Are Dinars A Good Investment


Tips For Successful In Dinar Investment

Experts weigh in on the dinar as an investment

After doing the methods above, here are some tips that you can apply to make your investment run smoothly.

  • Have Long-Term Investment IntentionsAlthough the dinar price fluctuations are almost as stable as gold, the profits obtained are usually not as large as stocks. Therefore, in order to get a profit, this investment should be aimed at the long term.
  • Have a Certified Dinar Dinar is included in the precious metal, so it is better if the dinar you invest already has a certificate. In addition to guaranteeing its authenticity, certificates also increase the price of the dinar.
  • Focus on Making the Dinar an Investment, Not a Medium of Exchange Although the dinar can be used as a medium of exchange, this rule does not apply in Indonesia. Therefore, focus your dinar on investing, not as a medium of exchange in transactions.
  • Dont Forget Zakat on Dinar Ownership Dinar ownership is the same as gold, therefore, you are obliged to pay zakat. Nisab dinar is 20 coins or 85 grams, which means for every 85 grams of dinar, you have to pay zakat of 2.5% after 1 year of ownership.
  • Consistent In investing dinars, start with a small value at an affordable price. But keep the consistency in living it and increase its value if you have additional income.
  • How Best To Invest In Iraqi Dinar

    If youre convinced that the Iraqi Dinar is a worthwhile alternative investment, you can take a position right here at Treasury Vault.

    You can purchase and hold the currency directly, or buy it and hold it through a self-directed Individual Retirement Account. The choice is yours.

    We recommend that you hold a very small slice of your portfolio in exotic currencies, like the Iraqi Dinar.

    Most of your money should be invested in conventional assets, like stocks, bonds, real estate, and interest-bearing cash equivalents. But its a solid investment strategy to diversify at least 10% or 15% of your portfolio into alternative investments. This can include primarily precious metals, like gold and silver, and a small position in exotic currencies.

    The addition of the alternative investments should provide you with portfolio protection in the event of a prolonged bear market in stocks, or a highly disruptive global financial meltdown.

    An exotic currency, like Iraqi Dinar, carries very low downside risk due to its already very low exchange rate but tremendous upside potential. With the right combination of circumstances the kind that often accompany global disturbances the Iraqi Dinar could return ten or 20 times your original investment.

    Speculation? Sure. But some speculations are too good to pass up.

    The Current And Historical Values Of The Iraqi Dinar To The $us

    Iraqi dinar was formally introduced in 1932. During this time, 1 dinar was exchanged for US$4.86, a rate which remained unchanged until 1949. Between 1949 and 1971 the rate was 1 dinar for 2.89 US$. From 1973 to 1980, the rate changed to 1 dinar for 3.39 US$. The change was influenced by the devaluation of the US$. Between 1982 and 1988, 1 dinar was exchanged for 3.22 US$, this change was effected by the Iran-Iraq War .

    There are several reasons as to why the exchange rate of the dinar and the US$ has changed so dramatically over the past 10-20 years. In 1990, the rate of the dinar to the US$ dropped to 3.20 following the United States trade prohibition on Iraq. The US embargo was meant to discipline Iraq following the Iraqs attack on Kuwait. Since 2002, the exchange rate has been between 1 US$ to 1,000 and 1 US dollar to 1,950 Iraqi dinars. The driving factors behind the poor performance of the dinar have been the Iraqs poor economy and the political instability in that country. Currently, the exchange rate is 1 US$ to 1,000 Iraqi dinars .

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    The Iraqi Dinar Scam: The Misleading Hype Of The Dinar

    Investment in dinars is often illustrated with references to the Kuwaiti dinar following the first Gulf War. Scammers also use the German Deutschmark following World War 2 as a comparison. These would be good examples except that neither one was a free-floating currency at the time.

    No rational investor would base an investing decision on two instances of past data involving two different governments. They would also look at all the times this investing strategy did not pay off.

    Smart investors will ask important questions. Like, will the Iraqi government pursue a policy of currency appreciation in the future? Since an appreciating currency makes funding your brand new government and paying off past debts more expensive it seems unlikely. Iraqs economic situation is more likely to experience a currency crash or intentional devaluation than a sudden and dramatic reflation.

    The dinar will likely depreciate further in the near term based on its recent history. The fallacy that dinar dealers are relying on is that a growing economy will result in a stronger currency. That is not the case. As the recent examples of Venezuela, Turkey and Mexico show.

    Dinar dealers refer to the value of the Iraqi dinar prior to the 1990 Kuwaiti invasion as evidence that the potential for the dinar is theoretically unlimited. The pre-1990 Dinar was arbitrarily set by Saddam Hussein and was later demonetized.

    You Earn No Interest When Holding Iraqi Dinar

    Dinar Forex Investment

    Unlike a stock or bond, holding Dinar in the long term offers no yield. As the chart above displays, a CD offering a meager 2% yield is more attractive than the Dinar in the near term. Furthermore, amassing a significant amount of this currency creates additional problems for investors. One must find a safe place to store the hard currency since banks will not accept deposits in Iraqi Dinar, costing both time and money.

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    Advertised Trick Or Secret Benefit Opportunity

    In the first place, we should start with the up-sides:

    Albeit theoretical contemplations about Iraqi dinar Ventures have been going around for quite a while, there were improvements dependent on reports which prompted a spike in the hypothesis in IQD/USD exchange.

    have gone to some fearless lengths, remembering the progressive increment for homegrown fuel costs and, beginning in 2007, the end of all direct monetary fuel endowments, except lamp oil. Iraq has additionally set out on a goal-oriented primary change program, to make the progress to a more market-based economy.

    The article further states:

    To battle expansion, activity has been started on three fronts. To begin with, the National Bank of Iraq raised its approach loan fees forcefully and permitted a progressive enthusiasm for the dinar. These actions planned to de-dollarize the economy to improve the national banks authority over financial conditions, and to diminish imported inflation.

    Only before these, the IQD/USD conversion standard was around 1,270 , and as of Aug2020, it is around 1,190a positive return of around 6.5%.5 6 Patterns sometime later logical rely upon the current and future advancements in the district.

    Future Prediction For Iraqi Dinar 2022 2025 And 2030

    Since you comprehend the past examples of Iraqi Dinar, the time has come to know the

    Iraqi Dinar future predictions and Iraqi dinar revalue 2022. You would then be able to arrange for how to purchase Iraqi Dinar as per the accompanying Iraqi Dinar revalue 2022 and know the exact Iraqi dinar revaluation 2022.

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    Is Iraqi Dinar A Good Bet Or Bad

    I asked this on r/investing but didn’t really get much feedback. I didn’t know this sub existed or i would of came here first.

    My brother recently started a new job at the local pizza place and the owner has been talking up the dinar to him for a while. Apparently the owner has at least 10k in dinar and most likely more. My brother recently bought about $800 worth of dinar and wants to get more. My worries are that my brothers boss is hyping up the dinar and my brother is getting bad info from him and letting that cloud his judgement.

    Im not an investor and when i tried to do some research into this i felt like i was just spinning wheels. was the best article i could find. I can safely say that however he’s getting the dinar is legit and he’s not getting scammed that way. I’ve read a few articles that claim dinar investors are “just dumb trump supporters” buying into a scheme. Other articles are by “Dinarians” who’ve been waiting over a decade for something that’s coming any day now.

    According to the article people are confusing re-denomination with reevaluation and that if Iraq re-denominates then any investment will basically be worthless. I’ve read some claims from people and my brother has said that if they do re-denominate that they will still come out ahead. Is that possible? How does that work?

    Edit: He’s buying his dinar online and getting an envelope of 5000 IQD notes. Also hes 19 lol.

    Why Dinars Won’t Make You Rich

    Is the Iraqi Dinar a good investment?

    As I’ve already explained, the value of a currency is set on the open market, and a government isn’t going to have much luck changing how much other people will pay for it. Even currencies like the dinar are pegged to currencies like the U.S. dollar and euro that float freely based on demand and supply.

    But another point to make about these scams is that the perpetrators are taking a cut an exchange fee from investors, are charging for delivery of the notes, and arent even offering the notes at the official exchange rates.

    For example, I found a site that’s still offering to sell you Iraqi dinars. For $261 , they’ll send you 250,000 in dinars. Not bad, right? Wrong! At the current exchange rate, $261 should get you about 304,470 in dinars. So, if you take the bait and buy from that site, you’re already down 22%. The dinar has to go up 22% just for you to break even! Still sound like a good idea?

    It’s the same with sites offering Egyptian pounds and Vietnamese dongs. You lose so much in the initial transaction that even if the currencies do increase, you’ll still end up losing money.

    Part of the loss is because of the spreads offered by the few banks that carry these thinly traded currencies they keep them wide so they can make enough of a profit to make it worth carrying them.

    The rest of the loss is because you’re getting scammed.

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    When Will The Iraqi Dinar Revalue

    The value of the Iraqi dinar is unlikely to change before 2026. In March 2021, a spokesman for the Central Bank of Iraq announced that the currency would remain fixed for the next four years. Later that year, another government official confirmed that the exchange rate had been established in government budgets.

    Is The Iraqi Dinar A Wise Investment

    What does it mean to invest in the Iraqi dinar? In simple terms, its the same as investing in any other currency. You purchase a certain amount of Iraqi dinar by paying the equivalent amount of U.S. dollars .

    As with buying stocks, bonds, or other currency, when investing, you purchase dinar at a given price and then expect the price to rise. The real question, though, is not just can you invest in this particular currency, but should you? While Iraqi dinars could be useful to those living in or near Iraq, there are many reasons not to invest in this currency.

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    Investment Opportunities Offered By Atomiq Consulting

    Given the reasons above, we suggest that extreme caution is exercised when considering any type of investment in the Iraqi Dinar. Should you be interested in an investment in the foreign exchange market, Atomiq Consulting can recommend several reliable and reputable forex investment companies. With years of experience in the foreign exchange industry, our forex managed accounts allow you access to some of the top forex fund managers around the globe. To learn more about our forex managed accounts, dont hesitate to contact us today.

    *The attached chart displays returns which are not adjusted for inflation. Data for Iraqi Dinar can be obtained via where the quoted exchange rate on January 2013 was 1164.14, and 1163.46 on September 3rd 2014, the day of this writing.

    Investing In Iraqi Dinar

    Most Trusted Iraqi Dinar Dealer

    What does it mean to participate in the future prediction for Iraqi dinar? If we put it simply, the future of Iraqi dinar is like any other investment. You purchase the x value of Iraqi dinar by paying a definite value of USD.

    You purchase the Iraqi dinar value 2022 like the stocks, bonds, and other financial security. You then expect the price rise to gain additional benefits. This is how the Iraqi dinar future predictions work.

    It would be childish to believe that the Iraqi dinar future predictions are a completely safe mode of investment that offers higher returns that are unrealistic. These factors also affect the Iraqi dinar future predictions.

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    Inside A $24 Million Investment Scam: Buy The Iraqi Dinar

    According to prosecutors, a group of men behind an Iraqi currency scheme created a pitch that included war hero tales to lure potential investors.

    “You have someone who is out there … who is soliciting millions and millions of dollars from people just making stuff up,” said Steven Dettelbach, U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Ohio.

    The opportunity was pitched as a way to profit from a nearly worthless Iraqi dinar. Scammers promised profits were nearly guaranteed if investors bought dinars at today’s values, and then exchanged the dinars back for dollars at a later date once the dinar exchange rate presumably improved.

    Investors bought the currency through the firm BH Group, which charged a 20 percent markup on average, according to prosecutors. Some of the scammers also touted false military achievements, prosecutors say.

    Iraqi Dinar Future Predictions And Possibilities

    Upheld by the oil saves, Iraq can spring back and secure itself as a steady economy. It figured out how to do as such after the eight-extended Iran-Iraq war. Yet, that will require a composed and promising business air to build up financial backer certainty, which will, thus, assist with resuscitating its economy and bring back the IQD forex rate to less discouraging levels.

    Presently to the opposite side of the coin: Signs are showing that Iraqi dinar speculations are just an advertised trick. The clearest significant factor is IQD in a real sense exchanges the forex underground market rather than customary banks and exchanging desks. Also, some erroneous assertions are intensely promoted by the propagators of Iraqi dinar future predictions and Venture plans.

    Allies of Iraqi dinar Venture are accounted for to be confounding two financial terms: Revaluation and Redenomination.

    Revaluation- Iraqi dinar revaluation is the determined change made to a countrys true swapping scale comparative with a picked standard, like gold or the U.S. dollar. After an Iraqi dinar revaluation, money becomes costly compared with the base cash by the factor of change, and henceforth the cycle changes the buying influence of that money.

    Redenomination is done if there should be an occurrence of high expansion levels by old high-esteem notes being made equivalent to new little esteem notes . Redenomination drops off the zeroes keeping the buying power equivalent to previously.

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    How Many Iraqi Dinars Are Equivalent To Us$1000

    Today, one US$ is equivalent to 1,000 Iraqi dinars. This implies that if one has US$1,000 he will be able to purchase 1,000,000 Iraqi dinars. That is one thousand times one thousand Iraqi dinars. This information regarding the exchange rates is available in the website of There are many places in which one can buy Iraqi dinars. Most of these places are websites. They include, and .

    The Iraqi Dinar And Scams

    Is The Dinar Investment A Scam

    The Iraqi dinar carries very less value outside the country since the prime export of the country crude oil is priced in USD. Even so, several schemes try to get people to buy dinars in expectation of future price growth. Multiple institutions and publications alert investors not to invest in IQD scams.

    Usually, brokers selling Iraqi dinar in cash charge a 25% to 30% premium over the official rate. Entities who buy the currency risk major losses immediately after buying it. Selling IQD is also challenging since there is practically no demand outside Iraq. Brokers usually bid 30% under the formal exchange rate if anyone wants to sell Iraqi dinars to them. The transaction costs could be decreased from 60% to 40% of the invested capital if there is no change in the exchange rate.

    Legitimate forex exchange in the USD/IQD currency pair is practically non-existent. Major banks do not offer trade-in Iraqi dinars. IQD is only available for purchase or sale by selected brokers or money exchangers, who may or may not be legally authorized. As mentioned, the brokers or money exchangers typically charge a fee of 30% or more over and above the authorized exchange rate.

    Purchasing and selling IQD could lead to a loss of 50% without any movement in the exchange rate. In 2012, Iraq was preparing to redenominate IQD, but not to revalue it. Without revaluation, the value of the Iraqi dinar is unlikely to increase.

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    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Investing In The Iraqi Dinar

    There are some reasons to be optimistic about the future of the Iraqi economy. With Iraq having 11.7% of the worlds oil reserve, it has the potential to spring back and establish itself as a stable economy. That will require a peaceful, promising business atmosphere to establish investor confidence and revive its economy.

    But that does not necessarily mean that buying dinars is the best way to bet on the Iraqi economy. For one thing, the Iraqi dinar does not float freely: The exchange rate is fixed by the central bank, meaning that the currency is unlikely to experience any rapid changes in value. In contrast, a more traditional investment vehiclelike Iraqi stockscould offer returns even if the value of the dinar remains unchanged.

    Moreover, legitimate trading volume is extremely low the IQD is not traded on the global forex market, and only a handful of Middle Eastern banks are willing to trade in it. If you have to buy Iraqi dinars, you can buy them only at select money exchangers, who may or may not be legally registered. These brokers may charge up to 20%, for such transactions, eroding the profit potential even for short-term trading.


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