Is Fundrise A Good Investment


Is It Good To Invest In Fundrise

Is Fundrise a Scam | is Fundrise a Good Investment

Based on our research, Fundrise has a good track record. Its been paying out handsome dividends and returns, and is a credible organization.

However, an investment decision depends on many factors including the financial goals and available investment options. A wise investment portfolio selection is the key.

Fundrise Vs Traditional Reit

When it comes to passive real estate investing, most people are familiar with a traditional or publicly-traded REIT. Investors have been able to overcome the difficulties of owning physical real estate or other investment vehicles offered on public exchanges.

These investment vehicles are large pools of real estate split into millions of shares. Shares of these REITs trade on the public major stock exchanges. You can buy and sell these shares just like stocks! Vanguard has one that is very popular called VNQ.

Fundrise Vs The Competition

Fundrise vs other crowdfunding platforms is really what it comes down to. How does Fundrise compare in this review against others.

Well, at the time of writing there are 11 categories we rank them by. Here they are:

  • Is Fundrise Available in all 50 states? Yes
  • Do they prefund deals? Yes
  • Fees? Approximately 3%
  • Equity Investments? Yes
  • Debt Investments? Yes
  • A few months ago, Fundrise was tied in first place with 3 other platforms, but now that they have dropped their minimum investment to $500 from $1,000, now they will take first place with an overall score of 5.5 points out of 6.5 points.

    Our rule is the top 5% of sites will get a 5-star ranking, so its still an overall tie which Fundrise shares with EquityMultiple and RealtyMogul.

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    Diversyfund Features You Should Know

    Low minimum investment: In May 2019, the SEC approved DiversyFunds bid to drop its minimum investment to $500 from $2,500, a move that small-dollar real estate investors will appreciate.

    Management fees: San Diego-based DiversyFund charges a 2% asset management fee yearly. So, that means you pay 2% for every dollar you invest. Each project, however, may carry developer fees of between 2% to 4% for finding, acquiring and managing each holding.

    Available to nonaccredited investors: Some online real estate platforms are available only to accredited investors which the SEC defines as having a net worth of more than $1 million or annual income in each of the last two years of at least $200,000 for individuals or $300,000 for a couple. DiversyFund is open to all U.S. resident investors.

    Owns and runs investment properties: As noted above, DiversyFund is unique in that it owns and runs all its investment properties. The DF Growth REIT includes multifamily and commercial properties across the country. The company buys the properties with an eye toward improvements and resale within five years. Investors may appreciate that DiversyFund managers have real skin in the game. However, unlike some other commercial real estate investing sites, users cant pick and choose among projects to fund.

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    How To Stay Safe Investing With Fundrise

    Is Fundrise a Scam

    Because of the nature of the investments, Fundrise eREITs and eFunds have a lower correlation to the broader market and could potentially offer greater protection from market volatility.

    Fundrise doesnt invest in just any real estate, either. The companys real estate team only goes after high-quality investments that can potentially earn income and safeguard against losses. So you can rest easy knowing your money is only going toward sound investments, not the riskier forms of real estate investment. Fundrise also uses bank-level security to ensure your information is safe while using the platform.

    To give you peace of mind when getting started, Fundrise offers a 90-day introductory period where you can invest but avoid redemption penalties and advisory fees. If you submit a redemption request in the allowable 90-day timeframe, you’ll receive your initial investment minus any distributions you may have taken, and the amount won’t be subject to any penalties or fees.

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    When Can You Sell Fundrise Investments

    You can put in a request to sell your stake in a REIT or fund purchased through a Fundrise account at any time. The catch is, depending on how long you’ve invested, there might be fees, and due to limitations on how much of each REIT Fundrise will redeem in any month or quarter, your request isn’t guaranteed to be honored. That was the case in 2020 as the platform suspended redemptions and new investments due to the pandemic.

    Fundrise offers quarterly liquidity under the following redemption policy:

    • Basic and starter account levels: These account levels have no early redemption penalty, meaning investors can submit their shares for repurchase at the current NAV each quarter.
    • Core, Advanced, and Premium service levels: These account levels may impose up to a 3% early redemption penalty for shares held less than five years. There’s variability in the potential penalties due to the different types of funds included at each account level and the length of each investment in a relevant eREIT or eFund.
    • Fundrise Interval Fund: Fundrise’s new flagship product offers improved access to liquidity via quarterly repurchase opportunities with zero penalty or cost.

    Consider Flipping Investment Properties

    This is HGTV come to life: You invest in an underpriced home in need of a little love, renovate it as inexpensively as possible and then resell it for a profit. Called house flipping, the strategy is a wee bit harder than it looks on TV.

    There is a bigger element of risk, because so much of the math behind flipping requires a very accurate estimate of how much repairs are going to cost, which is not an easy thing to do, says Meyer.

    His suggestion: Find an experienced partner. Maybe you have capital or time to contribute, but you find a contractor who is good at estimating expenses or managing the project, he says.

    The other risk of flipping is that the longer you hold the property, the less money you make because youre paying a mortgage without bringing in any income. You can lower that risk by living in the house as you fix it up. This works as long as most of the updates are cosmetic and you dont mind a little dust.

    » Which is better?Real estate vs. stocks

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    How Much Does The Fundrise Ipo Cost

    You will not pay any commission costs when investing in the Fundrise iPO. You simply decide how many shares you want to purchase.

    However, you must be a Fundrise investor with at least a starter account to get in on the iPO. The company expects to make the iPO available to eligible investors within their first year of investing.

    Investors will be capped in the amount they are allowed to invest in the iPO based on their total Fundrise investment. You are only able to invest 50% of your total Fundrise balance into the iPO. For example, if you have $10,000 invested on the Fundrise platform, you could invest a total of $5,000 into the Fundrise iPO.

    Fundrise is offering up to 2,598,884 shares of its Class B Common Stock to the public.

    Your returns will be based on the change in the value of the company over time. If Fundrise continues to grow, shares of the company become more valuable over time.

    Keep in mind, as with any investment, there is no guarantee of profit and investors may be subject to a partial or total loss of their investment.

    The Fundrise iPO is a longterm, illiquid investment. Their goal is to provide liquidity in the future through a potential traditional IPO on a stock exchange or a sale of the company.

    However, unlike its real estate funds, the Fundrise iPO does not expect to pay a dividend during the term of the investment, and redemption may be limited or suspended, or there may be no possibility of redemption.

    Good For Those Who Enjoy Learning About New Investments

    What Happened With My $1,000 Fundrise Investment (3 Years Later)

    Fundrise is great for investors looking to learn as much as they can about investing while still receiving expert guidance along the way.

    Each of the plans has a document outlining the investment offerings, fees, and other details about the plan and it is over 200 pages long.

    With so much information available, you have to be willing to understand what youre getting into with a real estate investment.

    Fundrise also makes complex real estate investing easy by assessing current real estate holdings and placing them into different investment options, meaning you dont have to choose individual properties on your own.

    This platform is a great choice for a wide range of real estate investors.

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    Review Of Fundrise Why Invest In Commercial Real Estate

    One of the big things we need to cover in this Fundrise Review is why commercial real estate is a great place to invest your money and a great long term investment.

    The biggest reason is income. Commercial real estate is bought for the primary purpose of providing income, and thats what it does best. In CRE, even the price of the building is determined entirely on the income it provides, not on what other properties are selling for.

    The second biggest reason to have commercial real estate as an investment is because of appreciation. Since price is determined by the income, anything that increases income will increase its value. In real estate, we call this forced appreciation and its a great way to increase the value of your investment.

    Fundrise: A Real Estate Investing Platform With Something For Everyone

    Lots of people know investing in real estate is a time-tested and proven way to build wealth. Unfortunately, the number of people who realize investing in real estate is a good idea but dont actually invest in real estate dwarfs the number of actual real estate investors. If you were to take an informal poll of people who dont invest in real estate, you would likely come up with a combination of one or more of the following answers:

    • expensive
    • time-consuming to find good properties to invest in
    • just for the wealthy

    While there is certainly an element of truth to these objections, the advent of online investment platforms has changed the playing field, and Fundrise is a perfect example of how the changing playing field can work for everyday investors.

    Fundrise has a mission to make real estate investing simple, transparent and profitable for investors who may have felt frozen out of the real estate investing market due to their lack of funding, understanding or both.

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    Fundrise Reviews: Can You Make Money With Fundrise

    Yes, You can!

    You can make money with Fundrise by rental income and receiving quarterly dividends. Another approach to earn returns is to sell properties that have appreciated in value over time.

    Fundrise does charge a 1% management fee. The starting point is a $10 investment.

    In 2019, the average return on Fundrise investments was 9.47 %. This assumes you reinvest your dividends in Fundrise. As is always the case, past performance does not guarantee future success. It is critical to never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.


    It is unknown how this type of investment will do in a financial crisis such as the 2008 market fall.


    Theres a lot that comes along with Real Estate that many people struggle with.

    Now, dont get the wrong idea

    Its not impossible to make money with Real Estate, but if youre gonna put in the amount of grueling work to do this business , you might as well bring in some REAL money while youre learning the ropes.

    The program that helped skyrocket many online businesses to over $40,000+ per month is so simple that making money really does become second nature.

    What Are The Fees To Be Expected In Fundrise

    Fundrise Review 2021: Can You Really Make Money With $500?

    Fundrise charges an all-in 1% management fee, which is broken down as follows:

    Annual asset management fee of 0.85%

    Annual advisory fee of 0.15 %

    This is a very reasonable price. Some of Fundrises potential costs, however, are not as transparent.

    Hidden Fees

  • Origination Fee: When Fundrise purchases a new asset, it pays a 0-2% acquisition fee.
  • Early Redemption or Exit Fee: Redeeming shares within five years of purchase results in a 1-3% loss.
  • Self-directed IRA Fees: A $125 asset fee to Millennium Trust every year
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    Do Not Waste Your Time And Money

    Unless you plan to invest a lump sum of money and not touch it for 5 years this is not a good investment platform. And even then you could get way better returns elsewhere. There are large penalties for requesting your money before 5 years. With a return that is similar or less than the stock market please dont waste your time. Download Robinhood and put your money in an ETF and youll see your funds grow way faster with much more liquidity. After a week on this platform and finding out how much the penalties are I decided to redeem my shares. They told me my request would not be reviewed for 4 months and then sent a separate message to all shareholders that redemptions would not be disbursed because of the coronavirus. I reached out to customer support and they were extremely unsympathetic and could not care less. Keep in mind I have had my money invested for less than a week and now its going to be another 4 months before they even consider my request and even then probably wont distribute my funds. Awful company. Dont waste your time.

    What Happens When You Invest In Fundrise

    When an investor invests in a Fundrise eREIT, he actually invests in a basket of properties like he would with an exchange-traded fund .

    As an eREIT owner, you receive a small percentage of income generated by the properties you invested in.

    This includes rental income from rental properties or growth-oriented real estate developments.

    eREITs, which are Fundrises main products, generally invest in real estate that produces income through holding mortgages or managing buildings.

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    What Are Fundrises Investment Options

    Our Fundrise review will walk you through all the investment options possible within Fundrise.

    The Starter Portfolio

    The Starter Portfolio allows anyone to invest in eREITs for just $500. eREITs give you access to over 20 various properties across major cities in the United States.

    Our review of the Fundrise Starter Portfolio discovered that the investment option comes with a .85% annual management fee and a .15% annual investment fee that is waived under specific circumstances.

    Investors who choose to invest in the Starter Portfolio will hold a portfolio that consists of 50% income eREIT and 50% growth eREIT. Investors should expect to manage both of these investments for around five or more years, with the chance to liquidate once every quarter.

    Core Account

    Investors who invest up to $1,000 will be upgraded to the portfolio. This type of portfolio includes around 7 eREITs and dozens of different properties.

    The type of eREITs you invest in depends on your goals, but you’ll have to select between a passive income portfolio, a balanced portfolio, or a long-term growth portfolio.

    The Fundrise website gives you information about each of your eREITs, including the properties you own and details about future growth and income.

    Advanced Account

    Premium Account

    Investors who have invested $100,000 or more will be upgraded to the Premium Account, which gives them access to private funds that become available periodically.

    Making Direct Investments

    IRA Investments

    What Type Of Investor Is Fundrise Right For

    FUNDRISE Review 2021: My $125.000 Real Estate Investment

    Fundrise has revolutionized the investment scene by bringing in eREITs that make it possible for small investors to access real estate investments. A small investment in a large number of properties is what the company is targeting.

    The Fundrise business model is good for both average investors as well as accredited big-ticket investors.

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    Is Fundrise Trustworthy

    Fundrise has received an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. BBB ratings range from A+ to F, so Fundrise’s A indicates that the company interacts well with its customers, promptly acknowledges and settles customer complaints, and exhibits trustworthy business practices.

    The BBB assigns its ratings by assessing company information from business and public data sources and reviewing any customer complaints filed against the company.

    BBB ratings tend to vary per investment app. For instance, Webull currently has an F rating for amassing numerous customer complaints and failing to respond to them. The investment app can also attribute its F rating to the BBB’s concerns with its business practices.

    Fundrise hasn’t elicited any major lawsuits or public scandals since its founding. The app has had 56 complaints filed against it in the last three years. In the last 12 months, it’s closed 46 complaints, according to BBB data.

    Income And Growth Ereit

    The Income eREIT is focused on investing in debt, not all that different from how a bank collects an interest rate on a mortgage. Thus the fund is all about cash flow.

    It invests using the following three core principles:

    • Small Assets: We believe targeting assets that fall under the radar of big banks and investment funds allow us to achieve higher relative returns.
    • Regulatory Inefficiencies: Increased banking regulations as a result of the 2008 financial crisis have opened up new opportunities for more flexible lenders to expand into the market.
    • Urban Infill Location: Real estate assets located in the core of large cities benefit from higher demand, and higher pricing, due to the relative lack of supply.

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    How Risk Tolerant Are You

    Before you invest your money, you should develop your risk profile. Your age, income, and goals all factor into how much risk you’re willing to take on. Fundrise may promise great returns, but it may not be suitable for your investment portfolio if it doesn’t fit your risk profile.

    One important thing to note about Fundrise and its offerings is that the company came about after the financial crisis, and has no experience with any significant downturn in the economy, especially pertaining to the real estate and housing markets. There’s no telling how investors may react to negative news if they try to cash in their holdings in the company at the same time.

    Fundrise, founded in 2012, has yet to experience any downturn in the housing and real estate markets.

    Depending on your age and overall goals, an investment in the eREIT might be worth the investment. On the other hand, other investors might not feel comfortable with the risk associated with the nature of the eREIT. Publicly-traded REITs may be a much more suitable alternative for conservative investors like retirees, who want a reliable flow of income while protecting their principal.


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