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Learn How To Harvest Honey

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Harvesting honey is not like harvesting apple. It needs precise and careful actions. You need to be gentle and calm so that you dont alarm the bees. Avoid wearing cologne so that you wont attract the bees. Remember not to get all the honey and to leave something for your bees to eat during winter.

Remove the honey supers from your hive. You can use a smoker to make it easier for you, but remember not to use too much lest you affect the flavor of your honey. After removing the wax cappings from the honeycomb cells, you can use a honey extractor to separate the liquid honey. Be careful not to destroy the empty comb so that you can still reuse it.

Understand And Diversify Your Risk

When considering where to invest $30k, understanding your risk tolerance is very important.

Every investment comes with some degree of uncertainty. Matching your risk tolerance with the appropriate asset or type of investment is the best strategy for successful investing.

For example, cryptocurrencies can provide a high rate of return but are also very risky and volatile. On the other hand, a successful buy-and-hold property investment that generates positive cash flow requires thorough due diligence and property analysis. These skills take practice to master, and a mistake can be costly.

To mitigate and diversify these investment risks, consider passive investing with expert managers with the right incentive structures. Tokenized real estate is a great way to manage the risks associated with other investments without sacrificing returns.

Honey Funding Valuation & Revenue

According to Crunchbase, Honey has raised a total of $31.8 million across four rounds of venture capital funding.

Notable investors into the company include the likes of Plug and Play, Wonder Ventures, Anthos Capital, Cendana Capital, and many others.

The companys last public valuation was announced when it was acquired by PayPal. The FinTech giant paid a whopping $4 billion to acquire Honey.

For the fiscal year 2018, Honey generated revenues of around $100 million while growing at a rate of 100 percent. Honey, meanwhile, already operates at a profit.

More recent revenue and profit numbers have, unfortunately, not been disclosed by PayPal since the acquisition went through.

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Honey Review: Final Verdict

Honey can help you find discounts, coupons and promotions you would never have known about, and can potentially save you a lot of money.

I always want to find the lowest price when Im shopping online, but Im not willing to spend 20 hours comparing prices for a single product. Honey is the sweet spot between doing no research and over-researching .

Im happy to use Honey to do 90% of the research for me for basically the same results, and then get on with my life.

How To Use A Refractometer

Invest smart with honey as a start

First, open the light plate and expose the light blue area. Now, take a couple drops of honey so the honey will cover the blue area completely. If you use too much honey, it will just be messy. You just need enough to cover the blue plate.

Next, close the light gate firmly to spread the honey evenly over the blue plate. Then, simply look into the view finder and take your reading.

To clean your refractometer after use, use a damp cloth and remove the honey from all areas.

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Be Prepared For Local Honey Bee Associations And Honey Bee Clubs

The first way to further promote your honey business is to travel to the local honey bee association the month before you start selling honey. This will help to circulate the word that you are selling honey while providing some expertise to the people who are interested in bee keeping. It is also important to let these associations know that you are not only selling honey, but that you are also selling bees. This will give you an additional reason to do advertising in the community as well.

Open A Savings Account With High Interest Rates

This ones a no-brainer, right? You need to keep your savings somewhere safe anyway so make sure you get the best deal out of it. Research different banks and choose the one that offers the best option for a high-yield savings account. This way, youll be making some free money without actively doing anything! Of course, you wont make loads of it, so its far from the best way to reach ambitious financial goals and yet, its free of effort and risk.

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How To Make Money From Honey

Heres how to profit from bees without becoming a beekeeper.

Words and Photos: Karen Knight

There is a honey rush on, mostly thanks to an explosion in the returns from manuka honey because of its remarkable antibacterial properties. The result is overseas markets are clamouring for our honey and we are struggling to keep up.

There is an explosion in the number of beekeepers too. In in the last year or so, beekeeper numbers grew by 70,000, many of them hobbyists and semi-commercial set-ups. Should you be one too? Bees on your block would be lovely, right? Its important to understand that beekeeping is a complex undertaking. Looking after bees well is complicated, expensive and time-consuming. There is a lot to learn, including all the legal requirements that come with bees. Theres no guarantee of success either. Your bees may still die, or just not prosper.

There is an easier way to have bees than to become a beekeeper. Commercial beekeepers always need places for their hives, and there is considerable competition for good apiary sites. If you have a good site, you can make money from honey but you wont need to do any of the work. This is a basic guide on what to expect when you host the hives of a commercial beekeeper.

Do you have a patch of scrubby manuka bush? You can use bees to make some money off that too.

The Startup: Sintala Design

How to Invest Your Money in Your 20s (with Money Honey Rachel)

The vision: Sintala Design creates products made of solid wood without cutting down trees. The Company works with wood that has been collected from fallen trees, prunings and remains of other manufacturing processes. Our finishes are highly ecological and respectful with the environment.Learn more:

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What Is Honey Gold

Basically, Honey Gold is the companys way of retaining customers through additional incentives.

It is a reward program that gives users Gold currency. With Gold, you can claim a gift. Keep in mind that you wont always get Gold you only have a chance to get it when purchasing from certain shops.

You can get the currency based on your purchasing subtotal. In other words, Gold is calculated on the basic item price without including tax and other fees. The feature is not available on all sites. You will be able to see in your extension if a store allows this Honey feature.

Before you make a purchase, make sure to activate the function by pressing the Activate button. Once you put all the items into a basket, you will have to click on the Apply Coupons button at checkout. This will immediately activate Gold rewards. Then, the app will apply the best possible coupon, which will, besides the coupon discount, also give you a chance to get the currency.

When you make the purchase, you will notice that the Honey Gold transaction is pending within the platforms Account Overview. You should get the currency within the next 2 to 14 days. Keep in mind that Gold is only available for certain items. There will be an exclusion list that will give you more insight as to which products give you the currency and which ones dont.

Start Using Honey To Save Money On Your Online Purchases

Now that youve got Honey installed, its time to start using it to save money on all your online purchases.

For starters, its important to familiarize yourself with Honey and how it works. Here are a few pointers to help you:

  • Where is the Honey extension located? On Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge, the Honey extension can be found at the top right corner of the browser window. Youll see a small h. It may also be orange, depending on your browser. On Safari, youll see the h directly to the left of the toolbar.
  • How does Honey work exactly? Honey will work in the background to find you coupons for the site you are shopping on. During checkout, a small Honey window will pop up if coupons are found. All you need to do is click the Apply Coupons button, and Honey will compare every coupon and apply the best one to your cart.
  • How do I get Honey Gold? You can get Honey Gold when you shop at one of Honeys 5,000+ participating stores. Although Honey works with over 40,000 stores, Honey Gold only works with about 5,000 of them. If Honey Gold is offered on the site you are shopping on, youll see a little gold G symbol with a line going through it. Sort of like a dollar sign.

These are some of the essentials of using Honey.

When you use Honey, not only are you saving money with the coupons Honey finds you, but you are also getting cash back in the form of Honey Gold.

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How To Invest In The Right Model

While refractometers are very easy to use, I would strongly urge all beekeepers not to purchase the inexpensive refractometers for under $100. These might be accurate, but many beekeepers have found they are plagued with problems. In my opinion, save up your money and invest in a solid model, such as one I use made by Atago, a superior and well-established refractometer company that sells models designed especially for honey. My Atago model operates perfectly every time, and its durable, handheld, and affordable. The cost is around $270.

Even though there is an initial investment, you benefit from increased honey yields and the prevention of fermenting honey.

Find David Burns online at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms.

  • Originally Published on Feb 10, 2011

A Strong Inflation Hedge

Honey investment

With US inflation at the highest rate in 40 years, anyone paying attention is probably worried about the future value of their investment portfolio.

People always need places to live – which drives strong underlying demand for housing. Ã But what is it that sets real estate apart as such an effective hedge against inflation rate?

  • Tenant turnover provides frequent opportunities to begin tenant leases and pass higher costs to the tenant with market-adjusted rates
  • The underlaying market value of the land and materials increases, which makes them more expensive to replace
  • According to Zillow, the typical observed market rate for rent has increased 16.8% in the past year and 31.5% in the past 5 years.

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    Things To Consider For A Honey Bee Farming Business

    You need to consider few very important points before you proceed for the beehive farming. Once you proceed you need to be abiding by it and should take a lot of care. Apart from investment what is more important is the time frame that you need to give for a beehive to mature. This all required a preplanning so that you dont get lost in the middle. Here are some points that you must look.

    If anything goes wrong then you may feel the heat. Bees are dangerous as they may bite others who are living around you. So you need to ensure that everything works fine.

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    Always Invest In Raw Organic Honey

    When it comes to investing in honey products, many business-owners get lost trying to decide between conventional, pure, or raw honey. Each of these different honey types is delicious in its own right, but we highly recommend investing in bulk organic honey. Raw organic honey contains the most flavor, antioxidants, vitamins, and other potent health properties. For businesses that run health-conscious restaurants and cafés, raw honey is an absolute must.

    Orders for conventional and pure honey can also be highly beneficial for customers who prefer to avoid the thicker texture of raw honey. Still, we highly recommend always including raw honey orders in your bulk shipment.

    How Much Return Does A $30k Investment Yield

    How to Navigate through the Honey Drip Trading Signals Chat (Aristotle Investments)

    As with any investment, returns are never guaranteed. However, to help visualize what a $30K return could look like, we estimated the value of a $30,000 investment in a few popular asset classes over a 5-year hold period.

    We used the following return assumptions for each asset above:

    • Real Estate: 1.8X Equity Multiple
    • S& P 500: 10% average annual return
    • Bonds: 6% average annual return
    • Cash: 3.8% average annual inflation

    As you can see, holding cash actually reduces in value over time as inflation takes hold. In periods of higher inflation, such as in our current environment, this effect would be even more pronounced.

    Real Estate, on the other hand generated the highest return on investment.

    Ultimately, a portfolio diversified across a number of different assets and industries is better suited to hedge against inflation and other potential risks.

    Learn more:Ã Diversifying Your Crypto Portfolio

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    Investing In Tokenized Real Estate With Cryptocurrency

    Recent advancements with blockchain technology have led to the tokenization of real estate. Tokens are digital representations of ownership in physical real estate. They are the easiest way to invest in real estate, especially if you already have a crypto wallet.

    Tokenized real estate allows you to receive income, grow your capital, and borrow from your assets. To invest in these digital assets, create an account on a platform like HoneyBricks.

    The HoneyBricks marketplace lists current token offerings that can be purchased using fiat, crypto, or staked crypto. Once you’ve purchased your tokens, you can hold them to:

    • Receive rental income paid in crypto
    • Pledge as collateral and draw down liquidity
    • Redeem/sell them

    Start investing: Want to try your hand at becoming a real estate investor? Create a HoneyBricks account today and explore available investment offers.

    Honey Could Be An Incredible Source Of Shopper Data For Predicting Sales

    PayPalacquired Honey Science last fall for a whopping $4 billion. After closing the deal last quarter, PayPal wasted no time working to grow Honey’s user base. Honey had about 17 million users when PayPal acquired it, and it’s growing fast. PayPal’s management says net new users increased 180% in April.

    The payments company is looking to capitalize on its wide presence in order to expand Honey’s user base. PayPal currently has over 330 million active accounts. But scaling the app from 17 million users to hundreds of millions is just the first step in the long-term vision for Honey and PayPal.

    Honey co-founders Ryan Hudson and George Ruan. Image source: PayPal

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    Refractometers And Honey Production

    First, how can a refractometer increase your honey yields? Typically, you should not harvest honey from the hive until all the frames are capped over, meaning all of the cells in the honey frames are sealed with the bees wax cappings. But, often the bees fill up the honey cells and do not seal them over. This means that the bees cannot store any additional nectar because there is no room. This is especially the case in certain types of climates where the bees may never completely seal the honey comb.

    Meanwhile, you could have been giving them more frames to fill. What you can do is remove the frames that may still not be completely sealed and give them an empty frame to continue to store incoming nectar. Then, place your filled but unsealed frames in a room with a dehumidifier and a fan, and use your refractometer to measure and dry the honey to around 17% to 18% moisture. By removing your frames earlier than normal and drying them, you can place empty frames in the hive to be filled. This is how a refractometer can help increase your honey yields.

    Secondly, just how does a refractometer work? Prisms bend light. A refractometer operates in much the same way, but the light will react differently depending on the amount of sugar as the light passes through the honey , the daylight plate, and the main prism assembly. This reflective light lands on a scale, which can then measure the moisture in honey.

    Learn How To Raise And Care For Bees

    Eve Investments brings local honey overseas

    Honey Bees working hard in the spring sunlight

    Sounds like a complex business? No, it shouldnt. Everything will be easier, as long as you follow the tips we share here carefully.

    If you are just getting started in the honey business, its recommended you start by maintaining your bee colonies. And as we have said earlier in this article, you must learn all these things before you start your honey business.

    You could start by buying beekeeping kits which will show you how to start and maintain bee colonies.

    Besides, you must have set ample space in your garden. You could also partner with other local beekeepers so that you can maintain the bees together in their area.

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