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Saving for your children can make a big difference in their lives. Most importantly, the rising costs due to inflation can be beaten with the right planning. Furthermore, a corpus can protect your children from any financial disasters in case of an emergency.

Ultimately, by saving for your children now, you will be helping them in almost all important periods of their lives. From the quality of education that they receive to becoming independent and starting something of their own, saving for your children provides them with a solid foundation that boosts their confidence. The money that you save for them acts as a safety blanket and helps them start their adult lives in the best manner possible.

I Opened An Investment Account For My 7

Last updated Aug. 25, 2022| By Stephanie Colestock

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Like many parents, I have been tucking money aside for my boys futures since they were born. Initially, that meant putting cash into a high-yield savings account each month. As time went on, though, I wondered whether I could make that money work even harder through the power of investing.

After some research, I decided that the best way to grow their savings was to take a multi-tiered approach. So although I still contribute to that old-fashioned savings account each month, my kids now also have their own investment portfolios. And yes, that even includes my 7-year-old.

Today, lets take a look at the value of starting an investment portfolio for your kids, how this differs from traditional savings, and where your efforts will be the most impactful.

Top 6 Child Investment Plans In India For Higher Returns

Top 6 Child Investment Plans in India for higher returns

Every parent would think about their childs future education expenses or accumulating money for their daughters marriage. Parents should take one step ahead and think of gifting a secure future for their child. Gone are the days where one used to think about money back plans or ULIPs for the childs future. If they can plan well and invest in some of the best child investment plans in India, these can create good wealth which can be used for their kids future. What are the benefits of investing in Child Investment Plans? Which are the top child investment plans in India that offer highest returns? Are there any good plans to invest for child to meet short term financial goals?

What are the Benefits of Child Investment Plans?

Here are some key benefits of investing in child investment plans.

1) You can plan well in advance about your childs education including any foreign education which you may dream for.

2) You can plan ahead and accumulate wealth for your daughters marriage

3) You can invest in a good investment plan based on your risk appetite so that you dont compromise on risks.

4) You can invest in an investment option that meets your financial goal after specific time as per plan i.e. either kids education or daughters marriage.

Top 6 Child Investment Plans in India for higher returns

Now let us jump into some of these child investment options.

These are good for moderate to high risk investors.

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Pay For Your Childs Future Expenses

Im sure that just like our girls and us, you want to ensure your children have a bright future and have the most of everything.

One way of ensuring this is by investing money wisely. Putting money aside now can help pay for your kids future expenses, such as a car, marriage, or house down payment.

But investing in 529 plans can put money away specifically for college, like paying for classes, textbooks, and school supplies they need.

How To Spend 529 Funds

Secure Your Child Future with Best Investment Plans.. Learn How To Make ...

You might want to plan to save only the amount youll need to cover education costs. Money in the plan can only be used for qualified educational expenses, so you dont want to overfund the plan and end up having extra money and nothing to spend it on.

If necessary, you could always transfer the account to a second child who can use the money. You could even use it yourself. But non-qualified withdrawals from 529 plans are subject to income tax and a 10% penalty on the earnings portion of the withdrawal.

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General Investments For Kids

One of the smartest and most reliable investments you can make for your childs future is in general investments.

These investments can be used for anything, whether college tuition, a down payment on a first home, or anything else.

Some general investment options to open to investing money for kids include:

Tips To Invest For Your Childs Education

Childrens education is often one of the most pressing financial considerations for parents. With the cost of the university today, saving towards a childs tertiary education is a huge issue for families. There are many different ways to save money for your childrens education. Here are some tips to help you in opting for the best investment plan for your child future:

1. Invest in savings bonds

Savings bonds are a great way to start investing in your childs education. You can use them to cover non-tuition-related costs or to contribute to tuition and related fees. Theyre a secure way to save for college or any other purpose. They also rise in value along with inflation, so youll get more money when it comes time to use them.

2. Coverdell Education Savings Account

A Coverdell Education Savings Account is a special type of savings account that parents can contribute to help pay for education costs. These accounts are popular with parents who want to save for their childs future education costs. A Coverdell ESA is sometimes referred to as an education trust, prepaid tuition plan, or education savings plan.

3. 529 Plan

The best way to invest in your childs education is in a 529 Plan. You can get a tax deduction for your contributions and watch it grow over time. Open the plan in either your or your spouses name and remember to make yourself the owner so you can manage the funds directly from your account.

4. Invest in Mutual Funds

5. Roth IRA

7. Custodial Accounts

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Which Investment Option Is The Best For A Child’s Future

Weâve already covered why you should invest in the future of a child â but to be honest, thatâs kind of a no-brainer. The more complicated question youâve got to ask yourself is how you want to save.

If you really want to make your money work and build up some wealth to pass on to the kids in your life, an ordinary bank account probably isnât going to cut it. Youâre going to want to explore investment vehicles that will enable your financial contributions to grow faster and more efficiently.

To help you get started, weâll break down a few of the most popular investment options for children.

Benefits Of Investing For Your Child Early On

Best Investment for Child’s future | Effective financial planning for children

There are other benefits to investing for your kids when theyre young. In addition to the snowball effect of compound interest, you have the ability to set up two or three different investment plans for your child to capture that potential long-term growth.

You can have a college savings plan. You can open an IRA for your child . And you can set up savings accounts as well.

Even small deposits in these accounts can benefit from the impact of compound interest over time, helping to secure your childs financial future in more than one area. And what parent doesnt want that?

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Grow More Money With Time

Another reason kids should invest early is that the earlier you invest, the more time your money has to grow.

If they start investing in their 20s, that money will take time to grow, and by then, they will have credit card debts, possibly a mortgage, student debt, and maybe more.

Investing now and having X years to grow before graduating high school is the smart choice!

Over this time, your investments make more money, and you will be able to provide a better future for your children.

But even if your kids are already in high school, its never too late to begin investing! Its still better to give them extra time to earn returns and money on their investments.

Start A Health Savings Account

You can think of HSAs like a 529 college savings plan. You contribute tax-advantaged dollars that you can use for qualified expenses. The difference is that the funds from HSAs go toward medical costs instead of college.

An HSA supports your child for any medical expenses that dont fall under the coverage of a high-deductible health plan . That can include vision, dental, and prescription drug care. You also dont have to pay taxes on HSA contributions or earned income.

Step one to investing in a kids HSA requires determining your qualifications. The IRS has a list of eligibility standards to decide who can create the account. Eligible individuals must have:

  • A qualified HDHP.
  • No Medicare benefits.
  • No one that claims them as a dependent on tax returns.

Individuals can contribute up to $3,600 to an HSA. If you file your taxes jointly, you and your spouse can deposit up to $7,200 in the account as of 2021. Anyone over the age of 55 can make an additional $1,000 contribution each tax year.

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Custodial Individual Retirement Account

As long as your child has earned income over the course of the year either by helping out at the family shop, starting their own lawn-mowing business, or working for the pizza place down the road they are eligible to contribute to a Roth IRA. A custodial IRA is one that is held and managed by an adult on the childs behalf, but ownership is then transferred once the child reaches age 18 .

Your child can contribute up to $6,000 a year to their custodial Roth IRA, and the balance will enjoy tax-free growth over the years. Although there are no tax deductions involved with a Roth, there are no taxes imposed on withdrawals down the line, either.

A custodial Roth IRA is an excellent idea if you want to give your child a head start on their long-term retirement savings, especially because it offers tax-free growth.

Tips For Comparing 529 Plans

As parents you wish the best for your children. This among other ...

Despite their advantages, only 29% of college-saving parents use 529 plans, according to Sallie Maes 2018 report How America Saves for College. In many cases, parents could end up with more money saved by using a 529 plan rather than, or in addition to, a general savings account.

But since there are many 529 plans to choose from, the decision can be complex. First, take note of whether your state offers a tax break for choosing the local plan. Then calculate how much it could be worth to you based on your expected 529 plan contributions, income and filing status. Vanguard, Fidelity and other sources offer online 529 state tax benefit calculators. If youre not getting meaningful savingsor another states plan offers substantially lower fees or broader investment choicesyoure not bound to using your own states plan.

When youre comparing 529 plans and underlying investments, also check the total annual fee youll be charged, including not only management and state fees but the costs of the investment portfolios themselves. Some 529 plan websites make that easy to do, while others may not be sure to ask if the plan costs arent clear. Fees can reduce your investment earnings, and while some fees are inevitable, understanding how much they add up to will help you compare plan options.

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Investing For Kids: How To Open A Brokerage Account For Your Child

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Investing isn’t just for adults: If you want to teach your kids some valuable lessons about money and the power of investment growth, helping them open a custodial brokerage account can be a great start.

How To Gift Investments For Kids

You can either donate shares without first selling them, or gift the shares straight to your kids. If you want to invest for your children, there are lots of different options.

Now that youve reviewed some of the best money apps for teens and kids above, you may want to supercharge their investment account balance by gifting stock.

Transferring stocks from your account to theirs requires additional steps and considerations that may not be obvious beforehand and require additional steps than simply depositing cash.

Capital Gains Taxes

You are on the hook for capital gains taxes when you sell your stocks and make a profit. If you transfer appreciating assets like stock at a gain, neither party will pay any capital gain at the time of transfer. Your basis and holding period transfer with the stock position.

This can be a way to show your kids how to increase net worth.

Gift Tax Rules

Next, as weve covered a few times above, you should also understand gift tax rules. For most individuals, this wont pose a problem so long as the annual amount of gifted stock falls below $16,000 per person .

Financial Control

Finally, youll also want to consider how to maintain control over these positions. Giving stocks as gifts means that you surrender control of the stocks to those who receive them.

One way to invest for your children or grandchildren is through establishing a trust. Limitations can be put on the funds given in this type of investment.


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Savings Options For Your Children

There are a plethora of options available to help you save for your childrenâs future. Choosing the right option from all the available ones depends on the kind of corpus you are trying to build and the amount of money you can commit to putting away regularly towards it.- For instance, if you want your children to have ready finances available to them when they become adults, you can set up a fixed deposit account for them. On the other hand, if you want to save specifically for their education, an education plan is what you should opt for.

Here are some options worth considering:

  • Term insurance plan: A term insurance plan is a very common insurance policy used by people to secure their childrenâs future. In the event of your unfortunate demise, your children receive a lump sum amount to help with their future expenses like education costs and more.

Let Them Start Investing

How to invest money for child’s future? Best investment for child’s future

After you decide which type of investment account is best for your child, invite them to learn more about it as well. If you have extra funds available, you can even let them choose which type of investments to make. One way to do this is by allowing them to decide how to invest a portion of their savings, such as $100 from their allowance or birthday gifts. They will be able to watch their account change over time and gain a better understanding of how that investment type works.

There are also options for parents who do not have the funds for any investments. Many platforms offer model portfolios or mock investments that allow users to choose investment options and watch them change over time. Check out Yahoo Finance or MarketWatch for these tools, and play around with the website before getting your kids set up. Even if you do not have the money to invest right now, you can still teach valuable financial concepts to your children.

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Why Its Important To Invest While Young

Investing isnt just for adults. Children who take advantage of investing can all but guarantee healthy financial returns for themselves in the future. It can also provide them with a roadmap to financial literacy.

Consider this example that highlights the benefits of compound interest. There are two girls well call them Jessica and Piper. Both get jobs at age 21 and want to invest in an individual retirement account .

Jessica starts investing $200 a month. She sets up an automatic withdrawal from her bank account so that she doesnt have to worry about making a deposit. At the age of 30, she turns off the automatic withdrawal and stops investing in her retirement.

Piper isnt as quick to start investing. She begins making deposits in her retirement account at age 30 and continues to do so until she reaches 67. After the dust settles, Piper has invested $91,200, and Jessica invested $21,600.

Heres the million-dollar question: who made more money? Jessica, and it wasnt even close. While Jessica didnt invest as much or for as long, she leveraged the power of compound interest, something thats much easier to do when youre young. Assuming an average interest rate of 8%, Jessica returned $2,547,150 by age 67 and Piper returned $1,383,033.

Just imagine if your kids started investing at an even younger age. They can capitalize on significant returns on investment, allowing them to have more financial freedom.


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