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Best Hard Money Lenders For Real Estate Investment Property

BEST Loan Option For Real Estate Investors

For real estate investors who cant secure conventional financing quickly, hard money loans are a great funding solution to use in a pinch. In comparison to banks, hard money lenders tend to offer quick loan approval in exchange for higher interest rates and short repayment periods.

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Best For Commercial Property: Lendio


  • High interest rates on some loans

  • You have to fill out their online application to see loan terms

Lendio is a free online service for investors where users receive potential commercial loan offers within minutes from the company’s marketplace of more than 75 lenders. Over 300,000 loans have been funded through Lendio, giving it a good reputation for success.

A marketplace like Lendio is great for commercial property investors because they can quickly and efficiently shop for the best terms. Unlike other commercial property options, they make the process simple with one application to shop rates.

Lendio lenders underwrite residential, multi-unit, and commercial real estate loans, as well as an array of business loans too. Down payments can be as low as 3.5% if you qualify for one of the agency loans, like FHA. Otherwise, traditional commercial property loan programs require 25% to 30% down.

Interest rates start at 4.25% on the Lendio platform for commercial property loans. Terms range from 20 to 25 years and take a minimum of 45 days to fund. Commercial property loan amounts range from $250,000 to $5 million.

Freddie Macs Home Possible Loan Program

Freddie Macs Home Possible Mortgage offers low-income borrowers the opportunity to purchase a home with as little as 3% down. If you wish to use the program to finance an investment property, one of the borrowers must live in the home but co-borrowers may live outside of the home.

Again, your lender may be able to count rental income while calculating your debt-to-income ratio. But the rental income will need to satisfy Freddie Mac guidelines. For example, youll need to prove that your renter has lived with you for at least a year and plans to continue residing at the new residence.

Even with a lower credit score, you may be able to qualify for a mortgage loan through the Home Possible program. But you may need to provide a larger down payment of 5% in this situation.

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Understand How Rental Law Works

State and local landlord-tenant laws can act like an open manhole cover for rental owners who ignore them, according to Hertzog.

Case in point is tenant security deposits. Its not as simple as collecting and holding the money.

There is definitely bookkeeping involved. You need to have that account for each tenant and keep that money in that account and save it, Hertzog says. Security deposit laws govern how much time you have to return a security deposit when tenancy ends, less any expenses for cleaning and repair, all of which have to be itemized.

In some states, if you dont turn that in, the tenant can go after the landlord for double their security deposit for failing to return it within the specified time period, she says.

Of course, this is only one aspect of the laws surrounding rental property, and there are many others that landlords must know in order to avoid running afoul of them. Youll want to be familiar with rules around eviction, fair housing and other regulatory requirements.

Federal Housing Administration Loans

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The FHA mortgage loan is secured by the Federal Housing Administration and is very popular for first-time homebuyers. With an FHA loan, you can buy a multifamily unit. This is often a strategy used by homeowners, where they live in one unit and rent out the other units.Before the FHA loan is approved, you must have the property appraised by an FHA-approved professional.

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Home Equity Lines Of Credit

Home equity lines of credit known as HELOCs are revolving credit lines that usually come with variable rates. Your monthly payment depends on the current rate and loan balance.

HELOCs are similar to credit cards. You can withdraw any amount, any time, up to your limit. Youre allowed to pay the loan down or off at will.

HELOCs have two phases. During the draw period, you use the line of credit all you want, and your minimum payment may cover just the interest due. But eventually , the HELOC draw period ends, and your loan enters the repayment phase. At this point, you can no longer draw funds and the loan becomes fully amortized for its remaining years.

Compared with conventional mortgages, HELOCs offer more flexibility and lower monthly payments during the draw period. You can borrow as much or as little as you need when you need it.

The potential drawbacks are the variable interest rates and the possibility that the monthly payments could skyrocket once the repayment phase begins.

In some house-flipping situations, a HELOC could be a lower-cost alternative to a hard money loan.

But unlike a hard money loan, a HELOC could have more risk attached: if you dont already own an investment property, youll secure the HELOC with your primary residence. If you default on the loan, the lender will foreclose on your home, not the investment property.

Private Money Lenders Faqs

Working with private lenders is not a complex process, though it can be mysterious for investors unfamiliar with alternative financing methods. As you begin to ask how to find private lenders, make sure you dont have any lingering confusion about the process. Read through the following frequently asked questions to make sure when you do find a private lender to work with, you know what to expect:

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Remember To Renew Your Leases

If mom-and-pop landlords have one glaring blind spot, its the failure to renew tenant leases in a timely manner, according to George.

Youd be surprised how many landlords dont renew their leases every year, so theyre letting their tenants go on month-to-month leases, she says. Whats wrong with that? Whats wrong is, their whole thinking is that now, if I want to get my tenant out, I cant because now theyre not strapped to a lease.

Also, they cant raise rent, says George. The only way you can change rent is if you have them sign a form changing the lease every year. Thats how you keep your tenants in check. When you let it slide like that, it can be really difficult to get your tenants back on track, George says.

Depending on the state, county and city where the property is located, landlords can give notice of eviction for a specified period. In California, where George is based, the state requires landlords to give 60-days notice for tenants who have lived in the property for more than a year , though the situation may be different in rent-controlled cities. The landlord also might offer a new lease contract at the same time.

Get A Lender Preapproval

How to Get the Best Financing – Real Estate Investing Made Simple with Grant Cardone

Having a preapproval makes you more competitive when you submit an offer on a rental property. A preapproval will put you further ahead in the underwriting process since youll have provided initial information to a lender, and theyll have extended an initial commitment. It also can give you peace of mind, knowing that your odds of getting the home funded have increased.

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Commercial Apartment Building And Construction Loans

Looking to buy an apartment building with five or more units? How about an office building, retail space, or other commercial property?

Or perhaps build your own from the ground up?

Try RCN Capital to buy multifamily or mixed-use properties. If youre looking to buy a larger apartment building, try Commercial Loan Direct for affordable, flexible financing for commercial properties. They put no upper limit on financing, but they do have a minimum loan amount of $1,000,000. These loans arent for your typical triplex!

We also included unsecured credit lines as an alternative option, for smaller funding projects. And because we love the flexibility of rotating credit accounts!

Commercial Loan Direct

How Can You Start In Real Estate Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding platforms connect sponsors and real estate investors. To get started in real estate crowdfunding, research the various crowdfunding sites to find an opportunity that interests youâwhether thatâs an individual property or a fund that owns dozens of properties.

Pay close attention to the platformâs vetting process for deals as well as its sponsors. The top platforms employ high levels of due diligence to make sure that sponsorsâand any deals offered by the sponsorsâhave been rigorously evaluated.

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Merchants Capital Corp: $508 Billion

Merchants Capital Corp. originated $5.08 billion in multifamily loans in 2021, the vast majority of the $5.6 billion in commercial real estate loans it issued that year. previous year. In addition to financing market-rate multifamily properties, the firm has a strong focus on financing affordable housing and seniors housing assets.

In addition to being a Freddie Mac Optigo Targeted Affordable Housing Seller/Servicer, and a Fannie Mae Multifamily Affordable Lender, the company is also a HUD/FHA multifamily lender, ranking number six by loan volume and originating $1.65 billion of HUD multifamily loans in 2021. Merchants Capital Corp. also focuses on providing LIHTC-based financing through the aforementioned programs, as well as USDA multifamily and commercial loans.

Merchants Capital Corp. is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, and is currently led by CEO Michael Dury.

Real Estate Mutual Funds

10 best ways to finance a house hack

Real estate mutual funds invest primarily in REITs and real estate operating companies. They provide the ability to gain diversified exposure to real estate with a relatively small amount of capital. Depending on their strategy and diversification goals, they provide investors with much broader asset selection than can be achieved through buying individual REITs.

Like REITs, these funds are pretty liquid. Another significant advantage to retail investors is the analytical and research information provided by the fund. This can include details on acquired assets and managements perspective on the viability and performance of specific real estate investments and as an asset class. More speculative investors can invest in a family of real estate mutual funds, tactically overweighting certain property types or regions to maximize return.

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Income Tax Calculator: Estimate Your Taxes

These developments point to an increase in renting over the next years, and especially in lower-cost rentals like apartments. In some places single-family homes are cheap enough to be part of that rent level but in many markets you’ll have to split homes into rental units.

Every local market has a rent profile – how many people pay how much rent – and a “best” rent range where you find the largest concentration of renters. At this time of greater demand, investors should aim for rents in the “best” rent range, which will usually mean apartments or row houses.

While this guidance applies in any market, it’s even more important in markets where home prices have recently risen sharply you can’t just raise rents to match home prices.

24 Markets Where Home Prices Rose Dramatically

Local Market Monitor Inc.

The table “Big Price Increase” shows 24 markets where home prices rose dramatically in the past year, also the average home price, average monthly rent, and the ratio of home price to annual rent.

Quite aside from the strong possibility that some of these markets are in a price bubble that will burst in the next few years, the ‘home price/annual rent’ ratio points to the best way to invest in these markets.

Where the ratio is 22 or less, as in Las Vegas, Fort Worth, Camden and Atlanta, it’s possible – even with the recent jump in home prices – to buy a house and rent it out as is.

Local Market Monitor, Inc.

How To Buy Real Estate Stocks

Investors who want to purchase real estate stocks can do so through a brokerage account or a tax-qualified retirement account, such as an individual retirement account . In some cases, investors may even be able to invest through an employer-sponsored 401 account.

If you dont currently have a trading account or are looking for a new platform to trade through, check out our list of the best online brokers and the best investment apps.

Also bear in mind that investing in individual stockseven those backed by physical assets like real estateis considerably riskier than buying a diversified fund. Thats why its critical for investors to research companies thoroughly and assess their financial circumstances before investing.

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The Power Of Leverage

With the exception of REITs, investing in real estate gives an investor one tool that is not available to stock market investors: leverage. Leverage means to use debt to finance a larger purchase than you have the available cash for. If you want to buy a stock, you have to pay the full value of the stock at the time you place the buy orderunless you are buying on . And even then, the percentage you can borrow is still much less than with real estate, thanks to that magical financing method, the mortgage.

Most conventional mortgages require a 20% down payment. However, depending on where you live, you might find a mortgage that requires as little as 5%. This means that you can control the whole property and the equity it holds by only paying a fraction of the total value. Of course, the size of your mortgage affects the amount of ownership you actually have in the property, but you control it the minute the papers are signed.

This is what emboldens real estate flippers and landlords alike. They can take out a second mortgage on their homes and put down payments on two or three other properties. Whether they rent these out so that tenants pay the mortgage, or they wait for an opportunity to sell for a profit, they control these assets, despite having only paid for a small part of the total value.

Are Private Money Lenders The Best Option For Funding Real Estate Deals

BEST Hard Money Lenders For Real Estate | Hard Money Loans Explained

Different real estate deals require different funding options, there is no one-size-fits all when it comes to real estate investing. A private money lender would be the preferred option in the following scenarios:

  • You need cash for a deal: Real estate investors who particularly need cash for a deal can get this from a private lender. Cash offers are very attractive for sellers and can help secure a real estate deal. So, investors who are buying distressed properties may want to consider a private money loan so that they can get cash and secure the deal easier.
  • Your credit isnt good: For real estate investors with credit that isnt good enough to get a conventional loan, a private money loan can be a good solution. People who have below-average credit scores can still get loans with private lenders as they are more focused on the real estate deal itself than the borrowers personal financial history.
  • You need fast financing: Private money loans are known for being an effective solution to get funding fast. This means that real estate investors who need to beat stiff competition can use a private money loan to get access to funding quicker and make offers on deals in a timely manner.

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Ten Investment Property Loan Options And How They Work

When investing in real estate, several excellent loan choices are available. Traditional banks and credits are the most common lending source with many options, but other financiers are also focused on providing specific loans to investors. When purchasing an investment property, the following are the loan options to consider:

How Much Do You Need To Put Down On An Investment Property

Qualifying for investment property financing can be more challenging than you might expect, especially if youre a new property investor. Many first-time real estate investors are surprised to learn that a 20% down payment on a rental property loan is considered normal.

A 20% down payment can be a sizable amount, depending upon the purchase price of the property. Imagine you want to buy a $500,000 multifamily dwelling. If the lender requires 20% down, youd need to come up with $100,000 in cash to seal the deal.

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Opt For A Larger Down Payment Where Possible

Whenever possible, reduce the interest rate in exchange for a larger down payment. In some cases, it might also make sense to pay upfront fees to lower the rate. If you apply for a big loan and plan to hold the property for a long time, paying upfront fees and/or a higher down payment could trim thousands of dollars from your repayment total.

Determine If Buying An Investment Rental Property Is Right For You

Real Estate Ranks Tops Among Investments for Americans

Forget the TV sitcom stereotypes of clueless landlords. To make the most of income property requires an accountants eye for detail, a lawyers grasp of landlord-tenant laws, a fortune tellers foresight and, should you choose to manage your rental property yourself, a landlords firm-but-friendly disposition.

Where people who want to become landlords fall short is, they dont realize how much work goes into it, says Diana George, founder of DG Design Group.

So before you leap in, youll want to consider whether you have the time, willingness and skill to put into managing a rental. While rental property is considered a passive investment, that doesnt mean youre fully passive in managing it.

Over the long-term, real estate investments may compare favorably to other long-term investments such as stocks, but the results can vary significantly depending on the circumstances of the region and specific property. Youll want to consider whether you think you can increase rent payments over time and why the economy surrounding the property would support that, among other issues. Whether or not you finance the property and the terms of any financing can have a significant impact on the return you ultimately earn.

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