Recruiting Captain REVEALS Investment Banking Analyst Recruiting Secrets!

Can anyone speak on their experience with this internship? How were the people? Was the culture willing to mentor the interns? I understand this is a “big name” internship but I’m wondering about peoples personal experiences and if they learned a lot and if they believe is was worth it and they liked their choose.

  • 1


My friend said it was s*** – they did company profiles all summer. They said people work first think later. They moved into consulting instead .


Anyone have any other input? Thanks

Mike McDermott

The WSOCompany Database contains a substantial number of reviews of MS summers. Take a look there.


my friend enjoyed it, got an offer accepted it. He said they are less welcoming to non targets


Yea thats what I heard. Great with the interns but hard to get if ur jot a target. Thanks for the input though.


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The Human Imperative In Technology

Interning in Field Strategic Services, I saw how the firm works to improve process efficiencies to fix pain points in the field and overall. That brought home two seemingly disparate points: the importance of technology to stay efficient and ahead of the game, and how imperative personal relationships are, especially when building and retaining a client base. Morgan Stanley handles capital around the world electronically, every second, every day, but all of those transactions ultimately come down to human interaction. This interdependency has given me a whole new respect for how people and technology together form the basis of Morgan Stanleys business and success. For me, its reinforced how having an understanding and affinity for technology and the soft skills of relationship building can provide an incredible advantage over the course of a career.


How Much Does A Summer Associate At Morgan Stanley Make

The typical Morgan Stanley Summer Associate salary is $137,513 per year. Summer Associate salaries at Morgan Stanley can range from $108,561 – $155,109 per year. This estimate is based upon 8 Morgan Stanley Summer Associate salary report provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. When factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, a Summer Associate at Morgan Stanley can expect to make an average total pay of $137,513 per year.

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Investment Banking Resume Tips

Before you apply, its essential that you prepare the perfect investment banking resume. Anish K. Mitra, ex-Head of IBD Learning & Development at Goldman Sachs, recommends the following:

Your resume should read like a menu and feel like a movie

Rather than reading like public company filings, your CV should help recruiters visualize who you are through specific examples. This means conveying what youre good at and what you stand for.

The winning formula

Once you have listed all of the values and experiences you want to include, you can use this formula to transform these into concise bullets that clearly state your achievements:

For example:

Once written out, this would read:

Created our first ever recruiting campaign for the parliamentary debate team, allowing us to double to 20 members. Led to twice as many award-winning finishes in 2020.

Keep Track With A Journal

Meet some recent grads

While working on the Fixed Income Sales & Trading desk this summer, the pace was nonstop. My team constantly had to process information coming at us from all sides: market movements, new trade ideas, and regular morning meetings where we discussed important strategies for the day. For me, this was an exciting part of the job that, over the 10 weeks, gave me the ability to quickly absorb information to hit the ground running, which is invaluable in work, school, and life. The low-tech aspect of this takeaway was keeping a journal to consolidate all that I had learned by days end. I would typically spend 10 minutes organizing my thoughts and jotting them down in a notebook, and as a result, I now have 30 entries worth of Fixed Income knowledge that Im certain will serve as a great foundation, as I pursue a career in finance.

Zi Hao

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