How To Raise Private Money For Real Estate Investing


To Start Investing In Property You Will Need Capital And A Lot Of It

Raising Private Money in Real Estate! (Real Lender Call)

Investing in real estate is a great way to grow your wealth. Property tends to appreciate in value over time and has the potential to show great returns through rental income and future resale profits.

To start investing in property, you will need capital and a lot of it. Securing funding acts as one of the biggest milestones of any real-estate project. Although most home buyers use traditional home loans to purchase property, they have other funding options that residential and commercial real-estate investors can explore.

Low interest FHA loans, which private lenders issue and then have backed by the Federal Housing Authority, work great for projects such as house hacking. Veterans, active duty service members and their surviving spouses can qualify for VA loans, which have competitive rates and terms.

If you already own property, you may qualify for a HELOC or home-equity loan , which borrows against your current home equity. And for fix-and-flips and BRRRR Method renovations, many investors opt for hard money loans, using the property itself as collateral instead of credit.

Today, however, well focus on a more personal type of borrowing. Perhaps you have already tried taking the paths laid out above and received rejections, or maybe you just dont like the risk involved with certain types of lenders.

Do your research

What is the asking price versus selling price of other properties in the neighborhood?

Has the population increased in recent years? If so, why?

Best Techniques And Strategies To Raise Capital For Your Realestate Investing

Before talking about theways through which one can raise capital for real estate investing, it is vitalto break the myth that its not possible to enter into real estate investingwithout significant funds.

Most of the successfulinvestors today started small and started their real estate investing careersby using other peoples money. So, if theres anything that can stop you frominvesting in real estate it is your mindset.

Change your mindset, andyoull open up to a world of possibilities of entering into real estateinvesting game without having significant funds at your end. Here are the 3most common ways of raising capital for your real estate investments:

Where To Find Private Money Lenders Near Me

There are many places where you can find private money lenders near you.

Here are the major places to look:

  • Local clubs for real estate investors
  • Real estate events and seminars
  • Online forums for real estate investors
  • Local private money lenders directories

Talking to players in the local real estate industry is a sure way to find a hard money lender that will give you a loan that suits your investment needs.

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Flexible Terms And Conditions

Private money lenders do not have strict terms and conditions like conventional lenders. In fact, terms of private money loans are decided during the meetings of lenders and investors. Loan terms and conditions are tailored to suit the needs of investors making the process of fixing and flipping a home with a flip loan much smoother.

Advantages Of Private Money Loans

Investing In Real Estate Brings Good Return

What are the benefits of private money loans? The biggest advantage is that you get a lot of flexibility in loan terms and approval requirements.

Private money loans also tend to favor investors whove been locked out of traditional loans. For example, you might have a bad credit score, but you can secure a private money loan if your real estate investing experience is remarkable.

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What Kind Of Money Can Be Invested

Another concern is the type of money that a fund or fund sponsor can accept. There are a variety of restrictions in this area, but the two most common are investments from retirement accounts and investments from foreign accounts. Each of these areas creates downstream issues regarding the ways in which a sponsor can invest, manage, and report results to investors. Therefore, having a full understanding of the type of investor funds that can be part of the fund should be a key element of the marketing strategy. Speak with your attorney to learn how these choices may complicate or direct your efforts, both before and after the money has been raised.

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Keep Investors Updated Regularly

If an investor is going to invest serious amounts of capital into your real estate project, you need to be prepared to provide them updates regularly.

There are two types of updates you should provide them with. First, on at least a quarterly basis, communicate with them. Let them know the progress of construction, renovation, or leasing. If you have a heavy investor taking on an exceptionally high share of the risk for this project, or if you dont have a lot of investors, you may want to take more time to communicate with them more frequently.

Second, you should be prepared to inform your investors about a significant piece of good or bad news. It can include major events like completion of construction, licensure issues, etc. You will always want to ensure that your investors know about significant events within your real estate projects.

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The Definitive Guide To Syndication And Raising Money For Real Estate And Small Business

Are You Raising Private Money LEGALLY? Would You Like to Have More Investors Than You Need?

In This Book, Renowned Securities Attorney Kim Lisa Taylor Will Teach You:

  • How to Comply With Securities Laws
  • How to Effectively Market Your Offering
  • How to Legally Ask Investors for Money
  • How to Structure Your Company
  • How You Can Earn Money While Helping Your Friends, Family and Acquaintances Meet Their Investment Goals

You Can Use These Strategies Over and Over to Raise Private Money Legally, Ethically and Profitably.

Attorney and Author

Mistakes To Avoid When Raising Capital For Real Estate

Raising Private Money for Commercial Real Estate Investing

When it comes to financing a real estate deal, especially when using unconventional methods of financing, there are particular mistakes you will want to watch out for. As always, mind your due diligence and make sure you move forward with the right financing option for you. Here are just a few mistakes to avoid:

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What Are Money Partners

Money partners are anyone you decide to work with to fund a given deal. When it comes to raising capital for real estate, money partners can be beneficial because they can enable investors without significant capital to get started. Money partners can finance a deal, provide advice, and even share a given investment risk depending on the arrangement at hand. Because of this, money partners are often highly sought after in the investment world. However, it is important to note that partnering with other investors is mutually beneficial. Business partners stand to benefit from the success of a good deal just as much as you do, something that is important to keep in mind as you get ready to approach potential lenders.

Money partners exist throughout the real estate industry, though it is important to approach each potential investment carefully. It is not uncommon for even the most seasoned real estate investors to fail to close a deal with private money lenders or money partners. To ensure this does not happen to you, research potential investors you are trying to work with and put in the time and effort to ensure you are prepared every step of the way. If you are interested in learning more about how to find private money lenders or money partners, read this guide.

Using Crowdfunding To Fund Real Estate Investments

Crowdfunding is a new way of funding real estate investment that is slowly becoming more commonplace, particularly with millennial investors. Investors using this method get access to a pool of funds that doesnt require direct contact with other investors and that has a more diverse investor group. Some crowdfunding platforms even allow cross-border investing, which can give investors outside the US the opportunity to get exposure to local real estate markets. Crowdfunding can also make real estate investing more accessible and affordable. Many new online platforms have launched around this idea, allowing investors to share their investment opportunities easily with an online pitch.

The big draw in crowdfunding stems from being able to get funding for a project quickly with little to no upfront fees. Pitching your project on a crowdfunding platform can additionally be a valuable type of marketing tool. Real estate projects listed on these platforms typically gain a lot of exposure quickly.

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Master The Syndication Fundamentals And Build Yourself Up

Investors put their money in the hands of people they can trust. The importance of this cannot be understated as it relates to passive investors looking to become equity partners. Real estate is a complex industry, and people outside of it wouldnt know how to buy or manage their assets.

Thats why you have to become known in investment circles and in your own niche before you start thinking about raising private capital for real estate. Create a private placement memorandum that can help you educate and engage potential investors.

Make them interested in looking beyond the usual real estate fund structure and seeing the financial upside of syndication partnerships as a superior alternative to diversifying their portfolios.

If you follow the tips in this article and do your due diligence, you should have no problem raising $1.5 million or setting your sights even higher.

Still Have Questions?

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Another great real estate strategy
  • Private equity firms have been called all kinds of nasty names over the years: asset strippers, corporate raiders, vulture capitalists. Dont be deterred by these labels. The PE firms making headlines over high profile corporate bankruptcies such as Toys R Us are rarely the same investors who back small businesses.
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  • Private equity real estate is an asset class that consists of pooled private and public investments in the property markets. Such investing involves the acquisition, financing and
  • The company is headquartered in New York and holds offices in major financial centers around the world. This company offers a wide range of investment products and

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Understanding The Real Estate Market

So, how do you get those bargains? First of all, understand that real estate is just like the rest of the markets. The stock market goes up and down, and so does real estate.

The problem is, what if it goes down so much that its below the loan you made to buy it? Then you have a mortgage in excess of the value.

Heres a solution. Lets buy tax defaulted property at auction. Maybe you dont know what that is.

Private And Hard Money Lenders

Private money lenders and hard money loan lenders have been the best sources of building real estate investing since the time real estate investing started.

As the name suggests, bothprivate and hard money lenders do not work like traditional banks. Thus, theydo not require half as much the paperwork or the red-tape whichwould otherwise be needed in case of banks or traditional lending institutions.

However, its important tonote that hard money lenders are semi institutionalized lenders are willtypically have a license to lend money.

On the other hand, Privatemoney lenders are lenders who have access to capital and have a penchant forinvesting. They are undoubtedly the easiest and quickest way of raising capitalfor real estate investments as they do not require a vast amount of paperworkor cross-questioning.

They often lend moneybased on the property value and their judgment of how valuable can thisproperty be as an investment option.

To be able to raisecapital from private and hard money lenders, the most critical factor would be the value of the subject property involved and the confidence an individualinvestor can provide to these lenders.

It is as simple as that.Your previous lending history or your credibility as a borrower is somethingthat these lenders are not interested in.

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How Can I Raise The Money

In addition to understanding which investors can participate in a fund, a sponsor should understand how those investors may be approached to invest. Depending on the structure of the fund, a sponsor may be allowed to market the fund publicly or may be limited in outreach to only investors that the sponsor already knows or that meet a certain set of standards. This question can be further complicated if the sponsor hires a professional to raise funds, as they must ensure that it holds proper licenses to raise private equity on behalf of a third party.

The sponsor will also need to think carefully about what the message to investors will be and how it will be delivered. Its important to balance the need to market and promote the fund with scrupulous honesty about what investors can expect. Many an investor lawsuit has started when expectations were not set appropriately, and an overzealous sales effort up front can be costly in the long run.

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How To Raise Capital For Real Estate Investing

How To Raise Private Funds For Real Estate Investing

Okay! Youre ready to start the process of capital raising and become a successful real estate entrepreneur. It is fantastic!

However, many investors think they can begin raising and spending money. Thats not how it works. Even if you already have investors interested, remember, youre not there yet. There are a few other things that you need to keep in mind.

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Disadvantages Of P2p Loans

As for the downsides, P2P loans tend to be riskier. Be careful not to exploit the accessibility of funds and borrow more than you can afford. Dont compromise your financial security and credit score simply because you can access a lot of money.

Always read and understand the fine print well before you apply for a P2P loan. Terms and conditions vary between platforms. Some may be a bit exorbitant.

Also, review the platforms data security and listen to what other investors have to say.

Raising Capital For Residential Vs Commercial

When comparing residential and commercial deals, financing is going to look very different. Residential properties almost always cost less than commercial properties, and investors need to secure less funding overall. It can take a shorter amount of time to raise the capital necessary for a residential deal. Commercial deals, on the other hand, require much more capital but come with higher profit margins. For this reason, some investors may find it easier to secure commercial properties. Overall, it comes down to your network and preferred lenders. Raising capital for residential vs commercial properties requires an understanding of the different income projections.

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How To Get Started With Crowdfunding In Real Estate

Its not hard to find real estate crowdfunding platforms online that are ready and willing to accept your contributions. But at the same time, its also important to perform significant research and due diligence upfront before making the leap to online property investments. A few points to keep in mind as you get started:

  • Compare sites, services, fee structures, terms, and investment opportunities and classes
  • Research pros and cons associated with any online real estate crowdfunding solutions
  • Consider how much you can comfortably invest without overextending yourself
  • Calculate what kind of return on investment youre looking to receive
  • Determine how long that your money may be tied up for and that you can comfortably go without access to funds
  • Review what type of real estate and property holding that youd most prefer to invest in
  • Prepare any documentation or tax forms necessary to prove accredited investor status
  • Scan and review user feedback and comments to hear what current investors have to say about any given site or service
  • Speak with your accountant to determine any potential tax impact of investments
  • Evaluate preferred financial vehicles for making crowdfunded real estate investments

How Much Money Do I Need For Real Estate Investing

Military Real Estate Investing

How much money you’ll need for real estate investing is something you need to determine early in the game.

If you want the stability of real estate, learn the different paths to building a portfolio as well as the expected outlay for each.

A REIT, or real estate investment trust, may be an option for you to enter the commercial real estate market.

REITs are made of hotels, multi-family housing, public storage or another category of income-producing real estate.

They are typically specialized either by type or region. Do your research to determine what kind of REIT you want to put your money in and where it’s located.

Areas where the economy is depressed and unemployment is high will result in a lower payout.

This happens because residential tenants may fall behind in rent or commercial buildings will see business tenants fold.

These are common risks associated with REITs, so it’s advisable to do your due diligence by reviewing the REIT’s balance sheet, credit rating and occupancy rate.

Non-trading and private REITs are highly illiquid and all REITS can be slow-growing.

REITs with dividend reinvestment options are better for long-term growth and can provide steady dividends.

Their consistent performance can be used as a hedge in an existing portfolio with riskier investments.

Some people like to day trade publicly-traded REITs as they are stocks and can be traded as such on major exchanges.

The REIT is not publically traded, so it’s illiquid until the properties are sold.

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