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Best For Veterans: Veterans United Home Loans

Interest-Only Loans For Investment Properties Ask Ryan

Veterans United Home Loans

Why We Chose It: We chose Veterans United Home Loans as our best investment property lender for veterans because the firm specializes in VA-backed mortgages with experts who understand this loan program better than anyone else.

  • Offers 24/7 customer service over the phone

  • Has online application and pre-qualification

  • Employs advisors from each branch of the armed forces

  • Doesn’t offer home equity loans or HELOCs

  • Information on FHA, USDA, and conventional loans is harder to find on its website

Founded in 2002, Veterans United is a full-service lender that specializes in VA loans for qualifying veterans, active service members, and their spouses. They are one of the largest VA mortgage lenders in terms of volume in the United States.

Investors benefit from flexible qualification guidelines, lower rates, and monthly payments, no down payments, and no private mortgage insurance. Veterans United has VA loans for as little as 0% down, and they understand how to make the VA loan work for an investor and still remain within the programs guidelines.

Among the products offered are fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages, jumbo loans, refinance loans, and cash-out loans. Loan rates range from 4.625% to 5.5%withAPRs between 4.991% and 6.117% depending on the loan product.

What Are The Benefits Of An Interest Only Investment Loan

Interest only loans are one of the ways investors can keep their costs down. In this instance, they are not repaying the loan capital , so the monthly repayments are lower than a principal & interest loan.

An interest only loan enables you to get into the market and build capital growth while still having access to extra cashflow. At tax time, you may be able to offset the interest youre paying and eligible property costs against any rental income you receive. By not having to pay the loan principal initially, investors can reallocate those funds towards non-tax-deductible debts and funding other assets, for example, reducing the debt on their principal place of residence.

Inovayt Managing Director Nick Reilly says, Investment loans are tax deductible, so there is often little point reducing those loans until you have completely paid off your home loan which is not tax deductible.

The Downsides To Interest

First off, these loans typically charge higher interest rates than conventional mortgages. The lowered monthly cost only comes from kicking the principal payment down the road to a later date.

And because you are paying a higher interest rate, and making more payments on interest overall, you also will pay more in interest over time, compared to a conventional loan.

Also, there’s a risk that mortgage rates could rise over time, as has been the case recently. This would make the monthly payments more expensive than initially expected after the interest-only period ends. The burden of those added costs could put borrowers at risk of defaulting on the loan.

Rate hike increases are usually capped at about 2% after the initial interest-only period expires, but that can still be a significant expense.

Another risk is that if your home loses value, selling the property later may not cover the total cost of the loan.

“Think about why you’re considering it,” says Shayowitz. A bad candidate for an interest-only loan would be someone looking to “shave off a few dollars” of their monthly costs just to get into a home they may not qualify for otherwise.

“So much of this boils down to putting pen to paper,” says Andy Darkins, a certified financial planner with wealth management firm Vista Capital Partners. He advises would-be buyers to do a “stress test” of their short- and long-term cash flow before considering an interest-only loan.

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Pros Short Term Fix And Flip Interest Only Home Loans

The positive aspects of short term fix and flip interest-only home loans are the following:

  • Fix and Flip Interest Only Home Loans are great for real estate investors who cannot show income
  • 15% down payment requirements on the home purchase
  • This is unlike 30% or more down payment on hard money loans
  • Rehab costs can be financed up to 90% Loan To Value

Ability to refinance to a conventional loan or other types of investment property loansafter the property has been rehabbed without any prepayment penalty.

Interest Only Apartment Loans And Interest Only Commercial Loans

Realtor &  Loan Officer: Property Investor! 1031 Exchange, LLC Vesting ...

Interest only payment options for multifamily and commercial properties.

Home » Apartment Loan Center » Interest Only Apartment Loans

Maximize the cashflow of your commercial or multifamily investment property with an interest only loan from CREFCOA.

CREFCOA provides interest only loans for both multifamily and commercial properties. The interest only term depends on the loan program, property type, LTV, DSCR and loan term.

  • Interest only terms up to 10-years
  • Full fixed term and partial term interest only options available
  • Partial fixed term interest only available up to 80% LTV
  • Full fixed term interest only available up to 65% LTV

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Paying Interest Only On Investment Property

Video Timeline

Disclaimer: The content in this article are provided for general situation purpose only. To the extent that any such information, opinions, views and recommendations constitute advice, they do not take into account any persons particular financial situation or goals and, accordingly, do not constitute personalised financial advice. We therefore recommend that you seek advice from your adviser before taking any action.


An interest-only home loan is designed for the borrower to pay the interest charged on the loan for a set period, not the amount borrowed. The borrower wont repay the principal until the term ends. Compared with another way of loan repayment , going interest-only helps reduce the monthly payments, and it also brings other advantages.

Many investors look to utilise interest-only loan on their investment properties. However, its also common to see people pay principal and interests for all the loans, including rental property loans. They feel its safer to pay down some principal, rather than just paying interest.

In this video, well explain why it’s not a good idea to pay principal and interest for your rental property loan while you are still repaying loans for your family home, and the options you may have when the interest-only loan expires.

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Benefit Of An Interest Only Loan

From the examples above, it should be clear that the major benefit of an interest only loan is that the reduced loan payments allow the borrower to conserve their capital until:

the propertys cash flows can support an amortizing payment

construction and/or renovations are complete or

a property is refinanced or sold.

Which Lenders Provide Investment Mortgages

Why is an interest only loan better for an investment property?

There are many lenders out there who offer some kind of interest-only investment loan, however some niches might be harder to come by in the mainstream, such as HMO, holiday let or commercial mortgages.

There are intricacies and small-print with each lender which dont follow a pattern. For example, some more small, niche lenders provide the most flexibility. While the norm is about 70-75% loan-to-value ratio, some lenders will stretch up to 85% for HMO mortgages, which is usually the most risky and strict mortgage criteria. These mortgage providers include

  • Foundation Home Loans
  • Kensington Mortgages

There are far more lenders out there with a maximum of 75%, with both large and small banks providing these products. They include

Each mortgage type comes with its own restrictions though, such as number of bedrooms versus loan-to-value caps for HMOs, whether the property is UK-based for holiday let loans, or whether youre an experienced landlord borrower.

We know it’s important for you to have complete confidence in our service, and trust that you’re getting the best chance of mortgage approval at the best available rate. We guarantee to get your mortgage approved where others can’t – or we’ll give you £100*

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Interest Only Investment Loan Rates

The one thing that you can guarantee in life, along with death and taxes, is that interest rates will change. Depending on pronouncements by the central bank, they could go up or down, or they could remain static for a period of time, depending on the economic climate. When you start to do your research on investment loan rates for a second or further property, you may be offered a range of products.

As well as the standard fixed, variable or split rates, as with standard mortgages, you could look into interest only investment loan rates to see if you think such a loan would be suitable for your needs.

Can I Get An Sba Loan For Rental Property

The SBA 504 loan is the best choice for buying commercial property. Money can be used to buy a building, finance ground-up construction, or rehab an existing building. With the SBA 504 loan, you are likely to have the lowest interest rates and a 25-year repayment term.

Borrowing limits are normally $2 million for commercial property. Key requirements of this loan include the owner must occupy 51% of an existing building or 60% of a new construction building.

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Investment Home Loan Interest Rates

Investment home loans tend to come with higher interest rates. This is because property investors are generally considered to be riskier borrowers than owner-occupiers. Its also because APRA recently had a growth cap imposed on the amount of investment lending that ADIs could conduct, however, this cap was lifted in July 2018.

But if you spend the time to do some research and you should if youre taking out a home loan youll see that there are still home loans out there for investors with rates below 4%. home loan repayment calculator shows that the difference between a 4% and 5% interest rate on a $500,000 home loan is nearly $300 per month and over $100,000 across a period of 30 years. In regards to savings, that difference speaks for itself.

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What Are The Requirements To Participate In The Investor Cash Flow Program

Investment Mortgages and Interest Only

Investor Cash Flow Loans are a great way to get the funding you need to invest in your future. However, there are a few requirements youll need to meet in order to participate in the program.

  • First, youll need to have a good credit score . This is because Investor Cash Flow Loans are designed for people with good credit who are looking to invest in their future & this will help you qualify for a loan with favorable terms.
  • Second, youll need to be able to make a 20% down payment. This is because Investor Cash Flow Loans are designed for people who have a steady income and are looking to invest in their future.
  • Third, youll need to have some experience in real estate investing . While Investor Cash Flow Loans are available to both first-time and experienced investors, lenders will typically prefer those with some experience.
  • Finally, youll need to have a property in mind that meets the programs eligibility requirements and three months worth of reserves in order to qualify. Investor Cash Flow Loans can be used for a variety of purposes. Still, the property must be located in an eligible market and meet certain income and occupancy requirements . Theres no limit on the number of properties you can finance with this type of loan.

Plus, just like with conventional loans, you have several options available. For example, there are interest-only loan options, as well as a 30-year fixed option available.

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What Are The Most Common Investment Property Loans

Investors try to use a conventional mortgage to buy a property with one to four units if they can meet the banks criteria because this is where theyll find the lowest rates and fees.

To buy a home to renovate and resell or lease, investors often turn to private lenders that specialize in this process. Many banks either wont provide these loans or take too long to close for an investors preference, so private money lenders are successful here.

Private and hard money lenders are also helpful when investors want to buy commercial properties like apartment complexes, medical office buildings, or office towers for example. Their terms are more flexible than conventional mortgages and they will work with borrowers who have lower credit scores where banks and credit unions may not.

Why Are Banks Limiting Interest Only Approvals

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority asked the banks to reduce the number of interest-only home loans they were approving in a move to reduce system-wise risk.

This was in response to the likelihood of a slowdown in housing price growth and the affect it would have on highly-leveraged homeowners.

The industry regulatory believed too many homeowners were choosing interest only home loans without being fully aware of the increased cost of these loans.

Interest-only owner-occupier loans make up around 40% of all interest-only loan approvals.

As a result, APRA forced banks to limit interest only approval to just 30% of all residential lending.

Despite this, its still possible to qualify for an interest only loan so speak with one of our experienced mortgage brokers about your situation.

Call us 1300 889 743 or complete our today.

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Improve Your Credit Score

Most rental property buyers will finance the purchase with a conventional loan .

Rates for these types of investment loans are ultra-sensitive to credit score. Following is an example of a buyer with a 650 score compared to a 720-score buyer.

$1,020 $75/mo

Because of the lower monthly payments, the home buyer with the better credit score could afford to offer tenants a better rental price.

This real estate investor could also use the lower monthly payment to create more cash flow.

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How To Qualify For An Interest Only Investment Loan

How Interest-Only Loans Affect Real Estate Investment Returns

Qualifying for an interest only investment loan is fairly easy. Other than having a credit score of at least 650, you will not need to qualify using your tax returns or income documentation. In fact, a job is not needed for this type of mortgage program.

  • Minimum credit score of 650
  • 20% down payment
  • Property is cash flow positive
  • Property cannot be your primary residence
  • No recent bankruptcies or foreclosures
  • The property cash flow or proposed ARV for a fix and flip is what lenders will focus on. The monthly principal, interest, taxes and insurance should be less than the proposed rent payment making the property cash flow positive.

    If you would like to get pre-qualified for an investment loan, then complete this short loan scenario form.

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    Best Investment Property Loan Providers

    Tom has 15 years of experience helping small businesses evaluate financing and banking options. He shares this expertise in Fit Small Businesss financing and banking content.

    This article is part of a larger series on Business Financing.

    Investment property loans are often found through online mortgage providers, investor-only lenders, and larger banks. Investment mortgages typically range from $75,000 to more than $2 million, requiring a minimum down payment as high as 25%. These rental property loans often have higher interest rates than conventional mortgages due to the perceived risk that the borrower may walk away and stop making payments on the property if its not profitable or not sufficiently appreciating.

    We reviewed several different lenders who offer investment property loans. Our criteria for review included down payment requirements, the amount that the lender will approve, interest rates, and the length of the underwriting process. Based on these criteria, here are our recommendations for the five best investment property loan providers:

    Visit LendingOne

    Why We Like LendingOne: Investors seeking to rehabilitate homes can utilize LendingOnes rehab loan home options. Between lines of credit and term loans, LendingOne offers flexibility for properties of four or fewer units. LendingOne will finance up to 90% of the homes value for qualified borrowers.

    How Does The Short Term Fix And Flip Interest Only Home Loans Work

    The best part of the short-term fix and flip home loans is that the borrowers debt-to-income ratios do not matter. This investment loan program is based on the property. However, we do require a 660 FICO credit score to qualify for the fix and flip interest-only loans. The debt to income ratio of the borrower does not matter.

    Here is how the short term fix and flip interest-only home loans work:

    • Non-owner occupant properties only
    • One to four-unit residential properties

    No maximum financed properties:

    • Fix and Flip Rehab Loans require a 15% down payment on the acquisition
    • 10% down payment on rehab portion on fix and flip loans
    • Minimum loan amount $100,000
    • Property can be under the name of Limited Liability Company, LLC
    • The term is 9 months interest only but can be extended
    • Closing in 2 to 3 weeks

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